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Healthcare Failure Has Everyone Pointing Fingers

On the day before House Speaker Paul Ryan introduced the American Health Care Act, no one could have dreamed that this political saga would have ended the way it did. Yes, there

Federal Staffers Fear for Their Jobs Under Trump

A Politico feature story this week revealed that holdover staff in the federal government are deeply concerned about some recent criticism they’ve received from conservative pundits. These staffers, who are supposedly non-political

Wellesley Profs: No Controversial Ideas on Our Campus, Please

Hillary Clinton’s alma mater made headlines this week when a group of professors sent out an extraordinary email detailing their thoughts on how outside campus speakers should be chosen. Wellesley College faculty

Cali Dems: No Contracts for Anyone Who Bids on Trump’s Wall

Democrats in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley are working on legislation that would discourage construction companies from working on President Trump’s border wall. San Francisco City Supervisor Hillary Ronen introduced a bill

FBI Investigating Conservative Media Sites for Links to Russia

According to a new report from McClatchy, federal investigators are not only looking into any links between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, they are also investigating several right-wing, pro-Trump websites to

Trump Blasts Democrats for Chasing “Fake News” on Russia

On Monday, just a few hours before FBI Director James Comey was scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on matters of Russian hacking, President Trump lashed out at Democrats on

Universities Become Kindergartens with “Microaggression” Rules

America’s universities have apparently not tired of treating their students like wayward kindergartners who must have their feelings protected at all costs. Instead of following the old playbook of teaching these young

Budget Architect: “Waste of Money” to Research Climate Change

Director Mick Mulvaney of the Office of Management and Budget is reportedly one of the chief architects behind the newly-released White House budget proposal, and he isn’t shy about defending the deep

Trump Vows to Fight “Terrible” Ruling Against Travel Ban

For the second time since assuming the presidency, Donald Trump has run into the brick wall of judicial activism. U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson blocked Trump’s revised executive order banning travel

ICE Arrests Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants in 3-State Raid

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is President Trump’s first line of defense when it comes to making good on his promise to begin enforcing U.S. immigration law, and it looks like