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ABC News Says Confiscation is the Key to Stopping Gun Violence

Even the most liberal of liberal Democrats in Washington, D.C. will go out of their way to tell Americans that they have no interest – NONE – in going into people’s homes

Texas Church Shooting is Textbook Argument Against Gun Control

It would be nice to live in a world where we didn’t immediately have to start talking politics after some lunatic shoots up a concert, a movie theater, or, God help us,

Michael Moore’s Absurd Plea for a New Second Amendment

It’s no surprise to see liberal documentarian Michael Moore at the forefront of the latest gun debate; Moore achieved his greatest commercial success with a movie called “Bowling for Columbine” that addressed

Leftist Professor Blames Whites and “Trumpism” for Vegas Massacre

Last year, Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher made the wrong kind of headlines when he tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.” Some eleven months later, the leftist professor seems

Jimmy Kimmel: The New Official Spokesman for Dumb Liberal Ideas

Fresh off his well-publicized rants on health care, late night host Jimmy Kimmel decided he wasn’t going to stop there when it comes to being the new official spokesman for dumb liberal

Professors Say Campus Carry is a Threat to Free Speech, Judge Says Otherwise

University of Texas Professors Jennifer Lynn Glass, Lisa Moore, and Mila Carter filed suit against the state of Texas last week, claiming that by allowing students to carry firearms at their school

Writer: Trump Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Undo Obama’s Executive Orders

Apparently anyone with a keyboard can write op-eds for the Chicago Defender, and you aren’t required to back up your deep thoughts with anything so arbitrary as facts, reason, or a basic

Shameless: Paper Uses ISIS Propaganda to Push for Gun Control

The mainstream liberal media will ally with any pro-gun control argument they can find…even if it means using Islamic State propaganda to prove the Second Amendment is the One Great Flaw in

Court: Doctors Can Ask Patients About Their Guns

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that a Florida law prohibiting doctors from interrogating patients about their gun ownership was in violation of the First Amendment. In the ruling, the 11th U.S.

New White House Statement Pledges Support For Police

A new statement on the White House website makes it clear that President Donald Trump will support American law enforcement officials after eight long years of disrespect. “President Trump will honor our