NASCAR Owners: Don’t Even THINK About Protesting Anthem

The NFL may be ready to sacrifice their entire business model on the altar of the liberal movement, but at least one sports organization appears to know where their bread is buttered.

Hillary: Trump’s Female Supporters “Disrespected Themselves”

The troll won’t go back in her hole. Still on the stump to promote her new book, “What Happened,” to anyone who feels like spending $25 to learn what they already know,

California Sues to Block Trump’s Signature Campaign Pledge

Doesn’t California Attorney General Xavier Becerra have anything better to do than spend his time suing the Trump administration? Seriously. When he was appointed to the position, was it with the understanding

Special Report: President Trump is DONE with Iran Nuclear Deal

According to a new report from NBC News, President Trump plans to decertify the Iran nuclear deal before the October 15 deadline, likely kicking the decision on whether to withdraw from the

Were They Expecting Some Other Donald Trump at the UN?

Apparently world leaders (and the American mainstream media) are still waiting on the moment that President Trump finally drops his “shtick” and surrenders to the temptation to become just like all the

“Fireworks are Coming”: New Media-Exposing Videos Are on the Way

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe issued a stark warning to the mainstream media world on Monday with a video announcing the next stage in his American Pravda series. The series, which has

Throwing Looters in Jail is Racist, Says Leftist Crackpot

On Sunday, the Miami Police Department issued a social media warning that you will probably find sensible and timely, given the circumstances South Florida is facing in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Betrayal? Paper Says Trump Will Stay in Paris Climate Agreement

It was the perfect capper for a week in which many supporters of President Trump burned their MAGA hats in protest over what they see as betrayal. After apparently making a deal

Whiplash: Harvard Quickly Reverses Course on Chelsea Manning

Apparently in their rush to make a oh-so-politically-correct STATEMENT on the beauty of the transgender movement, Harvard University forgot that Chelsea Manning did not become famous because of her much-publicized sex change.

Chanting “USA” at Sporting Events is Now Considered Offensive

Patriotism is now surely dead. At least, that’s the way it seems out in California, where administrators at Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom have decided to warn students away from