9/11 Survivors: Trump Turned His Back on Us


Many of the survivors of the 9/11 attack on the United States – and family members of the perished – have banded together “to get to the bottom of things.”  They are demanding accountability – compensation.

They come with a preconceived belief that the Saudi Arabian government was complicit in the planning of the attack.  It is not an entirely unreasonable assumption since most of the perpetrators were Saudis – and the mastermind was Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden.  As to whether the Saudi government knew or approved of the attack has not yet been proven.

It would appear, however, that the 9/11 Justice group is using the tragedy as a front for a narrower domestic partisan purpose – at least that is the impression one gets in listening to Tim Frolich – who appeared on CNN as a spokesperson for the group.

He spends more time attacking President Trump and praising President Biden.  Frolich used generalizations to attack Trump with such mushy claims that “he [Trump] turned his back on us.”  Since he was not specific, it was impossible to know what he meant.  He seemed to be attacking Trump in every statement – at least when he was not praising Biden.

If there was a timeliness in Frolich’s attacks on Trump, it was the former President’s decision to have the Saudi-sponsored LIV golf tournament at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course.

In praising Biden, Froelich said that the President had consistently stood with them and their effort to hold Saudi Arabia accountable.  That is when Frolich’s partisanship was clearly evident.  Frolich would have been more credible had he criticized both Presidents. 

He should have first explained what Trump had done – or did not do – to support his contention that the former President had turned his back on them in the past.  But at least, we have the golf tournament.

But Frolich seems to have missed the fist-bump between Biden and the Dauphin to the Saudi crown, Mohammed bin Salman.  While Biden expressed harsh words over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, there were no punitive actions.   In fact, the recent trip to Saudi Arabia a intended to “normalize” the relationship between the Kingdom and Washington.

Biden has a habit of saying he brought up tough subjects with world leaders — Salman on the death of Khashoggi and the Uyghurs with China President Xi Jinping.  Those conversations tend to be denied by the other side – and there never was a formal record or recording of those conversations. Could Biden be fibbing?  Hmmmm.

As is often noted, the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia is complicated.  They are considered an ally of the United States – and we see that in many facets of foreign policy.  Saudi Arabia is the primary counterbalance to Iran’s growing power in the Arab world.  They are a partner in world opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s dirty little war on Ukraine.  They are critical to world oil policy.

If Frolich truly represents the 9/11Justice group, and their current mission is to get into the domestic debate over Trump – or to put their thumb on the scale for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections – they are doing great harm to their cause.  I am sure many people would find their issues with Saudi Arabia worth consideration if they had not dipped into the sullied pool of contemporary partisan politics – literally destroying their credibility on the very issue that is reflected in their mission statement.

So, there ‘tis.

  1. Tammy Settles says

    The trophy for the LIV tournament held by former president Trump on his Bedminster property in New Jersey is a reproduction of the incinerated 9/11 site of the World Trade Center. It is a replica of the destruction of thousands of American citizens at the hands of terrorists. Look it up. It is worse than a slap in the face of every citizen of the US and especially our military, it is downright evil.

  2. Dave kurtz says

    YOU COULD NOT BE MORE RIGHT ON he is just a sleepy 😴 Joey Biden troll 🧌 Trying to put his finger on the 2022 ELECTION 🗳 FOR THE LEFTY LIBERAL ELITES and SOOO WOKE TRYING TO USE THE 911 Tragedy to gain traction

  3. Gerry says

    These poor uninformed or paid to lie people better do some research of 9/11 and who actually committed the tragedy. They need to look for the truth NOT the media/government fantasy version. I can’r believe people are still so ignorant about what happened.

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