Europol: Global Cyber Attack “Beyond Anything” Ever Seen

In comments to Sky News in the UK, Steven Wilson of Europol’s Cybercrime Centre said the “ransomware” attack that was still infecting thousands of new computers by Monday was “beyond anything we have seen before.” While insisting that the attack was not “massively sophisticated,” Wilson said it was nonetheless unprecedented in both its scope and its effectiveness.

“What is new,” he said, “is the use of a worm to propagate through systems.”

The attack, which started Friday, is being called the most expansive online extortion threat of all time. As of Monday, the virus was believed to have spread to more than 100,000 organizations around the world. That number was expected to grow exponentially as people returned to work this week and logged onto their computers for the first time since the attack began. Hospitals, transportation systems, government agencies, and personal computers in more than 150 countries have been infected thus far. According to the BBC, some $38,000 has already been paid to the extortionists, who will not unlock the victim’s computer until they have received their $300 Bitcoin ransom.

This weekend, President Trump ordered Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert to meet with top intelligence officials to asses the scope of the domestic threat and to begin coordinating a U.S. investigation into the attack. So far, neither officials in the U.S. or Europe have determined who was behind the attack, but they do know one thing: Which organization developed the virus. They know, of course, because it was none other than the National Security Agency. Details of this particular attack were published two months ago after NSA cyber-security programs were leaked.

In a statement, Microsoft President Brad Smith criticized the NSA for the leak, likening it to “the U.S. military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen” right out from under them. Smith said the cyberattack – known as WannaCry – should wake up government officials to the dangers of stockpiling such exploits for use in digital warfare.

“This is an emerging pattern in 2017,” Smith said in a blog post. “We have seen vulnerabilities stored by the CIA show up on WikiLeaks, and now this vulnerability stolen from the NSA has affected customers around the world. Repeatedly, exploits in the hands of governments have leaked into the public domain and caused widespread damage.”

The problems, as security experts see it, are three. One, not enough computer users and organizations are updating Windows frequently enough; the patch for this particular exploit was released more than a month ago. Two, our security agencies are playing with dangerous cyber attack software without fully devoting the resources necessary to keep this software under lock and key. Three, it is once again clear that we have a “leak” problem in our federal government, and that problem isn’t limited to administration officials running to The New York Times.

  • Bayside GolfClub

    How broken are we that these saboteurs and bomb throwers think this is a good idea, that they won’t get caught, that it can actually work.

    How broken is our Government that this could ever be thought up of as a workable business model?
    VERY.. Very broken, incompetent… Utterly incompetent.

  • Cynthia Allen

    government leaks. hope the parties are charged, with treason.

    • socialsavvy

      The buck stops at the top. Watch the real news.

      • barnjoer

        There is no more real news!! The almighty dollar is what tells the news agency’s what to say & print. Only common since will tell you what is real & not.

        • k9maiden

          I agree, there is no more real news, it is full of lies and spin and everything possible to attack our President. GET OVER IT LIBERALS! President Trump won against all odds, and he is here to stay. No more Killary, no more Communism, clean the swamp of the rest of the enemies against this country, both RINOS and Demoncraps, especially those from the East and West Coast, the very worst.

          • Sandy0


    • richardwfaith

      Without one single solitary exception, each and every head of Globalist CABAL members (those who administer in secret our ONE-PARTY SYSTEM comprised of FAUX Democrats and FAUX Republicans, a.k.a., RINO’s) needs to ROLL IN PUBLIC on a bright, sunny, cloudless day for all to see!

    • k9maiden

      Only the Republicans and Conservatives will be held accountable for every, little destruction, but the liberal/Demoncraps can literally commit treason and murder and it is conveniently protected by lies and spin from the Marxist Media and the corrupt Communist/Demoncrappy Regime. Remember, Nixon told a lie, no one was hurt, it was purely political, and nothing at all compared to what Killary and BO were able to pull on the American people, blatantly lying to millions of Americans throughout the nation about Benghazi “It was a movie made to mock Mohammad” that caused the attack when they were well aware a lame, 10 minute movie had NOTHING to do with it. Then Killary and BO had the treasonous balls to fly to Pakistan with tax payer money, make a video APOLOGIZING TO THE SAVAGES for the movie that they hoped would be swept under the rug by their pals, the Marxist Media with the help of Soros money and the anarchist that took over the Democrappy Party. Those of us who cannot, and will not be brainwashed KNOWS exactly what the Muslim/Communist/Impostor did, and his pal, the Whore of Islam. They can’t brainwash those that are strong enough to see and hear the truth, those of us who put God, Family and Country before all else. BO and KILLARY committed TREASON against the people they took an oath to protect by supplying weapons to the enemy, that’s what Benghazi was about, a gun running deal gone wrong! Yet, have those two been held accountable along with Susan Rice? Of course not, scenarios change, if this had been Bush and Condi Rice they would already have been charged and committed as “enemies” to our country, but no, it is the Muslim/Kenyan and the Whore of Islam, both close buddies with the most evil liberal in the world, and the wealthiest, Soros, and the Marxist Media composed mainly of the same heinous American hating, Communist loving, individuals who no longer see it necessary to tell the truth, but to lie and spin to promote their cause. Thank God it didn’t work and there are enough with sound mind and common sense who were very aware of what would have happened to our great country had the Whore of Islam been elected. Not that it wasn’t in the cards, through rigging the election, media literally campaigning for her, lying about Trump and embellishing everything he said. It is a miracle from God that President Trump was able to overcome all of this and was elected on Nov. 8th. He is improving the state of this country every day, and has already been able to do more in 100 days than BO did in eight years!

  • gotabgood

    Trump’s trust problem
    Senior administration officials have strained their credibility with the public with months of false, misleading or tortured statements.

    05/15/17 10:59 PM EDT

    Updated 05/15/17 11:22 PM EDT
    President Donald Trump was accused of leaking highly classified information to Russian officials, and White House officials wanted to fiercely rebut the charges.
    But when senior national security officials strode to a podium on the West Wing driveway Monday night, they spoke for an administration that has strained its credibility by issuing a series of false, misleading or tortured statements on far less important matters. And they spoke for a president who less than a week ago said publicly that his aides and surrogates can’t be expected to give accurate statements, because they don’t always know what’s going on.
    “This story is false,” said Dina Powell, a deputy national security adviser. “The story, as reported, is false,” said H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser, hedging his words.
    News outlets — including The New York Times and Reuters — confirmed the story reported by The Washington Post and published anyway, seemingly unconcerned about the denials, which came from two officials who have been respected in Washington for decades. The episode underscored Trump’s challenge after months of misstatements over far less consequential matters.
    “Their credibility is completely shattered. They’ve engaged in serial lying to the American people on issues big and small — beginning with the crowd size photos. It’s unprecedented for an administration, from the top on down, to embrace a strategy of deception and lying,” said Steve Schmidt, a Republican consultant and former campaign manager for John McCain.
    “Even people who have built up reputations for integrity over a lifetime of public service, they risk squandering it in this administration,” Schmidt said.

  • gotabgood

    Here is another murderer…… Dow Chemical produced a pesticide that was ban by Obama… Trump reversed that decision saying the chemical was safe,,,, 50 workers came down sick and had to shut down production….
    Who is held accountable?????? Dow for producing it????? Trump, for reversing Obama’s claim of NOT BEING SAFE???? How about both going to jail????

  • gotabgood

    Wanna laugh? And then cry over the reality of what you just watched??

  • Tiger

    Trial runs for the big finale. Just like jumpers of the fence at the WH. different areas and timing when caught. They are doing maneuvers, testing the waters in more ways than one.

    Stay locked and loaded.

    • Mathew Molk

      Naa, Tiger,,,,,Remember Y2K? All the power and water was supposed to go down and your car was going to quit right on top of the railroad tracks with a runaway train bearing down on you and the doors were going to lock and you wouldn’t be able to get out,,, unless you were walking out of Wallmart at midnight where the door automatic door was going to slam shut and chop your kid’s head right off. (Seriously, I heard every one of those things from people that actually believed them.) This ransomware is supposed top be the absolute worst over the top thing that ever happened in history,,,and it resulted in a MAJOR pain in the ass for some of those affected,,,, but nothing more. Nobody died, unless it was from a stroke when the friggin computer wouldn’t log on.

      I have been in automated machinery design, building and maintenance all my life and have been involved with computers since I wrote my own billing software on a Commodore 64. (I even used a Commodore with an I/O board to run an induction hardening machine before there were PLCs) Trust me. There is nothing that a cyber attack can do to physical equipment that a 3d year apprentice cannot undo by jumping out a few relays. The big power outage of a few years back was not caused by computers, BTW. It was the overload relays protecting the systems one by one that they were supposed to do. and it takes time to get things connected again. That is why the power was down for so long. (Think of what happens on Thanksgiving when you plug in a 1500 Watt crock pot into the same receptacle your rented 1750 Watt banquette grade coffee maker is on. – Tripped breaker, and if you do not unload the circuit, the breaker will no reset)

      All these scare tactics are put out there by people that don’t even cut their own grass because they don’t know how to start a lawn mower.

      Can a cyber attack cause a ton of grief, Sure. But beyond screwing up your bank account and pissing you off beyond belief it cannot do anything we cannot live through and nothing that can’t be undone in a few days.

      Why Two Kay? I don’t know, you tell me. (I did make a ton of money installing generators over that one though. The ones I installed have 3 times more hours from the weekly automatic 1/2 hour exercise cycle then they have providing power to the folks that paid me big bucks to install them.

      • Tiger

        My man has a degree in Technology he also designs etc and said the banks are on another system etc. However; during any shutdown of any kind it is a good time to do damage throughout the country now isn’t it? Why yes it is and by the way the FBI has said ISIS is in every state and they have 2,000 active cases going now, the head of the CIA told congress we can’t vet the refugees and ISIS among them. The Southern Command told Congress and us that in one year alone, due to the open border over 300,000 men from many countries came into America. We know now that Mexico also had a deal with Obama to allow thousands of African Muslims to come through Tijuana.

        So this is no scare tactics, we have been forewarned and we have the “Enemy Within” and we are at war with Radical Islam. So I personally will keep a vigilant eye on everything that smells fishy. You do as you please.

  • gotabgood

    We’re being attacked alright, but it’s coming right through the front door of WH!!

    • AmericaSupportsTrump!
    • mac12sam12

      When Romney called Russia our biggest threat obama laughed at him. So are the Russians our friend or our enemy? Can’t have it both ways, numb nuts.

      • gotabgood

        Russia has been up and down the threat category since WW ll. In fact since they got nuclear power is when they became a power to be reckoned with. At one time school kids had drills to get under their desk for fear of a Russian attack, then the cold war ended, but it went into a different category, since the cyber space came upon us, all things have changed, at the time Obama laughed Russia was not a threat, technology and advancement in what republicans think we do not need! Has put Russia even with us or maybe further advanced than us. 2016 was an eye opener as to the ease which Russia got into our system. But you do not see an alarm going off.. you see that as a celebration point, because your guy won….. and you do not give a damn how he won… WORSE… you are in denial how he won. You still want to do “he said she said” and point the nasty finger at any one except who is actually at fault.

        • mac12sam12

          The reason the Russians hacked the DNC was because of incompetence. The US also hacks the computers in other countries.

          Why can’t anyone explain this to me, if Putin lost the election for Hillary, how did he do it?

          • gotabgood
          • mac12sam12

            Hillary in her leaked e-mail said that she likes her voters uniformed and compliant. Sounds like you!

            Can’t answer the question? How did Putin lose the election for the old lady? tick..tock..tick..tock..

          • Chi Sam

            My God…you act like a woman.

          • Nick Rose

            “We are COUNTING on the stupidity of the American voter to pass this bill “-Democrat architect of failed ObamaCare Jonathan Gruber referring to fellow Democrats.
            One Man joking.
            One man stating Democrat policy. ?

            “YOU didn’t build that, you got lucky, you had help “-idiot racist cop hating LIAR Barack Hussein Obama. Lol yeah that too!?

            Just say NO to the Democratic Party of stupidity and RACISM. ?

          • Chi Sam

            Does it not cross your mind that no one wants to? You’re not a likeable person. You and I vote the same way, and I agree with every one of your posts…yet I near despise you.

          • mac12sam12

            It’s crossed my mind that no one has explained it to me because they know it’s not true.

            You don’t know me so I don’t care if you like me or not. If someone on the internet can enrage you please seek therapy. 🙂

          • Chi Sam

            I troll for dummies purely for sport and amusement. What on Earth would cause you to believe I am outraged?

          • mac12sam12

            You’re also a liberal. A species between cockroach and rat.

          • Chi Sam

            Liberals are not outraged by stupidity and incompetence. Liberals embrace those traits.

            You don’t seem to know much about the world around you…no wonder you can’t spell common words.

          • mac12sam12

            Liberalism is based on emotion and they’re the most intolerant group. The democrat party is the most successful hate group. Blacks hate whites, gays hate straights and the poor hate the rich. The Alinsky method of division.

            I’m a college grad and I own my own business and it is very successful. My taxes probably fund your lifestyle, and you’re welcome, anal obsessive.

          • Chi Sam

            You don’t believe that about me, and that is exactly why I do not like about you for what you represent.

            Botching a few common words is certainly not a hanging offense, and the very same mistakes that you make, I will vehemently argue are largely immaterial when Donald Trump or George Bush makes them.

            But you are disingenuous. You say things that you yourself cannot believe to be true. Not only is that just plain weird…it is unmanly and sorely lacking in integrity.

            Beyond that, you have not taken personal responsibility for one of your many mistakes,,,not one, and that flies in the face of everything we Conservatives stand for.

            You’re a fraud. Your purported convictions are primarily to your self-serving avarice.

          • mac12sam12

            Does this mean we’re not friends anymore? 🙁

          • Chi Sam

            You express yourself like a petulant girl.

            Do you contribute something to our society other than your wisdom and thoughtful insights that offer nothing that is not already being dispensed by other, better-spoken persons?

          • mac12sam12

            When I communicate with you I try to lower my IQ by 60 or 70 points that way we can be on the same intellectual level.

            You also have no opinion on anything because you’re a troll that’s only here to harass people. You are lonely and sad.

          • Chi Sam

            Of course it’s not true, and of course the left will not cop to it…so why on Earth are you acting like an obsessive, petulant brat, asking a question over, and over, and over that you very well know will go unanswered?

            There is something very wrong about you.

  • gotabgood
    • Linda Abernathy

      Notice no one is replying to you, if you feel so strongly, find a Democraper room we simply need not reply because you are so clueless, go watch CNN or something…………

      • Mathew Molk

        And what in the hell dose that gibberish have to do with the ransomware story?

        Pure NWO Marxist useful idiot Troll, Or should we put it correctly. UseLESS idiot troll.

        • Linda Abernathy

          I was replying to Gotabgood, feeling stupid now?

          • k9maiden

            We all knew who you were referring to Linda, and I couldn’t agree more. He is a typical Regime follower, stupid as HELL and prefers oppression over freedom.

      • Tired…

        I blocked him because after trying several times to have a conversation, it became clear that he wasn’t here for the same purpose. He isn’t presenting an opposing viewpoint for the purpose of discussion, he is just here to stir up trouble.

        • gotabgood

          I will discuss anything with you, anytime…. but I want more than your opinions… I want references.

      • gotabgood

        I don’t know…… you replied…. I was called a communist….. numb nuts… a loon..
        Coming from the right….. those are all names of endearment..

    • AmericaSupportsTrump!
    • mac12sam12

      Turn off CNN numb nuts.

    • k9maiden

      Since you can only communicate in pictures, I’ve got plenty for you!s As if you loons on the left give one damn about the truth and honesty when it comes to the most heinous, vicious, and corrupt Regime this country has ever seen. The BO REGIME run by our enemies, the Islamic Terrorist and criminals, BLM.

      • gotabgood

        It is really a sad thing when so MANY of you on the right, stick by this guy, when it is so very plain to God, Country and should be all the people, that he is a natural liar, he is a con man… but what is worse than ALL of that is….. he is inviting Russia into out politics, inviting them into the oval office behind closed doors.
        We are still a democracy aren’t we? Why should we the people allow the president to open the doors to our enemy??? He has shared “code” documents with Russia. His while staff are nothing more than Russian agents…..
        America FIRST
        Party Second? Or God? Or family? You might want to switch God in being first… BUT only if you mean it!!!

      • gotabgood

        Hitler’s Political Views
        Hitler lived in Vienna for several years, working at odd jobs and absorbing the ideas of Austrian right-wing extremists. In 1913, he left Vienna and moved to Munich in southern Germany. He took with him the basic political ideas to which he would remain committed for the balance of his life. Central to Hitler’s thought were his notions of race. He believed in the racial superiority of the Germanic peoples (the Aryan race) and in the inferiority of other races, especially Jews but also Slavs and blacks. Hitler also advocated the Pan-German ideology that was popular among many Austrian extremists. Pan-Germanism held the view that all Germans should be united in a single state. In addition, Hitler was hostile to the ideology of Marxism, which emphasized the unity of the international working class rather than racial solidarity.
        The following extracts illustrate some of the political ideas of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945):

  • gotabgood

    What is it going to take to get you people to wake up????
    This what you’re waiting for???
    Russia has already been in the oval office behind closed doors…. will this be next?????
    WAKE UP!!

  • Tired…

    Is anyone really surprised by any of this? If so, then that is a shame. We have been speeding along in ignorance without giving serious thought to the consequences of our technological advances. Technology is great, but ignorance about potential negatives is not. Add to this governmental arrogance and you have a recipe for disaster.

    • DJohnson

      The root cause of this catastrophe is not the technology – the technology allows a bigger faster impact — as usual it is the big bungling bureaucracy of the government that can be counted on to fuck up often in so many ways. Ask the Pentagon where the “missing” $2trillion went???

      • Tired…

        I was speaking big picture but my comment applies to this situation as well. You cannot have a cyber attack without technology, so the private sector should also bear some security responsibility in this circumstance. It is irresponsible to not look at the potential issues as well as the benefits of any advancement in an effort to be prepared for reasonably foreseeable issues. I agree that the government is an incredibly gifted purveyor of monumental snafus, but they are not the only ones who played a part in this mess.

      • Mathew Molk

        The sad part is it may have not been stolen. They are big enough screw ups to have actually lost it.

    • Mathew Molk

      You forgot to add in the snowflake collage boys with no real world experience that end up calling the shots. — You couldn’t be more right about the perfect storm, but is is not one we cannot weather.

      • Tired…

        I hope that you are right, but we have several generations of young people who have been taught what to think instead of taught how to think, and many of them are now in positions of leadership. We will see if they can break away from their training long enough to learn how to think for themselves.

  • Linda Abernathy

    Massive time and expenses that instead should be used to protect this country. Every time a Democrat opens its mouth it cost the taxpayers more and more money. And now it seems the cyber attack was yet another leak. It’s time to caulk the holes and rid ourselves of the ones that are costing us money and time.

    • Mathew Molk

      I’m all for welding them up and replacing bad sections that are too badly damaged. .

    • tinker1

      how bout cementing the holes instead?

  • John McClain

    If you want to fix the “leak problem” you have to consider why it is taking place, and who is doing it. As a retired Marine, a Patriot, having been used and abused, I believe we have a criminal shadow government, which is determined to bring about the “new world order” suggested as necessary and coming, by GHW Bush, and they have done their utmost to control our elections, and our lives, by imposing rules on us, and keeping the general populace constantly alarmed with “imaginary hob-gobblins”, as H.L. Mencken suggested was deliberate.
    Any Oath Keeping public servant must feel the need to expose such Traitors, using government for their own purpose, and against “the People”, and while we wage illegal wars, interfere constantly with everyone else’s affairs, but most of all, while we skim off every transaction made with “the dollar reserve currency”, and while it is being made to appear criminal by statement, the fact is, we, “Americas” have been the focus of the “data mining” done by our intelligence agencies, insurgents, installed by obama are treasonously leaking for the purpose of disrupting a Trump administration, and the mainstream news is a constant stream of lies, intent on turning “American Ire” against the enemies of the nwo, rather than against our real enemies, those intent on the destruction of what remains of “the republic”, before it can be bolstered up, and just possibly restored.
    Every government organization was fixed on preventing Mr. Trump from being elected, along with the whole of the left, encompassing all mainstream news, the whole of the shadow government, the whole of the leftists, and the dozens of “insurgent groups” formed by obama policies, and still actively engaged in destruction and hate mongering, to keep us from focusing on any one problem, and resolving them one at a time.
    We have had an illegal central government since Wilson and before. It has ramped up over the years, adding to its expanse, and doubled during the obama years. They believe they can’t be stopped, and would continue the deliberate destruction, even if they thought they might lose, just for spite, but they do have the notion they are on a winning streak, and only we, “The People”, getting loud and continuous, can make the difference, and make congress take note.
    We have the House, but far too many members are off the their proper point of focus: the exact demands and intents of “The People” who are their constituency. Their first priority is controlling the flow of revenue, and thus controlling the whole of government’s actions. We have allowed them ignore that, to our detriment.
    Our Senators were stolen by criminal passage of amendments, at a time when too many were foused on the notion of centralized power, and the breaking of “State Sovereignty”, as it got in the way of transferring power to central government. We must make our Senators “Ours”, first by reminding them of their sole purpose, according to the constitution, and also standing on the fact our government has consistently lied to us about amendments, and their passage, and not accepting such, unless and until it can be shown as having been lawfully passed, something which wasn’t done, and would demand a massive effort to forge.
    State Sovereignty depends entirely on having State Representatives, standing for the demands of their own States, and retaining all the authority not given the federal government, as the nineth and tenth amendment make clear is indeed necessary for a functional republic.
    When we have a law abiding, honest government, we won’t have to worry about such problems, it is only when Our government is being used to accumulate personal power that its real and easily abused power, is used against “The People”, and for the benefit of foreign powers, monied power, and controlled by graft and corruption, buying the intended outcome.
    We are twenty odd trillion beyond “dead broke”, do we really need to find out what bankruptcy for an Empire looks like?
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

    • Jack Hayes

      Well Said Gunny Semper Fidelis !

      • Obie Miller


    • Mathew Molk

      I see a ton of truth in what you say, but we have them on the run. The proof in the pudding is the way they are pulling all sorts of insane bullshit acts that all blow in their faces. They are acts of desperation and like i keep saying, they have been in full panic mode. They were completely unprepared for the cackling witch to loose. Now they are paying the price. We just need to stay on them. Commie Comey is only the start. – Just wish someone would knock sessions off dead center and force him to do his job and let the indictments begun.

      • Chi Sam

        Lose, stupid. The common word loose means not tight.

        There is something very wrong with you.

    • K.c. Colón

      Definitely well said Sgt.. Airborne…

    • Frederick King

      There is definately something rotten going on, Sgt. McClain. We do have a “new world order” plot going on. Exactly what, I do not know. You are likely close with your statements. Too bad my Dad Capt., USMC, tactician, is no longer around. He would figure it out, and would not like or agree with what is happening.
      Good luck .

    • John Cherish

      I agree this is a false flag attack probably done by our own government so they can clamp down on the free access to the internet. The Internet is the last free bastion of dissent in a world where the governments control the media so why not stage a cyber attack so the governments have to step in and secure the internet. This is a blatant attempt to take over ALL communication and prevent any dissent. It makes me screaming mad to know they would stoop to this but this is how the new world order will govern all dissent WILL be punished

      • Chi Sam

        It’s hurting China and Russia far more that any other country (because of the number of unregistered, thus in-update able, copies of Windows) and these two countries have nearly cornered the market on censorship.

        You’re stupid.

    • Some have been working patiently since at least the 1930’s to get the NWO in, it’s not any one government official but many…

      • Wondering Woman

        According to Bill Clinton in one video, every president, from Harry Truman on, whether democrat or republican, has been pushing for the new world order. That is a long time for puppet presidents to appoint more puppets to head departments and those puppet heads to hire more new world order puppets. Hillary Clinton called for and obtained FBI files on incumbent congressional members. Obviously the blackmail had begun big time with this administration and also obviously the FBI was compromised by that time or she would not have gotten those files to blackmail them with.

        Has anyone observed anything except pony shows from Congress since then??

        We certainly haven’t seen any patriotic acts from any of them! They should have taken that confession of high treason by Clinton that implicated all living presidents and taken immediate action by arresting and detaining the criminals while awaiting trials, but apparently too many of them had already been compromised into useful idiots through blackmail. Doesn’t say much about their character beyond the fact they prefer letting the new world order and its shadow government slaughter 95% of the worldwide population by 2025, than to have their crimes exposed and lose their well paid positions while they increase their personal wealth. which obviously isn’t being done from the salary they complain is far too low, as they give themselves a raise frequently. Bet every bill passed since then was written by the lawyers of the shadow government and handed to a congressional member and told to introduce it and get it passed.

        We have seen many crimes against We the People since then which was the shadow government testing to see how much they could get by with – Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC, Twin Towers, Boston Marathon, etc. Most of them trashing the Constitutiion they all swore to support and protect from both foreign and domestic threats. Instead of keeping their oath, they have proved to be its worst threat evere!

        Don’t care for any collaboration of Hillary and anyone else, however do love the idea of President Donald Trump teaming up with Putin to take out ISIS and the one world global government, aka the new world order down. Don;t know what got Russia into WW 2, but suspect Pearl Harbor was a new world order false flag to get America into it. Russia and America worked together to end it and working together again may bring some peace on earth by taking out ISIS and the new world order, both of which have caused a lot of strife on Planet Earth over centuries. Before someone jumps on me with ISIS hasn’t existed that long- ISIS hasn’t, but their warring Muslim ancestors did – same gene pool passed down over the centuries.

        • I commend you for your informative post and much of it I accept to be the truth.
          In 1941 or 42 Nazi Germany bombed the Soviets which started one of the largest and deadliest military duels in history. I know nothing about America and Russia working together during WWII or at any other time.
          I didn’t have full understanding about the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor as I was only 7 1/2. When America was able to retaliate by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the atomic bomb in 1945, I was 10 1/2 so I had understanding.
          You seem to see the NWO differently than I and many others do.
          The NWO is not about to be defeated by American and/or Russia, not even if they could join together. It is biblical prophecy and will happen no matter what anyone hopes for or wants. Just like the One World Religion, OWR, that too is prophecy and will occur in God’s timing. There are only a few prophecies left unfulfilled, time is growing short for any and all that haven’t yet accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior or they’ll face judgment day alone, without Him.
          You’re correct that ISIS hasn’t existed that long however they have hated and been at war with first the Hebrew and then also the Christian which started in the days of Abraham of the Old Testament.
          Abraham’s first and second sons, Ishmael born to Hagar (Sarah’s maid) who was given to him by his (then) barren wife and Isaac, born 13 years later to his wife, Sarah. Due to Hagar flaunting her child born to Abraham and then Ishmael’s mocking his half-brother Isaac; instigated Sarah’s demands upon Abraham to cast the two of them out. Abraham loved both his sons but he did as Sarah wanted. And so started the split between Hebrew and Arab which continues to this day and continues to escalate until the Arab is either removed from this earth or until the Lord takes His thrown in Jerusalem. It made no difference to the Arabs that Abraham’s God blessed Ishmael and made him the father of the nomadic Arab nations, hate (jealousy?) has always grown. Although “the Antichrist” will get a covenant signed between Jews and Palestinians, the seven year treaty spoken of in the Bible, it will be broken after three and one half years and then all hell breaks loose, not that it will be all that easy before then…

      • Sandy0

        what’s the NWO?

        • New World Order aka One World Government, are the same thing…

  • metheoldsarge

    Any system is vulnerable regardless of the safeguards. We have become too dependent on our computer and electronic systems. Those in the younger generations depend on our electronic devices for our jobs or as a source of mindless entertainment. Too many of us will be lost without them

    Anyone with the right technical knowledge can go to any electronics or computer store and buy the components they need to be able to hack any system. Everything we use has been designed, made, assembled, programed and operated by human beings. Humans also design the security measures which now only gives a false sense of security. If mountains and oceans can be overcome, anything made by humans can be overcome.

  • Tiger

    Europe has had a refugee invasion of hundreds of thousands of, 75% fighting age, healthy men. America doesn’t know the half of it and the Main Media won’t show it.
    America under Obama was infested with over 100,000 men from the worst countries, every year for 8 years.
    America’s FBI told Congress ISIS in every state. Also over 2,000 active investigations into ISIS now.
    America’s CIA told Congress refugees can’t be vetted and ISIS among them.
    America’s Southern Command told Congress in one year alone over 300,000 men from all countries came into our country. Potential terrorists among them.
    We know now, through video given that Mexico had a deal with Obama to bring in thousands of African Muslims and let them sit in Tijuana, while waiting for papers to come into America.
    Trump can’t even get a number of how many here.

    They want to kill us. We know that. In Europe they say it openly and there is rape epidemics, many leaders throwing their own people out of housing to give to refugees, the new French president along with Merkel went to the UN and got other countries to threaten Poland and Hungary that they better take refugees, they refused or have Sanctions put on them.

    Appears to me the One World Order via UN Plan 21/2030 are allowing death of cultures via Muslims. So how easy to turn off all that civilized countries stupidly put on computers, leave them without so much they depend on and attack? Just saying. Not as crazy as it sounds because in Europe the Muslim leaders have actually said they were there to take over.

  • Larry Brule


  • mac12sam12

    I think it’s the Russians!!

  • Linda Abernathy

    I think I’m going to be a Democrat troll! Can anyone tell me where they have forums? LMAO

  • rick meek

    Just the beginning – Much more to come…..

  • gotabgood

    It is really a sad thing when so MANY of you on the right, stick by this guy, when it is so very plain to God, Country and should be all the people, that he is a natural liar, he is a con man… but what is worse than ALL of that is….. he is inviting Russia into out politics, inviting them into the oval office behind closed doors.
    We are still a democracy aren’t we? Why should we the people allow the president to open the doors to our enemy??? He has shared “code” documents with Russia. His while staff are nothing more than Russian agents…..

  • gotabgood

    We as the American people keep our attention on things that don’t matter so much… like this on going conflict between right and left… while Russia is settling in.
    You even had an article about a sitcom getting cancelled as if it were some great conspiracy against rightwing TV shows. Is that really the most important thing that is facing us as a nation and as a people? They are taking a trillion dollars away from your healthcare and you believe things are going to improve??

  • I think anyone in a position of security who could leak this out, should be re-investigated. Maybe investigations should be ongoing. I would think there would be a limited number of people that had information that could take our computers down. Shouldn’t be that hard a job to know who can’t be trusted. I have a hard time believing they don’t have their eyes on possibilities. But then maybe I’m giving them too much credit and real concern…

  • If anyone sees a link saying: TRUMP ARRESTED don’t click the link. It’s a hacker!!!

  • Jim

    The NSA developed this. It is responsible. Congress is also responsible. We do not need to wait for Assange to spill the beans on this one.


  • Marine Viet-Vet

    This so called shadow government is not something that began overnight. General Smedley Butler USMC wrote it out word for word act for act in his book “War is a Racket.” While many names have changed many have not and are still with us infecting the Constitution and the will of the people. Quote from the late Justice Antonin Scalia, “The Constitution is dead,dead,dead.” Marines are another group divided on these issues until you see pictures of General Peter Pace and his wife being photographed with Bush 43 and a Bank of America executive giving a $Mil to the prez’s library. If my memory hasn’t failed me it was BofA that admitted to evicting thousands of deployed member’s families during the 2008 debacle.