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“Excessive Expectations”: What the Hell was Mitch McConnell Thinking?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stirred up a hornet’s nest at the White House on Monday when delivering a speech to a Rotary Group meeting back home in Kentucky. In a blatant

Pediatrician Says Transgender Trend is Causing “Child Abuse” in U.S.

Liberals are having a mass freakout in the wake of President Donald Trump’s decision on Wednesday to ban transgender individuals from serving in the military. Words like “cruel” are being thrown about

Shelved: One GOP Senator Puts Obamacare Repeal on Hold

We’ve become accustomed to pointing the finger at Sen. John McCain when it comes to stalling the Trump agenda – or even the agenda of the larger conservative movement – but this

Transgender Trouble: Florida Cop in Hot Water for Identifying a Man as a Man

Ft. Lauderdale Police Officer James Brinton was dragged before the Citizens Police Review Board this week to answer a complaint filed by an individual he pulled over back in January. Shelby Kendall,

BIG WIN: California Drops Bogus Charges Against Pro-Life Investigators

Fully under the thumb of the abortion racket known as Planned Parenthood, California prosecutors were compelled to bring charges last year against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, the investigators behind the Center

Democrats Plotting and Scheming to Save Obamacare

Senate Republicans are determined to pass their version of a new healthcare bill by July 4th, and Democrats are preparing various ways to make sure that doesn’t happen. According to a new

Brand New SICKENING Video Exposes Truth About Planned Parenthood

After having their videos blocked by the courts for some time, the undercover journalists at the Center for Medical Progress are releasing new tapes of Planned Parenthood executives speaking frankly about their

ZERO Dollars: Planned Parenthood in Hysterics Over Trump’s New Budget

President Trump released his official budget proposal last week, and – if enacted by Congress – it would completely defund Planned Parenthood. According to a fact sheet provided by the Office of

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Too Many White Men in Charge of Healthcare

Subbing for Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” guest host Andrea Mitchell told Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price that she was concerned about the lack of diversity seen in the

Victory at Last: House Passes Obamacare Replacement Bill

Critics have been all-too-eager to note that the healthcare bill Republicans narrowly passed on Thursday is not a true, FULL replacement of Obamacare, but for anyone who thought that the GOP was