President Trump’s First Week a Runaway Success

For anyone who remained skeptical of Donald Trump’s ability to truly create change for the country, his first week as president has to be looked at as a major vote of confidence.

Trump’s Immigration Ban Based on Obama Law

From the way New Yorkers behaved over the weekend at JFK Airport, you would think that President Donald Trump had rounded up 3 million American Muslims into a collection of brutal concentration

Sanctuary Cities Stand to Lose Billions in Federal Funding

According to an analysis of federal grants performed by Reuters, the 10 largest cities in America are in danger of losing up to $2.27 billion in funds if they do not comply

Dem Lawmaker: No Such Thing as “Moderate Rebels” in Syria

In some ways, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii, has more in common with President Donald Trump than lawmakers in his own party. Certainly, when it comes to using U.S. military

“Build the Wall” – Donald Trump is Not Playing Around

When you take a step back from the day-to-day political drama that has been the last year and a half, it’s hard to believe that we’re actually seeing what we’re seeing. When

New White House Statement Pledges Support For Police

A new statement on the White House website makes it clear that President Donald Trump will support American law enforcement officials after eight long years of disrespect. “President Trump will honor our

Trump Pulls U.S. Out of TPP in First Major Order

In one of his first major policy moves as president, Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday to withdraw the U.S. from all Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. The decision to pull the country

Build a Wall Around L.A. and Make Hollywood Pay For It

Hollywood liberals are difficult to stomach under the best of circumstances, but the election of Donald Trump has turned them into a rabid band of anti-American whackos who will say or do

Trump Inauguration

The Left’s Shameful Attacks on Steve Harvey

Whether it’s Kanye West, Jennifer Holliday, or the Girl Scouts of America, American liberals have made it clear that anyone who supports Donald Trump – or even treats him with a modicum