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Court: Doctors Can Ask Patients About Their Guns

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that a Florida law prohibiting doctors from interrogating patients about their gun ownership was in violation of the First Amendment. In the ruling, the 11th U.S.

Why Should Trump Take Questions From Hostile Media?

The collective mainstream media is having a (‘nother) meltdown this week because President Trump took questions from alternative online outfits instead of the usual New York Times/AP/Washington Post folks at his pressers.

Was Michael Flynn the First Scalp Taken by the Establishment?

It was announced Monday that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had turned in his resignation amid questions surrounding conversations he had with the Russian ambassador regarding U.S. sanctions. While President Trump was

North Korea Wants Donald Trump’s Attention. They Have It.

North Korea launched a new ballistic missile test on Sunday morning, drawing a fresh round of condemnation from the international community. According to South Korea’s military, the missile flew some 300 miles

Democrats Go All In With the Extreme Left

At this point, we have to wonder: Who, exactly, are the Democrats in Washington representing? Every day since the election of Donald Trump, congressional Democrats have increased the stridency of their opposition

Maybe We Don’t Need Betsy DeVos After All

If there is anyone in America Democrats hate more than Donald Trump, it might be Betsy DeVos. The Senate minority did everything they could possibly do to keep her from being confirmed

Courts Not Justified in Blocking Trump’s Immigration Order

It appears likely that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will maintain a block on President Trump’s temporary immigration ban, but the decision will have less to do with the law than

Top California Democrat: “Half of My Family” Here Illegally

California State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León is pushing a bill that would make his state a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and he admitted last week that his motivations were

Pence: Trump’s Criticism of Federal Judge is “Refreshing”

In an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, Vice President Mike Pence said that he was not concerned about President Trump’s criticism of the federal judge who blocked the

Exposing Fake News is Not Just About Checking Facts

There are three kinds of “fake news.” The first kind – the type that put this term into the cultural lexicon in 2016 – is the sort of complete fiction you’ll find