Liberal Critic: Biden Can’t Negotiate With Iran While They’re Attacking Americans


The left has spent four years taking potshots at the way the Trump administration dealt with the threat of Iran, but now that the Bad Orange Man is out of office, apparently they can finally feel free to admit that they didn’t really mean it. Or, at the very least, they weren’t being completely honest in their assessment of foreign policy under Trump. Because the moment President Joe Biden announced that he is open to negotiate with Iran a pathway back into the nuclear agreement, even liberal observers had to sit up and say, “Hold on…what?”

“In a conference call Thursday, two State Department officials confirmed U.S. diplomats were now ready to sit down with Iranian officials to explore a way back to the nuclear deal President Donald Trump scuttled. Yet nobody in the Biden administration will acknowledge the likelihood that an Iranian-backed militia just attacked U.S. troops once again,” wrote Josh Rogin at the Washington Post.

Rogin noted that the Iraqi Shiite militia had claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on a U.S. air base earlier in the week. The militia is backed with Iranian money and they operate with the consent and direction of the Islamic Republic. For the Biden administration to express optimism about working out a deal with a nation that is actively pursuing violent attacks on our troops is unwise, to say the least.

“After large-scale withdrawals, the remaining U.S. troops in Iraq are living under increased risk,” Rogin continued. “If Iranian proxies feel they can attack U.S. troops without consequence, it won’t be long before the next and more deadly strike. That could spark the very escalation and conflict the Biden administration is rightly trying to avoid.”

Rogin is far from the only critic of Biden’s ill-timed plan to re-enter negotiations with Iran. In a statement, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) said that Biden is coming from a place of weakness, which will almost certainly make any deal he secures even worse than the one Trump walked away from.

“It is concerning the Biden Administration is already making concessions in an apparent attempt to re-enter the flawed Iran deal,” McCaul said. “The Trump Administration created leverage for President Biden on Iran–we should not squander that. We need to secure a better deal that keeps the American people safe from the full range of Iran’s malign threats. The Biden admin must prioritize bipartisanship and stick to their assurance not to re-enter the deal until Iran comes back into full compliance with the JCPOA.”

And frankly, perhaps not even then. Nothing that has transpired over the past few years has magically turned the original agreement into some great thing. If Biden really wants results, he will follow the Trump formula and keep Iran under pressure. If they want to come to the table, let them do so under our terms – not theirs.

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