Idiot Tossed Off Flight for Screaming at Ivanka Trump

A moron was thrown off a JetBlue plane on Thursday when he decided to yell at Ivanka Trump and her family, his fellow passengers on a flight out of Kennedy International. According

Winning: Trump Forces Boeing to Cut Costs

Has the United States ever had a president-elect as effective as Donald J. Trump? The media went ballistic two weeks ago when Trump ripped Boeing on Twitter, complaining that the estimated $4

Trump’s Enemies Plot Their Next Failure

First it was the 16 other Republicans vying for the nomination. Then it was the NeverTrump conservative movement, consisting of characters like Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol, and Erik Eriksen. Then it was

German Leaders Downplay Berlin Terror Attack

The sights and scents of Christmas were replaced with the stench of death on Monday night when a terrorist drove a truck through a holiday market in Berlin, killing at least 12

Bill Clinton: Russia, James Comey, and Racists to Blame

According to an editorial in a local New York newspaper, former President Bill Clinton is putting the blame for Hillary’s loss on FBI Director James Comey. “James Comey cost her the election,”

Without California, Trump Wins Popular Vote by 1.4 Million

With the final election results coming in now, it looks like Hillary Clinton will end up winning the popular vote by some 2.8 million votes. And, just like Al Gore, Clinton will

Republicans Promise “Universal Access” Will Replace Obamacare

According to an anonymous aide to House Republicans, the current repeal/replacement plan for Obamacare will ensure that all Americans have the chance to purchase health insurance at affordable rates. The aide, who

U.S. Officials Say Putin Oversaw Hacking Operation

According to a Wednesday report from NBC News, two “senior U.S. intelligence officials” say there is now evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally presided over hacks targeting the Democratic National Committee

Professor: 20 Republican Electors Ready to Flip on Trump

Harvard law professor Larry Lessig said this week that 20 Republican members of the Electoral College have consulted him about the legal ramifications of switching their vote on December 19. Lessig has

Hollywood’s Gun Control Drama Tanks at Box Office

If the measure of a film is how interested people are in seeing it – and it doesn’t make sense to judge a widely-released Hollywood thriller by any other standard – then