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Republicans Push for Constitutional Amendment on Term Limits

Sen. Ted Cruz and House Rep. Ron DeSantis are joining forces to push for a constitutional amendment that would impose term limits on members of Congress. In a statement, Cruz said such

Republicans Need to Start Learning From Donald Trump

On the day the new Congress, fully controlled by the Republican Party, was sworn into session, President-elect Donald Trump took a couple of pointed shots at one of the legislature’s primary targets.

NY Times Doesn’t Understand GOP’s Position on Energy

The New York Times wrote a ridiculous piece on Monday, reassuring climate change zealots that Donald Trump could not do a whole lot to roll back the environmental gains of the last

Judge Rules Against Obama on Transgender Medical Mandate

A federal judge ruled against the Obama administration on Saturday, putting the president’s transgender health mandate on hold and handing the White House yet another legal smackdown. U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor

Former Obama Staffer: Democrats Too Hostile to Religion

Michael Wear, who directed President Obama’s efforts to reach out to the religious community in 2012, says that today’s Democratic Party is pushing conservative Christians away with a hostile attitude toward the

Colorado Loses Big Due to 2013 Gun Law

When it comes to gun control laws, we usually point to the overwhelming evidence that they do little if anything to actually stop the violence they are aimed at solving. They are

Trump Losing Patience with President Obama

For a week or two after the election, it actually seemed as though President Barack Obama was going to finally live up to the dignity of the office he’s tarnished for eight

House GOP Proposes Fines for Protesting Democrats

According to Fox News, House Republicans are circulating a proposal that would slap Democrats with fines for their participation in a gun control “sit-in” this summer. The proposal would introduce new rules

Donald Trump Can Make the Courts Great Again

Since taking office in 2009, President Barack Obama has had 329 judicial appointments confirmed by the Senate, dramatically changing the lay of the land in America’s federal court system. Under the guise

Obama’s Inexcusable Move on Israel is a National Shame

As of noon Friday, the latest word from inside the United Nations was that the proposed resolution would be tabled. After days of speculation, strong comments from President-elect Donald Trump, and uncertainty