Democrats Want Hillary Clinton to Do Them One BIG Favor

According to a new story from The Hill, which interviewed “more than a dozen Democrats” in recent days, some of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters want her to do the party one big

CRISIS IN UK: Second Terror Attack in As Many Weeks

For the second week in a row, one of England’s major cities has been hit by an Islamic terror attack. Following the concert attack in Manchester, terrorists drove a white van into

END OF THE WORLD: Absurd Overreactions to Trump’s Paris Decision

Reckless! Indefensible! Absence of leadership! Crime against humanity! Yes, President Trump has pulled the U.S. out of the worthless and economically destructive Paris Climate Agreement, and liberals are fit to be tied.

You Won’t Believe Who Hillary is Now Blaming for Her 2016 Loss

Hillary Clinton spoke at the California Code Conference this week, where she dragged out all the usual scapegoats and excuses for why she was unable to break Ye Olde Glass Ceiling in

Kathy Griffin Reminds Us How Insane Liberal Democrats Really Are

It didn’t take long for so-called comedian Kathy Griffin to realize that, even with all of the anti-Trump sentiment swirling around our country, no one found her photoshoot stunt very funny. In

WAKE UP ENGLAND: UK Bomber Used Tax Dollars to Subsidize Terror Plot

According to the UK Telegraph, British taxpayers subsidized the terror attack that killed 22 people at a Manchester concert last Monday night. Throughout the scope of their investigation, which is continuing to

Brand New SICKENING Video Exposes Truth About Planned Parenthood

After having their videos blocked by the courts for some time, the undercover journalists at the Center for Medical Progress are releasing new tapes of Planned Parenthood executives speaking frankly about their

Why Trump MUST NOT Cave to Paris Climate Agreement Pressure

According to a report from Axios, President Donald Trump has decided that the time has come to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement. Three insider sources told the

Gay Mafia Brings Ice Cream Into the Fight Over Marriage

In what has to rank up there as one of the dumbest liberal activist stunts in at least a week, ice cream purveyors Ben & Jerry’s are blocking Australian customers from buying…oh,

ZERO Dollars: Planned Parenthood in Hysterics Over Trump’s New Budget

President Trump released his official budget proposal last week, and – if enacted by Congress – it would completely defund Planned Parenthood. According to a fact sheet provided by the Office of