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Government Worker FIRED for Having a Concealed Carry License

Hmm, did we have a Rip Van Winkle nap and wake up in some kind of dystopian future where Americans no longer have the right to bear arms? We must have, because

Extremist Billboard in FL: “NRA is a Terrorist Organization”

A former Clinton administration staffer named Claude Taylor has begun putting up extremist billboards across the country that promote his liberal agenda. While Taylor, through his Mad Dog PAC, started with billboards

Democrats Again Prove They’re the Best Gun Salesmen Around

We’re sure some readers will personally object, but Democrats really are their own worst enemies. Is there any policy issue they fight that they do not ultimately wind up making worse? Take

Thought Police: Liberals Want to Shut Down NRATV

There’s been a lot of discussion about the Second Amendment over the last couple of weeks (and rightfully so). But over on Twitter, a group of loosely-organized celebrities and liberal know-nothings are

This Teacher’s Response to School Shooting is the Best We’ve Read

A teacher in Florida had one of the best responses to the school shooting in Parkland last week – a Facebook post that recognized that there is something sick in our society

Braindead Celebs Blame Republicans for Latest School Shooting

We tuned into the news the moment we heard about the latest tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday. Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised to see the hosts and panelists

ABC News Says Confiscation is the Key to Stopping Gun Violence

Even the most liberal of liberal Democrats in Washington, D.C. will go out of their way to tell Americans that they have no interest – NONE – in going into people’s homes

Texas Church Shooting is Textbook Argument Against Gun Control

It would be nice to live in a world where we didn’t immediately have to start talking politics after some lunatic shoots up a concert, a movie theater, or, God help us,

Michael Moore’s Absurd Plea for a New Second Amendment

It’s no surprise to see liberal documentarian Michael Moore at the forefront of the latest gun debate; Moore achieved his greatest commercial success with a movie called “Bowling for Columbine” that addressed

Leftist Professor Blames Whites and “Trumpism” for Vegas Massacre

Last year, Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher made the wrong kind of headlines when he tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.” Some eleven months later, the leftist professor seems