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Colorado Loses Big Due to 2013 Gun Law

When it comes to gun control laws, we usually point to the overwhelming evidence that they do little if anything to actually stop the violence they are aimed at solving. They are

House GOP Proposes Fines for Protesting Democrats

According to Fox News, House Republicans are circulating a proposal that would slap Democrats with fines for their participation in a gun control “sit-in” this summer. The proposal would introduce new rules

Hollywood’s Gun Control Drama Tanks at Box Office

If the measure of a film is how interested people are in seeing it – and it doesn’t make sense to judge a widely-released Hollywood thriller by any other standard – then

NY Times: “Fantasy” That Guns Can Be Used for Self Defense

The latest anti-gun rant from The New York Times editorial board is a perfect example of how far this once-respected rag has fallen. The editorial, which barely exceeds 300 words, reads as

Judge Tosses Sandy Hook Lawsuit in Wise Ruling

A decision by a Connecticut Superior Court judge will likely spark new debate over laws that protect gun manufacturers from certain kinds of liability. Judge Barbara Bellis dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit

Activists Claim This Will “Be the Year of Gun Sense”

According to a new story in The Hill, Everytown for Gun Safety – the Michael Bloomberg funded organization – expects big changes in the nation’s gun laws as a result of the

Democrats Finish Up “We’re Really Republicans” Week in Philly

By the time the balloons poured from the rafters of the Wells Fargo arena in Philadelphia, nearly every pundit in the media had offered some variation of the same sentiment: My gosh,

Gun Control Activists Want Allies to Stop Saying These Two Words

Americans for Responsible Solutions, the super PAC set up by Gabrielle Giffords in 2012, just released a new PDF aimed at giving gun control activists some tips on achieving their goals. In

California Democrat Blames Police Deaths on the NRA

Proving there’s no end to the left’s call for gun control, California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom said Sunday that the NRA was at least partially to blame for the murderous rampage that

“Rights”: Liberals Have Perverted the Meaning of the Word

This week, we once again celebrated Independence Day. For most, this is an occasion to watch fireworks, grill out, and enjoy a precious day off from work. A time to get together