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Even Grammar is Racist in Liberal Academia

We tend to assume that liberals and conservatives are natural “enemies” when it comes to the direction of the country – two polarities fighting for very different versions of the future. Free-market

Rand Paul Bashes John McCain for Sniping at the President

Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. John McCain are from different ends of the Republican ideological spectrum, but they are alike in many ways – including their willingness to part with their GOP

Court: Doctors Can Ask Patients About Their Guns

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that a Florida law prohibiting doctors from interrogating patients about their gun ownership was in violation of the First Amendment. In the ruling, the 11th U.S.

Trump to Sign New Executive Order to Replace Blocked Travel Ban

Rather than continue to fight the courts on his original executive order barring immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries, President Donald Trump announced Thursday that his administration would simply replace the order

Why Should Trump Take Questions From Hostile Media?

The collective mainstream media is having a (‘nother) meltdown this week because President Trump took questions from alternative online outfits instead of the usual New York Times/AP/Washington Post folks at his pressers.

Aetna CEO: Obamacare is in a “Death Spiral”

It isn’t just Republicans warning the American public that the days of the Affordable Care Act are coming to an end. Health insurance companies are sounding the alarm as well. In addition

Was Michael Flynn the First Scalp Taken by the Establishment?

It was announced Monday that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had turned in his resignation amid questions surrounding conversations he had with the Russian ambassador regarding U.S. sanctions. While President Trump was

DNC Candidates: We Can’t Just Be Anti-Trump

The finalists contending to be the next chair of the Democratic National Committee came together for a debate in Baltimore this weekend, and they all seemed to agree on one thing: The

North Korea Wants Donald Trump’s Attention. They Have It.

North Korea launched a new ballistic missile test on Sunday morning, drawing a fresh round of condemnation from the international community. According to South Korea’s military, the missile flew some 300 miles

Democrats Go All In With the Extreme Left

At this point, we have to wonder: Who, exactly, are the Democrats in Washington representing? Every day since the election of Donald Trump, congressional Democrats have increased the stridency of their opposition