2020 Democrat Says Abortion Laws Are Against “Christian Faith”

In one of the most remarkably idiotic things that have been said so far about the new abortion bills coming out of Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said Thursday that lawmakers penning this legislation were in violation of the “Christian faith.” Her reasoning is…well, just see for yourself.

“If you are a person of the Christian faith,” she said, “one of the tenets of our faith is free will. One of the tenets of our democracy is that we have a separation of church and state, and under no circumstances are we supposed to be imposing our faith on other people. And I think this is an example of that effort.”

Gillibrand’s argument here is so fundamentally stupid that it hardly bears scrutiny. It’s so stupid and disingenuous that we would consider it disqualifying all by itself. She is either working with diminished brain capacity, in which case she needn’t be considered for the job of president, or she is a loathsome manipulator willing to twist her own beliefs so that they fit her deranged agenda. Either way, it comes to the same: She is unfit to hold the highest office in the land.

But just for a moment, let’s assume that Gillibrand actually believes the manure she’s shoveling. First of all, these abortion laws have nothing to do with pushing Christianity on people. We don’t necessarily recall Jesus weighing in on the abortion debate, even if many Christians happen to believe that life is precious and worth saving. The two are related, perhaps, but they are not inextricably intertwined. To believe that, we would also have to say that laws against homicide fall afoul of the separation of church and state. Does Kirsten Gillibrand care to make that argument part of her 2020 campaign platform?

“I will make sure that every woman in America, no matter what state she lives in or how much money she has in her pocket, can have guaranteed access to safe, legal abortion,” Gillibrand said. “If this is a fight that President Trump wants, if this is a fight that he wants with the American people, if this is a fight he wants with America’s women, it is a fight he will have and it is a fight he will lose.”

Well, it’s a fight worth having. It’s a fight, quite frankly, that needs to be had. It’s a fight that the Supreme Court wrongly stole from us with their unconstitutional Roe v. Wade ruling. So yeah, let’s have it out. Let’s scrap that ruling and restore democracy. Maybe Americans really do want to live in a country that values the unborn about as much as yesterday’s garbage. At least, at the end of all this, we’ll know for sure.

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