Democrats Want Illegals to Vote

While Democrats try everything in their power to paint voter ID laws as racist, disenfranchising, and wrong, elections officials are telling Congress that executive amnesty will open up loopholes allowing illegals to vote. Combine this with the push in several cities to actually allow non-citizens the right to cast local ballots, and you have a clear demonstration of exactly where the left wants this to end.

According to officials, giving illegal immigrants Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses will make it much tougher to stop fraud at the polls. Testifying before Congress on Thursday, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said that Obama’s amnesty will hamper their efforts to keep the voting rolls clean. Absent the tools or time necessary to closely scrutinize registration forms, the two officials insisted that it was a “guarantee” that illegals would find a way through the system.

Husted said he had written to the administration asking for assistance in identifying noncitizens with Social Security numbers. This, he said, would help states go back through the registries and find those who didn’t belong there. Unsurprisingly, the administration didn’t bother to get back to him.

The Party of Fraud

Naturally, Democrats are playing down the problem. Eleanor Norton of D.C. went on a tirade, saying, “The Republicans may want to go down in history as the party who tried once again 100 years later to nullify the right to vote. Well, I am here to say they shall not succeed.”

Unbelievable. This is the state of politics in 2015, where Democrats can make the argument that standing against voter fraud is the unpatriotic position. Not just make it, but make it successfully! Does anyone think for one minute that Democrats would facilitate such lax voting requirements if they thought it would draw in conservative voters? Not a chance. Their stance on this issue is purely political.

Only four states currently require proof of citizenship before registering to vote. Of course, that’s not such a huge issue when it’s easy to tell the difference between a citizen and a non-citizen. When you’re handing out driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers, the situation gets trickier. And even if you believe, as some Democrats have argued, that illegals are not going to risk deportation just to vote, there’s no excuse for leaving the door open to fraud.

A study came out last year that confirmed the role illegals played in the 2008 election. According to the study, a “significant number” of voters cast a ballot illegally that year, and they voted overwhelmingly in favor of Democrats. Obama cruised into the White House with “more than 80 percent of the non-citizen vote.” This wasn’t a study done by the Heritage Foundation. This was carried out by Harvard’s Cooperative Congressional Election Study. It proves conclusively that Democrats don’t just support voter fraud, they depend on it.

  • Croco Dile

    Just continue being a “good citizen” and vote.
    Everything will be good !

  • I believe they quit counting votes a long time ago. Especially here in CA. The media “Reports” that it is going to be a close one. This sets everyones expectations. Then low and behold the chosen one wins by a margin of 52% to 48%. The winners spike the ball, the losers try harder next time, nobody even notices the trash cans full of uncounted votes.
    These illegals will probably vote in the range of 10%, but I bet 100% of the votes will be cast for Democrats.

    • Gene Husky

      He is giving illegals 25 thousand dollars each.He says they didn’t file taxes because they were illegal.Going back 4 years.This shit must stop.He is breaking the social security very fast.His agenda to totally break the U.S.It will be totally broke before he leaves office.He is reducing our military while Russia and China are rapidly building theirs up.Don’t you see what he is doing?

      • I am going down and signing up for my illegal immigrant drivers license. I don’t have to show any documentation.
        Suggest everybody in CA do the same.
        Then I am going to vote Republican with my new identity. MAHB Rodriquez… 🙂

    • ted j

      the demoncrats know how to fix an election… when you mail your ballot in there is a bar code on the back that identifies the voter, and they have your history on how you vote… so it is quite easy to remove all republican ballots, and libertarians also……they will bus loads of illegals to the polls and pay them to vote with your taxpayer money…

      • I hear you, and believe you.

      • MrSwingGuitar

        You know, I have some very liberal and paranoid friends who, during the W years, were CERTAIN that all elections were fixed and that there would never be a Democrat elected president again. I hope you find satisfaction in the fact that your particular mental illness isn’t restricted to those who share your political views. Voter fraud is statistically insignificant in the US. I know you find it hard to believe that most people who vote don’t see that you’re right about everything, but I’m afraid it’s true.

        • ted j

          of course you have liberal friends, you are one of them. you assert that there isno voter fraud, but when they find 35,000 votes in a room that they failed to count, and 350 votes in the trunk of a car, sounds fishy to me. how about the 29,000 somalis that were allowed to vote in Ohio… they are not citizens and allowed to vote in American elections..i believe you want ignore the fact that we have a very corrupt gov’t..

  • elmcqueen3

    Social Security numbers and Drivers License for illegals…Don’t be surprised once amnesty is passed the Demcorats all of a sudden will be supportive of voter ID laws…Why not…All illegals will have all the proper paper work with which to vote…As a poll watcher you will not be allowed to ask them if they are illegally in this country…Whereas they are not allowed to vote…However…How would the poll watcher know?…Piece of cake…Vote Democrat!

    • pysco

      Obama was all for, and used American Tax dollars to support ID’s for voters in Kenya, but not in America, the Two Faced, SOB, will do everything in his power to keep voters from having positive identification at voting booths in the US.. California now has initative to mail all ballots (Sponsored by s Democrat) for elections…. Good luck n knowing which votes are legal.

      • Beverly Miller

        We will never be a two party Country again if We keep electing ass kissing Politicians that keep bypassing the Laws of the land. They will be the rich and the middle class will be their subjects. If they want to go that route then let’s divide all the money everyone in the US makes including the rich and spread the wealth to every family in the nation. You know that won’t happen.

      • kmdilli

        Washington state already has the mail-in vote, and you can be certain that those that (for whatever reason) don’t get their ballot in the mail on time and have to use the very few and far (and darn near impossible to find) public drop boxes on voting day NEVER GET COUNTED.

        • DaveM

          Yea….and the stupid government seems to lose The GI mail in votes (absentees) very frequently. Interesting////

    • ted j

      don’t worry, with all the muslime terrorists that obozo is letting in, there will not be a country left to save..and they don’t like obozo either..

  • Brent Bowman

    Wow!!!!! The media figured out something we knew years ago!!

  • pops

    hell no illegal means you did it Wrong you don’t get rewarded for breaking the law

    • S. Wicks Jr

      HELL NO; do not pass GO and go directly to JAIL! Better yet; go home from whence you came!

    • Jarhead

      YES you can be rewarded for breaking the law…SEE AZ VA DEATH BY DELAY POLICY and cash bonuses for criminal acts, plus other perks, and job security to protect managers who are aware (OR SHOULD BE AWARE) of the scams.

      • Joseph Toth

        The illegals are the Democrats bread-and-butter, they’re going to do every damn thing they can to stay in power.I hope the American people aren’t that stupid to let that happen! But then again the same people voted for that lowlife bottom feeder in the White House twice.

      • dhwilson58

        Being rewarded for breaking the law is all obullshit knows starting with ILLEGALLY running for president!!! Damn muslim terrorist!!

    • Juan TwoTree

      Christ….think if you were in Mexico or any other country that allows illegals to come to the USA you could go there and vote!!??? Hell no! And no free medical, drivers liscense, housing, food, etc.etc.etc….”F” ther LibTurds! Get those friggin Dem-O-Craps out of any political position thay would give them the authroity to make decisions for the USA!

    • pmbalele

      If you’re not Native Indian, then you’re an illegal yourself. You ancestors sneaked in here and lied to the Natives. Now you’re calling young Latino kids as illegals? You have nerves!

      • Brenda

        You really need to go back and study history again. Number one, our ancestors did not sneak here. At the time all countries in the American continent were unexplored lands and had no identity as a country like the European continent had.
        The basic difference in your argument is that the American continent was a unorganized country with native habitants that had orginally migrated from European and Asian continents.
        As for calling young latino kids illegals, when anyone, regardless of their nationality, enters a country without adhering to the established laws regarding immigration they do so illegally.
        Using the argument of not being a native indian only proves your lack of knowledge. Even the native indians were migrants.

        • MrSwingGuitar

          Brenda, you’re the one who needs to study history. “a unorganized country with native habitants that had orginally migrated from European and Asian continents.” Yes, Native Americans crossed a land bridge from Asia (NOT from Europe….they never got anywhere NEAR Europe) many thousands of years ago. Unless you want to call everyone in the world African, you have to accept that the original inhabitants of a land are natives. There were plenty of organized tribal societies in North America, which the European immigrants (who definitely did NOT have the natives’ permission to move here) did their best to exterminate, killing millions of them over the next few centuries and almost completely destroying their culture. Most of the European immigrants who came here after the US became a nation had no laws to defy, in that all immigrants were welcome (though by the late 19th century those with certain communicable diseases were excluded). The controls on immigration to this country were put in place to discourage “undesirables” (people who WEREN’T European Christians) from coming here.

          • Brenda

            Take a good look at the migration patterns of early people. And yes, while there were many tribes that were highly organized societies on the American continent, there was no unified country in existance. I also agree that with the migration and settlement of the American continent, many indigenous natives were exploited, killed, and their native cultures all but eliminated. What was done to the native inhabitants was wrong.
            However, prior to the US becoming a nation of its own, it was under Spanish, French, Dutch, and English law.
            Furthermore, immigration was open for many years prior to the Immigration laws being enacted and each wave of immigrants was met with resistance and discrimination.
            Your reasoning for the origination of immigration laws being enacted is debatable. No nation can exist as a nation without establishing and controlling it’s borders.
            The United States has always allowed for LEGAL IMMIRATION.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            Brenda, thanks both for taking the time to respond, and for doing so in a civil manner. That’s a rarity on this page and others like it. As to the points you raise, up until a hundred years or so ago, the US was expanding its borders and actively seeking new immigrants. It’s certainly true that the newest waves of immigration tended to be discriminated against (“no dogs or Irishmen allowed”, for example). The first restrictive US immigration laws were enacted to keep the Chinese out of the workforce. Workers were brought over from Asia to construct the transcontinental railway, and had established permanent residence, mostly on the west coast. A heavily racist “populist” movement worked to forbid any more such immigration, and strictly forbade any Chinese females from coming to these shores. You are correct that some form of border control is necessary in these times of overpopulation and gross economic inequity. The question is how to achieve that. The last congress totally refused to take any action on the matter (as they did on so many things), which has resulted in Obama using executive orders to form immigration policy (as did Reagan and Bush, by the way). The economic fact of the matter is that, were all those who aren’t here legally to be deported tomorrow, our economy would suffer terribly. The food we purchase would likely double in price, for one thing. As to those on this page (TimFTG2, for example) who suggest that children born in this country should be deprived of citizenship, they’re going against the entire history of our nation in suggesting that, and clearly are doing so because those kids don’t look like them.

          • Brenda

            It is true that we are rather two faced about inviting immigrants into the country and then turning around discriminating against them upon arrival.
            And while it is true that both Reagan and Bush used EO’s, they did not issue blanket amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, release thousands of known criminals onto our streets, or issue orders that negate border enforcement as obama has. Neither did they take the law into their own hands and circumvent the Constitutional process.
            As for the children born in this country, their citizenship status has already been addressed years ago by the XIVth Amendment, (originally meant to address freed slaves and expanded to include border babies).
            Also, there has been a “guest worker program” in existance for many years so using the argument that agricultural workers would not be available doesn’t wash. In fact the “crisis” of lack of farm workers was a result of many transfering into the hospitality industry, where the pay was better.
            It was not just the last Congress that refused to address the immigration problem. We are where we are, not because of Congressional reluctance, but because of large business, looking for cheap labor forces. Rather than enforce our existing immigration laws, many in the country chose to turn a blind eye or further complicate the law with “tweeks” that benefited a special interest.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            An executive order by its very definition circumvents congressional action. As every president has made such orders, and they are seldom found unconstitutional, it’s a big stretch to say the current situation is such. I agree with many of your other points, although I’d also stress that the reason low wage hospitality jobs are sought by citizens is that trade agreements struck by both Republican and Democratic presidents have resulted in nearly all middle class wage jobs that don’t require a university diploma being shipped overseas where wages are pennies on the dollar. All in all, it’s a complicated situation. Thanks for reaffirming my belief that there are still a few conservatives who actually think. I’ll leave you with a quote from Business Insider about the Reagan and Bush amnesties.

            “In 1986, Congress and Reagan enacted a sweeping overhaul that gave
            legal status to up to 3 million immigrants without authorization to be
            in the country, if they had come to the U.S. before 1982. Spouses and
            children who could not meet that test did not qualify, which incited
            protests that the new law was breaking up families.
            Early efforts in Congress to amend the law to cover family members
            failed. In 1987, Reagan’s Immigration and Naturalization Service
            commissioner announced that minor children of parents granted amnesty by
            the law would get protection from deportation.
            Spouses and children of couples in which one parent qualified for
            amnesty but the other did not remained subject to deportation, leading
            to efforts to amend the 1986 law.
            In a parallel to today, the Senate acted in 1989 to broaden legal
            status to families but the House never took up the bill. Through the
            INS, Bush advanced a new “family fairness” policy that put in place the
            Senate measure. Congress passed the policy into law by the end of the
            year as part of broader immigration legislation.
            “It’s a striking parallel,” said Mark Noferi of the pro-immigration
            American Immigration Council. “Bush Sr. went big at the time. He
            protected about 40 percent of the unauthorized population. Back then
            that was up to 1.5 million. Today that would be about 5 million.”

          • Brenda

            Should one agree with that the “EO circumvents congressional action” theory, then why have a congress?
            EO’s are meant to refine and administer the law. They were not intended to establish the law, a function that is solely the task of congress, nor were intended to purposely break the law in order to advance the executive’s agenda. That is why we have three branches of government; legislative, executive, and judicial and a government designed for checks and balance of each branch.
            I do not argue that the use of EO’s by past President’s did not happened. However, it is the sworn duty of any President to protect, defend, and see that laws are faitfully executed. Something this President has repeatedly failed to do.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            In essence I agree with you. Executive orders should in general be used for clarification and fine tuning of laws. As you state, we have three branches of federal government. If the Congress finds that a President has overstepped the bounds of his power with executive orders, they can pass legislation that rescinds or modifies his actions. Similarly, if the Supreme Court finds such orders unconstitutional, they can overturn them with the stroke of a pen. In this case, Obama waited for six years for the Congress to take meaningful action on immigration reform. They did nothing, so he did something. My guess is that his actions are not unconstitutional, but I’m not a legal scholar.

          • Brenda

            Obama waited for nothing. He had control of both the House and Senate until the recent election. You did not see him pressing this issue then and now that the end of his second term is in sight, he wants immigration reform as a legacy. Not a good reason.
            Also, neither am I a legal scholar. but I have read the Constitution a number of times and nowhere in that document does it authorize the President to break or set aside estalished law.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            Um, Brenda, you might want to check your facts there. The House and Senate were theoretically both in Democratic control from 2008-2010, but during that time, due to the delay in seating Al Franken, and the illness of both Robert Byrd and Teddy Kennedy, there was almost no time that the Senate majority was filibuster-proof. The GOP took control of the House in the 2010 midterm elections, and has maintained it since then. As I’m sure you know, the folks who get elected in DC tend to be politicians first. As long as the GOP throws up roadblocks to immigration reform, there’s not a lot more political mileage to be made by introducing bills that fail to pass than there is by deploring their intransigence on the subject. At this point, Obama won’t be a candidate again, so he can follow his conscience. As I stated earlier, both the courts and congress have it in their power to undo his actions. If the Supreme Court concludes he’s broken the law as you allege, his order will of course be nullified.

          • Brenda

            Are they throwing up roadblocks or is their intent to insure that the Rule of Law is followed? Much of obama’s immigration reform includes special treatment for illegal aliens; from blanket amnesty to preferencial hiring policies. There is no plan given to account for the millions who supposedly want to become American citizens. And the background checks are ludicarous. How exactly does one get a background check from a “improvished” third world country? Not to mention a reliable background check on the millions living in the shadows.
            It is the sworn duty of Congress to protect the country. Passage of the Senate version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform should have been blocked. And, you will remember, that Reid allowed amendments or debate on the Senate floor.
            When a President deliberately releases known felons and low level criminals onto our streets, he acts only on his agenda. When a President allows for illegal aliens to cross our borders he breaks our laws. When a President decides a specific group of people are owed protection from deportation he tramples immigration laws. It is not his conscience he is following but an attempt to; as he said, to totally transform America to his idea regardless of whether it is good for the country or not.
            We have immigration laws, it is not in the realm of presidential powers to ignore, alter, or dismiss those laws. Also, had these poor illegals wanted to become American citizens, especially the DREAMERS why have they not applied for citizenship?

          • MrSwingGuitar

            How exactly does refusing to even consider passing an immigration reform bill “insure that the Rule of Law is followed”? For example, various versions of the “Dream Act” were introduced in both the House and Senate over the last 10+ years (originally with bi-partisan support). The hardline anti-immigrant types in congress have blocked it every time. I know a number of people who would qualify under this act, and they’re as good Americans as anyone can be. Two young people I know have lived here since they were infants, and know no other home. These congressmen, in my estimation, are just pandering to constituents who are either overtly racist or so jingoistic that they feel anyone who can speak another language must be a dangerous criminal. As I have now pointed out a number of times, if any of Obama’s actions are deemed unconstitutional, the Supreme Court (which, as you know, is dominated by a very conservative majority) will stop them. If congress gets it together to pass real immigration reform, it will render the president’s actions moot. Unless you’re bringing something new to the discussion, there’s no need to reply. We’re really just going back and forth over the same ground at this point.

          • Brenda

            Ninty precent of your statement is correct. But al too often politicians, on both sides of the isle, are influenced by big contributors and only b

          • GodBlessRealAmerica!

            Obama a traitor!

          • Amerikztan

            We have learned from our past. Originally, the white European pilgrims escaping from religious persecution, persecuted the native American Indians for slave labor.

            When the native American Indians fought back to protect THEIR land, the American government ( must have been Liberals) reneged on deals of land ( in Oklahoma), and offered them reservations. American Indian’s descendants opened casinos instead of trusting any deals connected with promises of money as ‘reparations’.
            Then it was Chinese laborers, then blacks, and today it is Hispanic slavery many of our own major politicians are exploiting, while Obama tries to use HIS race to anger blacks.
            We have learned from our mistakes, even the horrors of the Democratic parties formed Ku Klux Klan’s atempts to change minds {see ‘Birth Of A Nation’; 1915, that tried to paint the Klan as ‘patriotic’}.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            Boy oh boy oh boy….”We have learned from our past”. The US has learned some things, others seem to be taking longer. Let’s first address your very peculiar use of the word “liberal”. During the two centuries of broken promises to the Native Americans, treaties were made and broken by all political parties. Up until the 1930s, there was no way you could characterize the Democrats as “liberals”. As you state, after the Civil War, which was spearheaded by Lincoln (whom the GOP rightly points to with pride) the racist south was almost 100% Democrat. After FDR took office, the “Dixiecrats” became less and less comfortable with the racially inclusive policies of the Dems. Reagan and his handlers assured the southern politicians that he would be obstructionist to any further laws encouraging equality, and since then the south has been solidly Republican. In other words, the same folks who wore (and in some cases still wear) the KKK hoods transferred their loyalty to the GOP. Personally, I’m angered by racial or religious injustice of any sort. This includes the people on this site who insist that all Muslims should be shot/imprisoned/thrown out of the country, that immigrants should be welcomed if they’re European looking, but must be criminals and disease vectors if they’re not, etc. There’s still plenty of white racism in the US, though it mostly is more circumspect than before.

          • Tommy Kestler

            You need to check your history The south became republican when Johnson was in office Mister Swing Guitar.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            Actually, the south started being fractured earlier than that…ever hear of the Dixiecrats? Reagan and his handlers completed the job which Nixon’s boys laid the groundwork for. Another interesting sidebar is that the Republicans totally sold out the black citizens of the south in the election of 1876, when they traded getting their losing candidate (Hayes) in the white house in exchange for the end of Reconstruction and the disenfranchisement of freed slaves.

      • XsmallGov

        Wrong!!! All my ancestors came here legally and were welcomed by the natives for going through the process and doing it the way the law says.

      • TAM44

        Indians were not the first one either SFB, go suck on your BOY obama’s harry reid. Coming to this country the legal way is fine and dandy, illegally it’s against our laws.

        • MrSwingGuitar

          Wow….I thought it was impossible for people to get even more crude and stupid, but you’ve set a new record, TAM44. Congratulations!

          • TAM44

            No you own it hands down SFB, now STFU and crawl back obama’s butt.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            “illegally it’s against our laws”…ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case… p.s. forgive my ignorance, but I’m unclear on the meaning of “SFB”. I’m sure it’s highly complementary, however, and so would love it if you’d educate me on this no doubt very amusing neologism.

      • ted j

        spoken like a true idiot….

        • DaveM


      • DaveM

        Sneaked in…you have got to be kidding! We were welcomed! Latinos are illegal if they do not meet requirements…why don’t you and them get together and go vistit the other side of the Rio Grande river!

        • MrSwingGuitar

          Learn some history, DaveM. Those of us who live in the southwest occupy land that belonged to Indians first, then to Spain/Mexico. Illegal immigrants from the US later moved in and started insurrections to take it over. Perhaps we should all be deported? As to US immigration policy, until about a hundred years ago, everyone who didn’t have smallpox was allowed entrance. Congratulations! Your ancestors didn’t have a horrible disease, so they were welcomed!

          • TAM44

            STFU you brain dead piece of steaming Obama.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            Now, THIS is the sort of intelligent debate that made our country great! Are you over nine years old, TAM44? If so, you might consider actually acting like someone who isn’t in third grade. On the other hand, it’s kind of fun to watch someone like you reveal yourself to be an idiot.

          • DaveM

            strange how you will attempt to control another when they express their feelings. I guess you feel as though your feelings are the only ones who count. You must be a liberal to think this way. If so…kindly leave the seat of the toilet up when you sit down and flush the handle.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            Hmmm….DaveM. Let’s see, are you complaining that I made fun of TAM44 for saying “STFU you brain dead piece of steaming Obama”? As to your comments, I have no problem with anyone expressing their feelings. When people tell lies to support those feelings, it’s my right (you might even say my duty as an American) to point out that they aren’t telling the truth.

          • DaveM

            I see…THEN I TELL YOU…YOU LIE AND DISTRACT RATHER THAN FACE THE TRUTH OF THIS ARTICLE. YOU ARE A LIBERAL and do everyone a favor and flush the toilet and go back to your bridge!

          • chamuiel

            I bet you know all about idiots, troll.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            I certainly have learned a lot about them on sites like this, yes.

          • chamuiel

            I am sure you have from the first moment you appeared on one and realized that you were one.

          • TAM44

            you’re the frigging idiot, the Indians were not the first ones here on the land now called America. Stick that Guitar up your queer sideways butt BOY.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            The term “Indian” is of course a European invention when it comes to people in the western hemisphere. So, what confused thought is it that you’re trying so poorly to articulate? On second thought, forget it….you’re dumb enough it’s pointless trying to communicate with you. It must be difficult being as filled with hate as you clearly are. I’m very sorry for you.

          • TAM44

            Read your fist post you GD idiot.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            You’re the person who seems to have a fist obsession. I think perhaps you’d better look at your own sexual orientation before you go questioning others’. Here, I’ll make my point even simpler, as you clearly lack a working cerebral cortex: The peoples who were here before Europeans arrived were called “Indians” by the new arrivals. That included all people living here. Unless you believe that there was another population here before the land bridge to N. America facilitated people coming here from Asia, ALL the people here were “Indians”. So, who exactly are you saying was here before them?

          • TAM44

            They have dug up artifact that are well over a 1000 years old in this country, they were not Indians, but you being a frigging KIA, I rest my case.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            Okay, I thought you couldn’t possibly appear stupider than you did previously, but I was wrong. I quote “The archeological evidence suggests that the Paleo-Indians’ first “widespread” habitation of the Americas occurred during the end of the last glacial period or, more specifically, what is known as the late glacial maximum, around 16,500–13,000 years ago” I guess that wasn’t just a fist up your ass, your head is up there too.

          • TAM44

            That’s where your head is 24/7 365 you KIA POS.

          • chamuiel

            The problem is that there is very little to be gained by wasting time or words on trolls like you.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            Because, of course, anyone who doesn’t toe the party line as you do is a “troll”. You are truly pitiful.

          • DaveM

            You are correct. Now tell me…how is it that this article talks about illegals voting and you stand on history which did not allow such! You are off track.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            My response has been to comments, rather than to the article. The article starts out with a headline that isn’t supported by facts, which isn’t unusual on this site, of course. Internet sites on both sides of the political divide in this country have taken to sporting misleading headlines in the hopes of driving traffic to their site, and thus increasing ad revenue. As many people read ONLY the headlines, and believe everything they read on sites that express their particular politics, the end result is an uninformed and misinformed electorate. Don’t you agree that voters should be well informed and not lied to?

          • chamuiel

            Swing, does that mean you swing between gay and straight?

          • chamuiel


            why don’t you deport yourself.

      • My Ancestors Immigrated here from Germany 4 Generations ago Legally, the right way. Those who cross the Border Illegally are breaking the Law and Should be Punished and Deported and if they are here Illegally any child born here should be Classified as Illegal Also. The Hell with this run across the Border while in Labor just in time to drop your child on American Soil to become a Citizen.

        • pmbalele

          Your ancestors Immigrated here from Germany 4 Generations ago? Then go back to Germany where the PM along with French PM marched in the street to protest against Jihads. All those Europeans heads of states who marched should all be fired for marching. If you’re smart, please tell me why they should be fired.

          • They had every right to protest against Jihads to protect their own Citizens. I think that there should be a Law Enacted that would make it Possible for ANY JIHADIST caught committing an act of Terrorism to receive a Bullet in the Back of their Head, Executed on the Spot. They are not worth the cost of incarceration or the cost of giving them a Trial. They think that they can just Behead Innocent people at their will, well if they want to act uncivilized like that they have no right to be alive.

          • pmbalele

            You can tell those Jihads are young males most of them are of ages
            20-35. Like KKKs they were brain-washed when young by religious nuts that women
            are their property and slaves; and anybody protecting women is their enemy and
            should be killed. Remember why those morons of 911 died for-women. These Jihads, as young males, also forget
            that they have flesh and that they will eventually die or be killed. The
            problem is they believe if they die or killed they will go to heaven for more
            women. You can tell what religions do to human beings.

          • I agree there is definitely brainwashing going on but it is the Liberal Democrats and the education system that is filled with liberal instructors that are brainwashing our young children which is the reason we now have that idiot as president. It’s almost come full circle with the children in school now making them believe that socialism is the way to go.

          • GodBlessRealAmerica!

            TRUTH liberals are the enemies of Real America!!!

          • chamuiel

            KKK’s? You mean Democrats?

            Muslims, you can tell what the devil does to people.

          • pmbalele

            KKK, the Chritians TPs and Repubs who love to discriminate against Blacks. KKK as Christians were taught to despise Blacks as cursed human beings. Actually TPs and Repubs are in the same wave length as ISIS

          • chamuiel

            The KKK was started by the Democrats.

            Speaking of brainwashed, who got ahold of you when you got off the boat?

          • chamuiel

            What are Critians? Is that like idiots, like You?

          • Tommy Kestler

            Pmbalele you must be a black muslim have you killed any onf yet

          • pmbalele

            Fortunately, I am Catholic. At least I can put up with Catholics because they seem not to see color of skin of a person as reason to discriminate. You remember the run-up for Pope was a Black Cardinal from BKB? I am proud to be Catholic. It is these so called born-again Christians such as Robertson and Bill Graham that are poisoning brains of their followers most of who are TPs and Repubs. Thank God they will lose the Senate, Congress and Presidency next year. What a break for me!

          • mac12sam12

            Having a bloody Mary breakfast?

          • For your information it is the Liberal Democrat Instructors in our schools that are Brainwashing our young children and not the Republicans

          • MrSwingGuitar

            And yet, many would argue that the tone of argument you employ, TimFTG2, is uncivilized at the very least. So, if I decide that you qualify, it’s okay for me to execute you??? There’s a reason for the rule of law-to stop people from taking it into their own hands. I don’t think you’d find many willing to argue that those beheading innocent civilians aren’t guilty of murder. If you start engaging in extra-judicial executions, that makes you one too.

          • I can guarantee that if you were confronted with the choice of either allowing someone to slaughter Innocent Women and Children or putting a bullet in the back of their head 10 out of 10 times you too would do the latter. It is WAY PAST TIME for us so called INFIDELS to start standing up to these RADICAL IMOBCILES that think that they can just push Americans around because of our beliefs and because we treat our Women Decently and not as Total Servants or Slaves to our every Whim or Desire. I fought to Protect Our Great Nation and I will Continue to do so.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            If you actually can’t see the difference between intervening to save someone’s life and dispensing summary judgement on someone you THINK might have either killed someone else, or who might sometime decide to kill someone else, well, I’m glad you’re not a policeman. I’m presuming, as you talk about laws, that you’re concerned about such horrors as have been happening in the middle east occurring here. Every year here, there are hundreds of American women killed by boyfriends or husbands, and it has nothing to do with Islam or any other religion. It has to do with the sad fact that, in a patriarchy, men believe that women are property. There are plenty of Islamic fundamentalists who are guilty of this. There are plenty of Christian fundamentalists who are guilty of this.
            p.s. If you’re going to call someone an imbecile, it would be worth taking the time to discover how to spell the word.

          • Well to start out with it is not my fault that the Voice Recognition Software on my Samsung Galaxy S4 makes so many mistakes that I sometimes don’t catch. Secondly, if you had read my post and processed it BEFORE putting either your voice or your fingers in gear on the keyboard you would have caught “ANY JIHADIST CAUGHT committing an act of Terrorism to receive a Bullet in the Back of their Head, Executed on the Spot.” By that I mean an action like taking an AK-47 out an shooting into a gathering of people and killing or wounding them. And your statement about (and I’m going to put all men in one group no matter what Race, Color or Creed they are) men believing that women are property is spot on. I have seen first hand how some men punch their wives or girlfriends with their fists and in one case the Anal Sphincter took a baseball bat to her. I think ANY man who strikes a woman is the lowest form of Pond Scum there is. A woman as a Wife is your Partner in Life and should be treated as such and I think that it should be reciprocal if you are to have a Loving and Successful Marriage.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            I’m sure that any person, terrorist or not, caught in the act of shooting an AK-47 into a crowd of people would be shot immediately. That wouldn’t require any new policy. The danger, as far as I’m concerned, is supposing you can judge the guilt of someone who ISN’T caught in the act. For example, I’m sure some of the people in Guantanamo are guilty of planning or executing terrorist attacks. I’m also certain that some that were incarcerated there were guilty of nothing other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If we were to dispense summary judgment on everyone we suspected of being involved in such activities, we’d be killing the innocent along with the guilty. Anyone who claims that we should “kill them all and let God sort them out” is a terrorist as well, as far as I’m concerned. I understand that isn’t what you’re saying, but it’s veering dangerously close, in my estimation.

          • BTW, What Country did you sneak in from? From reading your Posts I can tell that you are one of two things A.) A recent Immigrant or B.) A very poorly Educated person, one that either has a learning Disability or someone that was just Too Lazy to learn anything. You Diction and all of your Grammatical Mistake really give you away. So if you want me to go back to the Country my Ancestors came from I think that I have Seniority over you since I am a 5th Generation Citizen which you obviously are not.

          • pmbalele

            Then why do you talk down on us Blacks. They have been here for generations. You did not respond to my question why those dumb French, German and others who marched against Jihads 4 weeks ago. I applaud President Obama not going to that march. That was coward and dumbest reason to march.

          • I didn’t know what Race, Color or Creed you were, all I knew is that you used very lousy Grammar. I don’t know where you get your Mentality from but I prefer Peace and when a bunch of Jihadists start beheading Innocent People I think that is Wrong and a Perfectly GOOD REASON to March and Protest the Jihadists. I will talk down on People with that Mentality Every Time. You act like you approve of the beheadings and sound like you want to be over there Participating in the Jihad yourself. Well all I have to say is watch out or you may find yourself in a Prison Cell down in Gitmo for the rest of your worthless life.

          • chamuiel

            Where are you from, Haiti?

          • chamuiel

            Go home troll.

          • pmbalele

            I told you I don’t care about my typing skills. I scored highest on Wisconsin State written exam, not only once but three times. And here you’re talking Bs about my diction.

          • What Test was that? The one for Ignoramuses?

          • pmbalele

            This was a written test on how to approach or solve different economic and social problems. People were also told their writing skills would be part of the score..

          • chamuiel

            Go away, troll.

          • chamuiel

            What test was hat? a test for idiots to make them feel good about themselves?

          • pmbalele

            You’re jealous a Black male beat Whites. You cannot take that from me.

          • chamuiel

            Go home wetback, troll.

          • pmbalele

            Read what I wrote to you.

          • chamuiel

            More wasted words from you? That is all you have.

          • chamuiel

            I did, more B.S. that means nothing.

          • chamuiel

            Why don’t you go back to where you came from, troll.

      • Jinxie Smith

        pmbalele…have you ever heard of “seeing through a glass darkly”? You qualify.

      • chamuiel

        I am native Indian, so get the hell out of my country, wetback.

        • pmbalele

          If you’re Native American then do not call people as “wetback.” Native Indians respect people of all races. If you continue calling people such names then you’re dumb one.

          • chamuiel

            Wrong again, huh PM?

            I guarantee you I am not as dumb as you are.

          • chamuiel

            Obviously, you know nothing about Indians.

      • Hey Butthead, my ancestors came here in 1635 who do you think built this country so you would have the right to make your bitch. Did you sneak across the border or did you float over on inner tubes? The pilgrims came over on ships, to escape idiots like you, there were no freebies or welfare back then you had to work to survive, what’s your excuse?

        • MrSwingGuitar

          You not only had to work to survive, it was extra labor killing off all the natives so that you could steal their land.

          • My family wasn’t the Custer family. The Hawkins traded with the Indians around the Charles River. They lived peacefully with the tribes that were on Long Island, NY. They fought in the American Revolution, War of 1812 and the American Civil War. They didn’t venture out west until Custer family wiped out the Indians. Way things are going, the next Civil War won’t be a picnic and we won’t be using muzzle loading muskets to settle our differences. I’m getting a passport and when the SHTF, I’m moving to a Polynesian Island and disappear into the jungle and become Tarzan.

          • MrSwingGuitar

            I think you might be missing my point. The US, compared to the governments of countries that came before it, had a humanistic point of view. However, the rights they championed were for white men. Women were chattel (and of course couldn’t vote). Black people were mostly slaves (and of course couldn’t vote). The government negotiated treaties with many many tribal nations, and broke almost all of those treaties. The end result for those who were in this land before Europeans showed up, was that their way of life was destroyed, and most of those who weren’t wiped out by imported diseases were murdered by those who thought them less than human. With westward expansion, we as a country seized lands from others because, Hell, we’re Americans so we can get away with it. Many of those who are here without papers are the great great great grandchildren of those ILLEGALLY forced to leave California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and they are almost all Native American. You could easily make the argument that they have at least as much right to be here as anyone else.

          • DaveM

            You talk trash! How do you know “Many of those who are here without papers are the great great great
            grandchildren of those ILLEGALLY forced to leave California, Arizona,
            New Mexico, and Texas” I have seen statistics or facts…you are undoubtedly one who stirs the pot and disorganized in thought since this article is about voting and illegals!

          • MrSwingGuitar

            Well DaveM, the idea I was putting forth is that claiming that folks from Mexico have no right to be on this land is hypocritical, in that most of the southwestern US WAS Mexican until we stole it. If you don’t know enough history to understand that, I’d suggest you read up. The brave folks who died at the Alamo were in fact attempting to do what Russia is attempting in Ukraine right now: to seize territory illegally. This doesn’t make the US more evil than other countries, but it certainly makes it laughable to talk of how those of us who are citizens became so by always abiding by the rule of law.

          • DaveM


          • MrSwingGuitar

            I guess I should know better than to try and have an actual conversation with someone who doesn’t even know how to tie his shoes. If you actually can read, go read the comments by Brenda above. She’s actually informed and intelligent. We have differing views; we discussed them in a calm and reasonable fashion. There’s no point in trying to talk about ideas with you….you just don’t have the brainpower to comprehend.

          • chamuiel

            I know of no one who was forced to leave the southwest. Do you lie much?

          • MrSwingGuitar

            All the Mexican landowners that I know of in California post 1850 had their lands stolen. Some stayed, others left California for Mexico’s new borders. The native population was systematically hunted down and killed or enslaved. I quote from a paper on this subject “The first 50 years of the American Period was a horrible time for the Native Californians, given the sheer magnitude of what happened during that half century: scalpings of men, women, &children; incarceration in jails
            with the only way out being enforced indenture to whites for unspecified
            lengths of time; the kidnapping &sale of Indian children; the massacres
            of entire Indian villages; the military roundup of Indians and their enforced
            exile on military reservations where even the most basic of living amenities
            were lacking; their complete legal disenfranchisement. The outcome of all
            this was that during the first two decades of the American occupation, the
            native population of California plummeted by 90 percent – in short, a California
            version of the WWII Holocaust.” And no, I try to never lie…how about you?

          • chamuiel

            Blah, blah blah. Do you ever say anything of inteligence?

          • DaveM

            Speak of history! You are a liberal by no doubt! This article is about illegals voting and your statements make no sense on this topic. Kindly stop your jibberish and stay on topic!

          • chamuiel

            Trolls come in and try to divert the subject away from the article. That is what trolls like swing get paid to do.

          • chamuiel

            Swing, you are all gay.

      • mac12sam12

        There were no immigration laws back then, now there is. Those young Latino kids and adults are illegals, or what I call criminals.

      • Poodleguy

        Careful, your inverse xenophobia is showing……

      • Lee Walders

        Are you talking about back in the day where there were no boundaries very few laws and people were trying to get out of over barring countries were the gov. Was imposing the same type of crap that’s going on in this country to day. The bottom line this sense the dark ages that the people keep referring to has long past and it really doesn’t have any barring on the situations really uncomparable, and if you did go by something as idiotic as that the you can say no citizen of any country is truly a citizen, there all immigrants, we have spent so much money on this we should’v put the money in there country, helped develop there countries, and ran the dictators off, but the big banks controlled the money, i hate it for these people but breaking the law is breaking the law, of course I know that there are some of us that there that think that there above the law you who you are, which is fine, but the fact is your not and there not so get over it, there’s legal ways to go about it. But we all know what this is really about don’t we you can act like that the liberals really care about the illegal immigrants but that’s not the the case at all is it, its about making sure that the dems. Keep some presents in power, sense you guys are so power hungry, because you do not have a clue about what it is that you are doing, and that really sucks for the ones who have some sense about them, because this crap that the liberals keep pushing puts people into poverty, eliminates jobs, and so on.

        • pmbalele

          The Texas federal judge is delusional for halting Obama pen. I believe also this stupid Texas judge is a racist and his decision was motivated by racism. You know Texas people hate racial minorities. They killed President Kennedy for the same reason -racism. And most important don’t tell me like what Archie Bunker said: “How can we give Indians their land when they would not sign the lease.”

          • chamuiel

            Texas people do not hate miniorities. I know. I live in Texas.
            What we do hate is people like you who do nothing but lie.

            You are entitled to believe whatever you want to believe, even if you are wrong, which you are.

      • chamuiel

        Illegal aliens who come across the border illegally are illegals. Apparently you have problems comprehending.

        • pmbalele

          You’re logic is stupid. How did your forefathers come here? Illigally.

          • chamuiel

            I am sorry. I do not understand illigally.

            when my forefathers came here there were no laws regarding illegality.

            You spelling, as well as your logic is stupid.

      • pops

        mine came through Ellis island and followed the law to become American by law if they do the same then more power to them and welcome . jumping border is not the way to do it but thanks for your kind of thinking you will have a few million people getting what I and all leagle people that earned a living here a free bite of what they did not work for nor do they deserive ‘

        • pmbalele

          If you’re afraid the illegals will take your job, then you should be laze, dumb and above all racist. Remember this is a capitalist country. -survival of the fittest. Just read what Reagan said in his book. Rich people will eventually feel bad and give left-overs to poor, lazy people. If you’re not dumb or poor, please welcome the Latinos and Latinas crossing the border.

          • pops

            I would welcome them with open arms and say congrats IF THEY COME LEAGLE you do not reward breaking the law by giving a free handout I’m thinking your the one to dumb or a lawbreaker your self for demanding something for nothing

          • pmbalele

            Did you say the government gives them hand-outs! Please go to McDonald, Burger King, meat packing, milking cows and see who doing the work -Latinos. I had hired homeless people, fellow Americans. But as soon as I paid them the first check, half of them did not report for work. I found them in bars drinking on work shift. But I had also hired what you call illegals. These went to work and on time. Tell me about locally grown lazy smarty pants.


      They are being very well rewarded for breaking the law and I see red every time I read about this crap that obama is pushing on us. Congress has got to stop this NOW and we all need to bombard our representatives to let them know how we feel.

    • I.mmortal

      Sorry to tell ya but the only thing stopping them now is either – Trump still manages to win somehow or… violent revolution. The Establishment is not just gonna give our country back to us if we “peacefully protest.”

    • Jerry Holloway

      You do here if you vote dumacrat I wish they would make a role call to see how many commies and muzzies are in the dems party. We would be astonished Obama administration has later least twenty muzzies

  • Kenyan Mocker

    Maybe it’s time to join the party and act as illegally as the DemoCraps allow others to act, just do it even better.

    • Don Berghuis

      You Rethugs have been doing that for years, Mocker.

      • mac12sam12

        Sleep, Gruber.

      • Kenyan Mocker

        Well then it’s time to step it up to a level that will shock even the most stout hearted progressive.
        Enjoy the ride.

        • Don Berghuis

          Bring it on, Mocker.

  • petemoBTV

    If this happens, America is no longer.

    • azsequaya

      America, ALREADY “IS NO LONGER”,,, It has been a CORPORATION for over 100 years,,,

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Well we might not see Obama go in 2016 and if we do then look for Hillary to be the next president GOD HELP US CAUSE WE WILL NEVER SEE DAY LIGHT AGAIN. COULD OUR ELECTION BE RIGGED.

    • Gene Husky

      Do you really believe people were stupid enough to vote for that bastard?Rigged is putting it mildly.

      • Brenda

        No, they were stupid enough to vote for the bastard, not only once, but twice. That gives one little hope for American.

      • cat fishing

        ignorant people that listen to the lies on propaganda main stream media from big ears saying the economy is better, saying jobs are happening, saying isis is no real threat to us here, and offering all the freebies that are just waiting for them… that is what keeps the blind followers voting in the party of freebies. The rest which are illegals will vote just to get to stay and get citizenship rights basically without the title. We are being taken over from within!

    • Mark Clemens

      When the Ballot Box is broken, revaluation becomes our civic duty…………


    Of course they want them to vote. Why do you think they allowed then to come here? Come on GOP, get it together. The American people are not stupid. I just received a message to support Steve King because he can stop amnesty. If he can stop amnesty, why cant you?

    • Paul Delsignor

      Because they believe that they can attract a portion of these illegal voters for ctheir own benefit! That’s why!

      • Jarhead

        Many politicians work for themselves not ” WE The PEOPLE”.

        • ESQ

          They work for the lobby!

          • Mark Clemens

            We should dissolve congress, and replace them with lobbyists. The lobbyists wright most of these huge, multi-subject bills that Congress passes first, because political puppets can’t under stand text……..

        • Kenneth Van Antwerp

          Practically ALL Politicians work for themselves.

        • cat fishing

          If we GREATLY reduced their pay and benefits to something regular people that work hard would get.. then they would not be so willing to follow political agendas just to keep their ‘way to big’ salaries and lifestyles they have become used to. If they want raises, do not let them vote in their own raises. I have never been able to vote in my own raise at any job! They need to be reminded they work for the people and listen to them to earn raises. If they do what their people they are supposed to represent want.. ask them by letting them vote.. then they might be able to earn realistic yearly cost of living raises. Our congress gets paid too much and way too many breaks from working days. It was originally supposed to be regular citizens taking a few years to be in elected positions, then returning to their regular jobs as citizens. They were never supposed to be life long politicians. We need to go back to setting term limits. That way they do not get to stay until they are senile and useless.

          • chamuiel

            Being a Senator or Representative was not originally meant to be a full time job. When Congress was not in session, they were supposed to go home to their real jobs.

  • nov271970

    To be a full-supporting member of America, you should be a full-LEGAL citizen of America. NO, to the idea of giving “voting rights” to any illegals.

    • cat fishing

      right.. we can not just go to other random countries and vote in their elections. This mess SURELY can be stopped by not funding the social security cards or not funding the I.D. cards for illegals. Whatever it takes. Maybe make them all HOT PINK or something.. NEON YELLOW or something to make them stand out from far away.. and not allow pink or yellow or whatever to vote. There has to be a way to stop this insanity!!!!!!!

  • Don Berghuis

    Yeah right—look, Rethugs, if the Dems and President Obama had that kind of conrol over who voted and who didn’t, do you think they would stop with just having the White House. The fact that you Rethugs control the Congress disproves your argument that the Dems win with the illegal votes.Any party that has that control of any bloc of voters is crazy if they don’t use it to control all the branches of governmewnt, And how would you know how your so called illegal vote went overwhelmingly for the Dems. You weren’t in the booth with them when they voted, and I doubt they shared with you there illegal statuis at an exit poll.

    • kotoc

      While the Democraps are in power, illegal immigrants will continue to get Government handouts… duh! If the wind shifts, things would NOT change in their favor… thus, they are VERY inclined to vote for whoever is going to give them an easy ride.

      • Jarhead

        And better, faster, free health care that we CANNOT provide our disabled veterans.
        See AZ VA Hospital – – Friendly Fire.

        • kotoc

          But of COURSE they (illegal-Dumbocrat-voters) get preferential treatment!!

    • azsequaya

      REALLY??? Then HOW?? pray tell.. did Barry get 140% 0f the vote in some districts in Colorado????

  • scott

    nothing more than a communist take over of america and every liberal is guilty of treason as is everyone in our corrupt govt system thats doing nothing about it and not holding all these treasonous scumbags accountable.

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    Voting themselves right back into slavery

  • Paul Delsignor

    Well then if this is true why don’t we do something about it instead of just talking about it! Talk is cheap!

  • Jerry Cox

    They have just given one million illegals work visas, social security numbers, and drivers licenses. What else do they need to vote. Buses from the Democrats to get them and little loose change. They will be voting they are just preparing you to accept it just like they have done with Gay Marriages, etc.

  • donmadden

    the illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote under any circumstances the reason for the Democrats large push for amnesty is for vote buying by passing out taxpayer monies and any other free programs while as our veterans sleep on park benches eat from soup kitchens the Democrat party continues to not take care of our own whom have served they are not willing to secure our country to protect the ones within I am willing to bet that if the DHS funding bill does not give another free ride for Obamas vote buying scam yet once more the GOP will be blamed

  • Paul Delsignor

    Now wonder obama is weeding out in the military all those opposed to his agenda,as they would be the best ones to storm the whitehouse and remove our traitor in chief!

    • patriotgrammy

      And its long past time that ex-military storms the White House and removes this fraud.

  • Paul Delsignor

    GOP are not our friends,they are part of the problem I’m afraid!

    • James Maxwell

      I respectfully disagree with you though, That is painting all members of the GOP with the
      same brush. There are RINO’s in the GOP that need to be weeded out if the voters will
      get off their respective backsides and actually pay attention, get educated and then show
      up on Election day. We hear about disenfranchised voters not showing up because their
      personal choice is not on the ballot. Well that may be so but unless you get up and vote
      your choice will never be there. You have to become involved even if it is only to express
      you opinion and then vote for the person who comes closest to you ideas. By staying home
      and whining you guarantee that the opposition will win ever time and you will lose more
      of our freedoms. Take back our nation from the Professional bottom feeders and vote
      out the bastards. Otherwise our last chance will be an armed revolt to remove them before
      they give away our nation to our enemies.

  • jcmoore2010

    if democrats can’t win the vote of the citizens, hell let’s just legalize all illegals so they can vote for us…they are insane…now the party of women illegals and blacks…how to turn america into a getto…just keep in mind all the gettos love to vote democrat.

  • Zewdie Teruneh

    The president and democrat are destroying Our country by cheating just they pass Obama care with out any Republican at Am. look what it is doing the country,Now a very clever tactic for 2016 presidential election .How Corrupt and disgraceful action God help Us.

  • Donna Heitkoetter


    • Jarhead

      Before or after the Firing Squad does its duty?

  • Evan

    Better get that AH obama out of the WH and be QUICK about it!

  • Dickey Cole

    Our country cannot withstand another 2 years of the Obama Administration.

    • cat fishing

      that is exactly what ‘big ears’ obummer is hoping for. This is his definition of ‘hope and change’.

  • papa doug

    What we’ve been seeing for the last 20 years is democrats using fraud to convince legal immigrants and the poor and under paid that Democrats are the conservative party and of course since their targets don’t understand the difference these voters, largely conservative thinking, end up voting for liberal candidates. Now of course Democrats want to open the door ever further so as to INVITE voter fraud to ensure regaining and keeping control of government and turning America into a socialist country. THAT is their primary goal.

    Publications like this will likely not reach these voters because few can afford computers while many more can’t speak English. Never fear though ballots are printed in a variety of languages including Arabic!

  • The redhawk

    DUMMIE C RATS want INVADERS to VOTE…. and you just DISCOVERED THIS????… WOW Did Media read it in the SUNDAY COMICS???

  • fcutch

    How much sh!t do we have to eat before we come to the realization that this can only be stopped one way. Be ready

  • william g munson


    • With your very Poor Diction and Grammatical Errors it is very easy to understand why you FAILED the Tests you were given,

  • fred

    This was such an obvious ploy, even the MSM figured it out! They couldn’t be more corrupt! If another potus had given them amnesty it would be a national tragedy. The MSM is so biased and corrupt everyone should boycott them. Rewarding criminals seems to be the order of the day in the US since the kenyan declared himself king and the lazy/corrupt members of Congress just sit on their hands!

  • Conservative

    Was there ever any doubt that giving voting rights to illegals the entire motive behind the liberal Democrats ‘so called compassion’.

  • Larry Wilson

    Of course they want them to vote…..a condition of the amnesty is they have to vote Democrat. I think that their votes are already programmed into the voting machines. And many more too!! The machine are the easiest way for them to fix the elections!! Why did Obama win both times? Fixed Machines! That is why so many of the machines were destroyed right after the elections!

  • ESQ

    And so do Republicans!

  • Samuel Clemens

    Finally !! The real & only reason the democrats want amnesty !! Millions of new grateful voters !!

  • James Andrews

    We’ve known this for years now……

  • clifford mckercher

    Of course the Dem, want everything, next they will want to put anyone in Prison that does not agree with them, lets see, stop the web, tax the H#!! out of everybody, raise gas sky high, Drug up our kids, nickel & dime everybody, Wow that sounds like ? Russia, Iran, if that is not Comi. & nazi-ism then what is it? obama needs to be put in Prison,along with Boehner, & all of their Rats.

  • Geoffrey Forsythe

    Most people are counting the days for honor and integrity


    No! Think of all the people who have come here the legal way! Why should illegals get special treatment for breaking the law? You might as well let all the inmates out of jail. They broke laws and sent to jail.

  • Brenda

    Depending on the concept that “illegals will not risk deportation” is unfounded. They came here illegally, broke our laws, are receipants of state and federal aid regardless of what we are told, commit crimes with inpunity because they know they will not be deported, and we are told not to fear their voting in our elections!!


    The DemonRatts want Illegal Aliens to Vote because they know that’s the Only way they’ll have a chance in 2016

  • Chip Dooley

    only way to get voter ID is start having republican’s start voting 2 to 7 times and get caught like democrats have been doing for decades. Then democrats will want voter ID but not until republicans start to sway elections by cheating, like having a 110% of a community voting for democrats, the dead registers as dems and voting or even becoming president like Obama did using his wife’s dead uncle’s social security # to file tax’s in 2008. Only way too do it

  • wellilltellya

    is it the only way DEMS. can win by CHEATING the ballot box what a lesson for our school children to learn advancement through deceit !! what a guy barry is

  • Patriot47

    Of course they do. Legal voters aren’t supported by them.

  • David

    From what I’m seeing the Demo/commies shouldn’t be allowed to vote either….They are a festering sore on this country….

  • Phyllis Schultz

    NO.NO.NO. Send them HOME!

  • Joe

    Through obama in jail the smelly Muslim

  • dhwilson58

    Illegals are just that! ILLEGAL !! Even though that’s Obama’s second reason for bringing them here, to vote Dem, they do not have any rights here in America and even less here in Arizona!! Congress needs to tell that Muslim terrorist in the WH that the only right they have is to leave on their own while they can, then we will eradicate them like Cockroache’s from our country along with the muslim terrorist swine his Assholyness has been smuggling in for years!! All three need to go now !!!

  • TAM44

    The law breaking illegals has been voting already you lying democrats piece of steaming obama. The illegals are being treated much nicer than the American citizens you anti American traitors.

  • Mark Clemens

    …….This article is very disrespectful of the DEAD Democratic Voters.

  • John Green

    When illegals receive their driver licenses any employee that let’s these illegals register to vote will be fired!! Do not even ask about voting! Illegal voting is the only reason Obama does amnesty!! Use your common sense!! PERIOD!!!

  • elaine beard

    no way

  • dinkerduo


  • eetamu81

    I am still trying to figure out why democrats have a problem with the term illegal. You should not be allowed to vote unless you a citizen of the United States.. Period. .I could not care less if you are here to pick oranges, tomatoes or lettuce. You are here illegally, and therefore have no right to vote. The Mexican government has been a socialist, if you want to call it a democracy, and can’t minimum wage. No wonder they enter here illegally; that is why the dems pandor. It is the only way they can get votes.

  • deseartu1

    Why don’t we just go to mexico and vote for their new president??

  • Oldawg70

    Just one more nail in Americas coffin! Just when you think we have hit bottom our Liberal/Socialist minded government takes us even lower… Logic/Common Sense/Accountability have been replaced with…THC! Again…shame on us for allowing this to happen!

    • Kapil

      Yep, under your very nose, The Democratic Party grabbed power on the colour of a fraud who stole SSN and forged Birth Certificate, liar’s skin. Then, multiple voted frauds ‘won’ 2012 elections.
      Send a ‘RIP Card’ card to vote-greedy Democrat, to ‘Fundamentally Transform America’.

  • Kapil

    Told ya!
    So what if MS13 murders, loots and rapes hard-working, tax-paying, honest and patriotic Americans? As long as Hussein’s illegal amigos get to murder, loot and rape Americans, while on the same tax-funded BONUSES; as long as The Democratic Party gets illegal VOTES, it is a win-win. Comprende, Stupidos?

  • Pam

    This has been the whole plan all along. Obama has done this strictly for political reasons and that is to build the Democrat voting base which is AGAIN against the Constitution. Where does it stop?

    This president and anyone that votes to fund this Executive Amnesty action is guilty of criminal conspiracy to commit a coup d’etat. With the Democrats lawlessness they are trying to over throw our government and completely change it and that can not e allowed.

    The House needs to make a simple bill to fund DHS and ONLY add that they will not fund any actions and such for his Executive Ammesty. They can work on other issues at a different time. We need to get this done. But PLEASE do not let the Democrats win. They know Republicans have folded before and will wait it out. McConnell is looking like he might fold. PLEASE do not let him whimp out. Stand Strong and get America back to us.

  • jngtelco

    Give them all a bus ride to Mexico, that is where they came from. Let the Mexicans figure what to do with them, if they are not from Mexico the Mexicans did not ketch them as they crossed their whole country.

  • ABBAsFernando

    Liberals are VILE SCUM. Isaiah says it best:

    Isaiah 32:5-8King James Version (KJV)

    5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

    6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

    7 The
    instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to
    destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

    8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

    King James Version (KJV) by Public Domain

    Isaiah a Prophet of God saw in a vision the time shortly after the return of Jesus Christ and GOD. This has yet to occur. Therefore Churls {misers} and Liberals are exactly as described today.

    Liberals do indeed speak villany, work iniquity, practise hypocrisy, and utter error against the Lord. Liberals make empty to soul of the hungry, and cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

  • MichaelZZ

    Anyone, at any level, promoting not following our immigration laws regarding “unauthorized visitors” should be fired or Impeached.


    August 24, 2013

    PROBLEM: Unauthorized visitors

    DEFINITION: Unauthorized visitors are those persons who enter a country without legal authorization and those who overstay their authorized period.

    CAUSES, REASONS, AND PROVENANCE: The main reason for
    unauthorized visitors is that people want and hope to improve their lives and
    the lives of their families and will gravitate to those situations where the
    economics provide the incentives to make the change.

    DISCUSSION: I think all would stipulate that anyone has the right to attempt to better his or her conditions insofar as those efforts do not infringe upon the rights of others.

    Each nation has the right and obligation to establish immigration laws for the orderly and rational
    assimilation of authorized immigrants.

    Do the following comments provide justification for unauthorized immigration?

    1. Unauthorized immigrants are looking to better their situations.

    2. Unauthorized immigrants provide inexpensive labor and are hard workers.

    3. This Nation was built upon immigrants.

    4. It is virtually impossible to find and deport 12,000,000 unauthorized immigrants.

    The answers to the above four should be an unequivocal “no”.

    If anyone disagrees with that, I will appreciate his or her reasoning for a “yes” response.


    A foolproof system must be devised, implemented, with substantial penalties for non-compliance that will verify a person’s legal authorization to work in the United States.

    The concept of “anchor babies” should be eliminated, either by a pragmatic interpretation of the 14th
    Amendment (displaced the disputed Civil Rights legislation of 1866, which was
    passed by Congress over Andrew Johnson’s veto, and which was proposed by Congress
    six months after the 13th Amendment had been ratified), by Congressional
    legislation in accordance with Section 5 of the 14th Amendment, or by a
    Constitutional Amendment, that could and should be passed by the House and
    Senate and ratified by the requisite 38 states within a year.

    There should be a $4.00 (arbitrary) per gallon increase in the federal excise tax on gasoline and
    diesel, at the pump.

    A tax credit would be allowed any U.S. taxpayer (who possesses a valid driver’s license and submits proof of vehicle registration and proof of insurance) in the amount of $2,000.00 per
    year (10,000 miles @ 20 MPG = 500 gallons, thus, 500 X $4.00 = $2,000.00).

    Ancillary benefits would include that this federal excise tax would be collected from all visitors, authorized and unauthorized, and this would stimulate purchasers of new vehicles to demand
    more mileage efficiency, i.e., there would be no need for the government to force manufacturers to increase mileage efficiencies. The marketplace would be effective.

    Federal legislation should be passed that would eliminate all minimum wage laws. The “minimum wage”
    concept should be replaced with a massive expansion of the EITC regulations,
    which would cover all U.S. taxpayers who are older than 17 years of age.

    Another benefit would be that labor costs would be shifted from “above-the-line” to
    “below-the-line”, making our industries more competitive.

    CONCLUSION: If the above changes were legislated, a substantial number of unauthorized visitors would conclude that
    it would be better to end their visits, since the economics of remaining in the
    United States, without authorization, would be substantially diminished.

    After a year, the situation should be reviewed and adjustment should be made to further the resolution of this serious matter.

    It is logical that a newborn should assume the nationality of the mother, regardless of the venue of the
    birth, therefore, the strategy of a mother, who has no authorization to be in the U.S., giving birth in the United States should be of no consequence.

    This is a nascent effort at offering a pragmatic and rational solution to this serious matter.

    NOTES: This will be a process, i.e., not an overnight solution. I will appreciate all comments, critical
    as well as supportive, with the former being most appreciated if rational reasons are included.

    Representative Sherman is aware of this article, has promised a response and has failed to do so. We, the People are begging for leaders, not pure politicians who have embedded within their DNA the need to withhold the truth.



    Last modified: July 24, 2010

    Last modified – June 29, 2013

    Last modified – August 24, 2013



    (modified on August 24, i.e., not included in original response,)

    June 13, 2013


    Thank you for your comments and perspective.

    My comments should be and are meant to be the beginning of a serious “problem-solving”
    discussion of this extremely serious matter.

    Most respond negatively to the excise tax with the perception that they couldn’t
    afford $8.00 per gallon. Apparently, those do not understand the tax credit,
    until they stop yelling at the idea long enough to have it explained to them.

    Additional benefits would be that all visitors would pay the $8.00 per gallon,
    which would benefit our tax receipts, AND purchasers of automobiles will demand more efficient vehicles (the tax credit would expire within 5-10 years).

    The EITC would substitute for minimum wage laws ONLY for American citizens and those with legal authority to work, here. The rationale for the 18yo requirement is to provide a
    disincentive for high school students to leave school early.

    The lack of a minimum wage and increased expenses (gasoline) would make it
    difficult for those visitors who decided to stay rather than go back to country
    of origin. All “visitors” should be welcomed to come and enjoy activities…., then
    go home and live happy lives.

    Again…., these thoughts should be discussed and “fine-tuned”.

    At a Townhall Meeting a couple
    months ago, I gave a copy to my Congressman, Brad Sherman. Before I handed it
    to him, as I walked up to him, he shook my hand and exclaimed that I want to
    change how our government functions and have 17 different causes. We have had a
    number of discussions and he has NEVER disagreed with me. At a
    “coffee”, last year, he came up to me and whispered that he was
    closer to my ideas than any one else in Congress.

    The unfortunate factor is that he
    is a politician. Mr. Sherman is possibly one of our most intelligent and
    knowledgeable people in Congress and I like him, but he does not appear to be
    that which We the People are begging for, a leader, and, as with almost all
    politicians, he has the DNA embedded within that enables him to withhold the
    truth, at best.

    He told me to write my phone
    number on the item I gave him (Illegal Visitors), but has not called nor has
    any of his staff.

    UPDATE: Late June, I spoke
    with Scott, Rep. Sherman’s top campaign person, who was going to review the
    above and get back to me.

    Finally, on July 11, since Scott
    had not called me, I called him and expressed my displeasure with his
    failure. The conversation (admittedly, more of a monologue by me) lasted
    about 15 minutes. Again, he has failed to follow-up.


  • Unique

    What is wrong with this Muslim Zebra President ?????
    He just doesn’t stop.

    • Alleged Comment

      Good, however he is not president, he is an imposter. A usurper, if you will so it is OK to go up to him and slap ’em!

      I can’t do that as I don’t believe in slapping men, and I don’t want to punch him otherwise Joe Biden will be president.

  • Alleged Comment

    We must say a RESOUNDING NO!

    Then KICK OUT Demoncraps for constantly HARASSING you with lawlessness. They remind me of a pimp constantly asking if they can s**w your daughter.

  • ccannon

    Nothing surprising here, the Democratic party is rotten to the core and totally rejects anything that is morally right. They are hell bent on destruction of all of our freedoms and they would throw their mother under the bus just for a single vote. Indeed they are power mad and this will lead to their total downfall and they want to take all the rest of us down the road to perdition!

  • MAC49

    When you think he can’t do anything more damaging to this country. He just contunies to work overtime destroying the very constitutional rights and laws all military personel have fought and died for. Just pray to God there is Karma for him and all his country destroying politicians. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

  • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

    The Bad News is that the so-called “Border Patrol” neither patrols nor is seen anywhere within driving distance of our southern border.

    The Good News is that, since the Border Patrol has completely abandoned our southern border, the Militia has been given a free hand to conduct whatever operations they want. There never were enough Border Patrol to seriously interfere with Militia operations, and now the Militia can do whatever it wants.

    Nature and the border both abhor a vacuum.

    • MikeG


      We certainly need to secure our borders, and Emperor Oblamer should be impeached on this matter alone, but we don’t want maniacal armed gangs running riot anywhere. This is a copy/paste from this clowns previous posts just to illustrate what a nutjob he is:

      “The difference is that we will be hanging their scalps from our lodge poles, and using their skulls to make really cool beer mugs.”

      This is what we don’t need here in our country. The lesson from the Nazis is this: It’s THEM today and US tomorrow. Please do not encourage this nutjob. The above quotation is from his page on Diaqus – you can’t make this up!

    • MikeG

      This nutcase feels he has been given a “free hand to conduct whatever operations they want.”

      This is what will happen if this nutcase has his way – this is a copy and paste from his previous posts on the subject:

      “The difference is that we will be hanging their scalps from our lodge poles, and using their skulls to make really cool beer mugs.”

      We DO NOT want this sort of thing happening in our country, especially by armed crazies calling themselves a “militia.” You can’t make this up, and I am not making it up.

      • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

        Everyone please say hello to my personal Stalker and Groupie, MikeG.

        This sad, pathetic buffoon has appointed himself as a Censor over all of us. so he goes ballistic whenever he sees someone write something that he does not like. He also has an obsessive compulsion to go out of his way to show what a complete douchebag he is.

        He also likes to misuse quotes out of context. The above quote is absolutely 100 percent mine, but it was used in the context of what I expect to be doing once there are armed United Nations troops on American soil. I would absolutely hang those Smurf’s scalps from my lodgepoles and, given time and materials, I would not hesitate to turn their skulls into beer mugs. And I will shout that intent from the mountaintops whether MikeG approves or not.

        The criminal alien insurgents from south of our border were not the subject of that post. But if it would make MikeG feel any better, I don’t care much for their smelly carcasses, either.

        I am, in fact, retired from the Militia at this point. I was not speaking about what I would personally do, but about what the armedMilitia volunteers who are still conducting operations along the southern border of Arizona are almost certainly doing by now. I know many of them personally, I even trained a lot of them myself. I am certain that the cretinous douchebags who infiltrate across from south of our border would sincerely regret bumping into any of our boys in the dark.

        The point of my post is that it does not matter what MikeG or anyone else wants. What they have, right now, is an unsecured border. It is unsecured against the criminal alien insurgents, but is also not being monitored or enforced against Militia operations. The so-called Border Patrol had not really bothered to get out of their air-conditioned vehicles and actually “patrol” anything since 2004, so they had pretty much abdicated their responsibilities long ago. The fact that they are now not even *seen* anywhere near our southern border only means that the Militia now has a free hand, so it no longer matters who approves.

        Mike, you aren’t going to get what you want. You cannot keep me or anyone else from conducting tactical ground operations along our southern border. There isn’t anyone down there who would try to stop us.

        Anyone who wishes to learn more, or who wants to volunteer at Arizona Miltiia’s Forward Operating Base on the southern border, should visit the website at .

        There, Mike, now doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Now just go have yourself a nice, long cry about how impotent your words are.

        • MikeG

          Here is the personal abuse in this post – all are copy/paste from just this rant:

          “personal Stalker and Groupie, MikeG.”
          “This sad, pathetic buffoon…”
          “has appointed himself as a Censor…”
          “he goes ballistic…”
          “He also has an obsessive compulsion…”
          “what a complete douchebag he is.”
          “He also likes to misuse quotes…”

          And now here are all the ME…ME…ME copy/paste from this nutcase:
          “I expect…”
          “I would absolutely hang…”
          I would absolutely hang those Smurf’s scalps from my lodgepoles and,
          given time and materials, I would not hesitate to turn their skulls into
          beer mugs.”

          “I will shout…”
          “I am, in fact, retired…”
          “I was not speaking…”
          “I know many of them…”
          “I even trained…”
          “I am certain…”
          “…my post.”

          This person has to be in the running for the World’s Greatest Bore!

    • MikeG

      “the Militia has been given a free hand to conduct whatever operations they want.”
      “and now the Militia can do whatever it wants”

      Dayum – Katie bar the door! This crazy nutrcase is loose again…and armed, no less!

      • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

        Correction: *very* well armed, thank you.

        I am also very well trained in the use of arms as well. Your tax dollars paid for the U.S. Army to train me quite well. I had the honor to be trained at the U.S. Army Infantry School at Ft Benning, Georgia. During the course of my years of service, I was lucky enough to receive training from Instructors who had served with the Airborne, the Rangers, and the Special Forces.

        I do not claim to be a Ranger or a Special Forces Operator, only that I was one of many who was lucky enough to receive training from those excellent Warriors. I am, however, Airborne Infantry qualified, and I don’t care if you don’t believe me.

        Living in Arizona, we have no restrictions on the ownership of any type of firearm that we might choose, along with magazines of any capacity whatsoever. Since there is no such thing as “too much firepower”, I currently own more firearms than I need, but not as many as I want. I make no apologies for being both well armed and well trained.

        If that bothers you, stay the Hell out of Arizona. our state is for neither the weak nor for the faint-hearted.

        If you don’t like the fact that armed Militia are right now conducting tactical operations along our southern border, then go write a letter to your Congressman or something else equally impotent.

        Go diddle yourself, Debbie.

        • MikeG


          I am also
          I had the honor
          I was lucky
          I do not
          I was one
          I am,
          I don’t care
          I currently own
          I need
          I want
          I make no

          LOL – these are all copy / paste from the above rant! ME…ME…ME.




          • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

            Again, if you really thought that my posts were boring, you would not still be reading them, much less copying down all the parts of my posts that you find most interesting.

            Try something a little more original, Scooter. YOU are the one that is starting to bore everyone.

        • MikeG

          The following are copy/paste just from this one post alone.

          “I am also
          train me
          I had
          I was
          I was
          I am,
          I don’t care
          I currently own
          I need,
          I want.
          I make no
          Go diddle yourself, Debbie.”

          ME…ME…ME…Sing it loud and dirty baby! lol…

          Really edifying comments, plus the abuse. Dude, you need serious mental health therapy. In fact, in that you are also armed, according to you, you need to be restrained and caged. God help everybody around you.

          Molon labe!

  • Larry Cowden

    Shoot the fucking wetbacks. Don’t hire them, And make dam sure if you hire a company, no fucking wetbacks are allowed to work on the job if you have to force the issue! Fucking Obamamonkey destroying this country from within. Are all those shitheads that voted for him happy now? Save the government, run over liberals and wetbacks!

  • Girlie58

    Illegals cannot vote!! Only citizens of the United states! To the democratic socialist party, why not just declare an act of war against the citizens because that’s what is going to happen anyway because of your lawlessness, if you keep insisting on breaking the law! Or have you just authorized an invasion of the U.S?

  • adrianvance

    It all fits: 90% of all convicted felons are Democrats.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  • David

    What do you expect from a Regime that said that the votes from our Service Personnel stationed Overseas would NOT be allowed nor counted , because the they knew that the vast majority of the votes weren’t going to be for the Devilcrats.

  • Donovan Billiot

    The only conversation we should be having is closing our borders and shipping the illegals back to where they came from. those democraps must all be pretty damn stupid to think that all of America wants a bunch of freeloading illegals to be here in America, what idiots.

  • carolskey

    Legal registered democrats are a minority in America and until they can flim flam the vote for illegal aliens (Mexicans) they will be unable to control completely the electoral process in America. And if/when they are successful in this desire America is a thing of the past…

    The descent of America into a third world reality could be the future for the next generation…God please help us avoid this travesty!

  • william g munson

    I did not know I was taking english and spelling test

  • HankBar

    DUUUUUH !! Imagine that !!! Socialist Dems. wanting illegals to vote. What a revelation !!!!

  • MikeG


    “the Militia has been given a free hand to conduct whatever operations
    they want. There never were enough Border Patrol to seriously interfere
    with Militia operations, and now the Militia can do whatever it wants.”

    And this is apparently what he intends to do with his freedom:
    “The difference is that we will be hanging their scalps from our lodge poles, and using their skulls to make really cool beer mugs.”

    This is a direct copy/paste from his previous post on the matter. I am not making this up, and you can’t make it up.

    • Alleged Comment

      It’s your leaders that get things messed up, but only because you allow them to. Strange, eh?

    • Sharon Aldrich

      Our corrupt government is making their own laws, militia go for it!

  • ferebetv

    Sure they do; just as both demo and repo want them for cheap labor. Return all to the country from which they came.

  • Obie Miller

    This was SOooo easy to see from the very beginning of the illegal amnesty policies of this administration.

  • tinkerunique

    THAT was known before this last election = Democraps were advertising on TV, to vote multiple times and at multiple places.

  • Conservative

    Surely anyone with common sense would know that from the start the illegal vote is what this is all about. Democrats DO NOT CARE about these illegal aliens….they don’t care about blacks, they do not care about the poor. They care about only one thing: their own power, salaries, retirement and all the ensuing benefits they receive as a Representative. The do not care (probably never read) the Constitution or freedom for anyone except themselves.
    Let’s face it: if Democrats had to be elected by “legal voters” there would no longer be a Democratic Party. The methods may have changed but all Democrats have the mentality of the KKK and keep people captive with ‘kindness’, thus, preventing them from ever believing in themselves or reaching their full potential. The convince these people that without the government they are doomed.

  • kkraven4384

    if all those illegals only knew what was really goin to happen to them in a few years to come, they would stay in their own country,, cause that sob obama will round them up after the election and put them in camps,, consecration camps ,, obama has terrorist training camps all over the USA,obama is a sneeky sob and hates the american people,, he is a muslim,, why do you thing that he doesnt call them what they are,, he has the muslim brother hood in the white house, he is siding with them,, and if he call the terrorist what they really are he would have to answer to the muslims,, obama is a radical islamic jihadists his self,, that is why he wont call them that,,,

  • MikeS

    demorats are stepping on their own ducks long term.


    This is of course the whole point of the scheme. Kenya and Indonesia, the places Obama or Soetoro or whatever his name really is got to know first, and Mexico and Venezuela which are the current models for this regime, are one-party states where elections are managed in advance and the results are foregone conclusions due to an army of dependents who always support the ruling party. The issue of voting and in fact repeated voting by noncitizens will be the crucial determinant of whether or not we become a banana republic and needs to be fought even by resistance or secession and partition if necessary.


    Why wouldn’t they- the only votes they will ge t are from illegals & inbreds – Obama has 2 yes to weaken US to the point that his Muslim jihadist cannibals can try to take over-obama is a treacherous lying traitor

  • deseartu1

    You don’t see me running across from Detroit to Canada to vote for their president or we don’t run from Texas to Mexico to vote for their president during their elections? It’s a privilege to be aus citizen and you should be legal… Take the citizen tests go through the process then you get the right to vote! A drivers license means nothing! You should have to show your birth certificate card!

  • rathole9

    if our country will ever grow some balls again if we would truly start acting like Americans with backbones again and make our politically elected officials work for Americans again and not foreigners. every political person who wants to let illegals vote should be taken out of office tried for treason and put in prison.

  • Disenfranchment of the American citizen and specifically, the Americans of European ancestry. Demonrats are very evil as well as insidious. They are a cancer in our country.

  • Poodleguy

    Hell yeah! Why do you think the demonrat party wants all this illegal alien bs to have fabricated legitimacy? It is their intent to get more & more people on the government teat so as to create a massive voting block & a permanent ruling class which will result in a huge drain on the treasury & increased taxes on the middle class to support it.

  • downs1

    The Democrats [and some Republican RINO’s] and their political action groups and supporters are not known for speaking the truth! They are not known for intellectual honesty! They are not known for their desire to adhere to the US Constitution! Rather, they are more and more revealing themselves to be conniving, deceiving, anti-God, anti-American, racist, arrogant fools! They have no idea that the promised judgment of God Almighty is coming soon on this nation that they have corrupted! The “illegals” they want to let flood across the borders and give voting rights to may well be the ones who cut off their heads!

  • AnnaMarie Ball

    The motivation all along!

  • MrSwingGuitar

    Hate to be the one to inform you of this (though of course the GOP knows this well, and hence is working to keep eligible voters away from the polls), but the Democrats don’t need any illegal voters. If there’s a reasonably high voter turnout, there’s no way the Republicans can win a nationwide race. There are some states and plenty of localities that still have a majority of GOP voters (particularly where they have gerrymandered districts to where just to look at the maps makes it clear how desperate they are), but mostly they rely on trying to keep voters home on election day. I won’t be surprised if bogus “eligibility tests” start popping up, much like the “literacy tests” that were only required of black voters in the south, and which NO ONE could possibly pass. The only major election I know of that was influenced by voter fraud was Kennedy/Nixon in 1960, where Joe K’s underworld chums had all the graveyards in Chicago voting. That was over half a century ago. If you actually have any proof of other examples, I’d love to know of them. Otherwise, I’m left with the certainty that you know you’re backing the losing team, and you’re willing to cheat in any way possible to postpone your inevitable defeat.

  • adrianvance

    Ah, the truth comes out! What skunks.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  • Shauna

    We all knew this was coming…It’s the only way they have a chance in 2016…They are also allowing all the Syrian refugees in now…..and since they are so good at tracking all of the illegals, this ought to be good….sheesh…

  • Rboo

    So that means illegals are responsible for him being in office and ruining our country. They will continue to vote for democrats because they allow them to come into our country illegally and they give them food stamps, welfare, free healthcare and American Citizens have to pay for it.

  • Lee Walders

    Of course they do how else will they win, they only won the presidency the last go around because of illegal activity.

  • marilyn


  • shearwater

    Democrats will do anything to bulk up the number of those who will depend on that “Earned Income Tax Credit” of $24,000 will get when they file . . . despite the fact they have never filed before, or worked here before and therefore have no work status in this country! Democrats are in trouble and they know it. They need a massive lever to swing the next election in their favor and the illegal aliens will do it, if allowed to do so by our courts, the government and the congress!

  • KatRob

    That’s because demoRATS are commie bastards who don’t have a patriotic bone in their body and can’t wait to destroy the European culture this country was founded on. They won’t be happy until the only people in mexico are tourists.

  • John McGowan

    Congress isn’t going to do crap. The republicans told so many lies that i believe they are Dems. in drag. I must be on the o-crap list, 7 letters to my 2 senators and 1 congressman plus 2 calls and nothing. They lie, and lie. Forget illegals. They going to get everything, Americans nothing. We can’t afford both so guess what.

  • tinkerunique

    BEFORE this last election, several Dumocraps were making TV ads telling illegals to vote many times, or at different precincts. Several politicians switched party to get voted in – they were aware that Repubs would get the majority of the vote, and they did.

  • ZO666

    If you have to get elected by illegal means there’s a problem…..All conservatives should be able to cast 2 votes one to off set the illegal voters.

  • I.mmortal

    Dems are destroying this country. It’s about revolution O’ clock I think.

  • Everett Conrad

    Well maybe you and all your family should be DEPORTED…