Atheists are Literally the Worst People on the Internet

It’s gotten to the point where no one can even utter common phrases like, “You’re in my prayers” without some moron atheist jumping out of the woodwork to chastise them for daring

Democrats Again Prove They’re the Best Gun Salesmen Around

We’re sure some readers will personally object, but Democrats really are their own worst enemies. Is there any policy issue they fight that they do not ultimately wind up making worse? Take

Devin Nunes: We’re Witnessing “the Collapse of the Media”

At a Conservative Political Action Conference that starred some of the biggest names in American conservativism, including President Donald Trump, the star of the show may have been none other than Rep.

Thought Police: Liberals Want to Shut Down NRATV

There’s been a lot of discussion about the Second Amendment over the last couple of weeks (and rightfully so). But over on Twitter, a group of loosely-organized celebrities and liberal know-nothings are

On Russian Interference, Bernie Sanders Can’t Have It Both Ways

When it comes to whatever role Russia played in meddling in our democracy, liberals want to have it both ways. On the one hand, Michael Moore wants to run around saying that

Of Course: Liberals Blame Al Franken’s Downfall on Russian Trolls

Older readers may remember a time when the Newsweek brand was held in somewhat higher esteem than, say, the latest musings over at DailyKos or the comment section of a Bernie Sanders

Liberal Writer Just Comes Out and Says It: “Get Rid of ICE”

We actually appreciate it when liberals just come out and say what they mean. It makes it so much easier to have a serious debate when the extreme left takes off its

Trump Lays Down Awesome Truth About Russian Meddling: “Get Smart America!”

The indictments handed down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller all but vindicated President Donald Trump and his campaign. By noting specifically that there was nothing in the indictment that suggested that any

This Teacher’s Response to School Shooting is the Best We’ve Read

A teacher in Florida had one of the best responses to the school shooting in Parkland last week – a Facebook post that recognized that there is something sick in our society

White House Slams Dems on Immigration, But What About These 8 Republicans?

After several immigration bills failed to get 60 votes in the Senate on Thursday, the White House released a statement blaming the Democrats for failing to take the issue of DACA legislation