The New Ice Cream That’s Ending Racism


Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s announced its support for Rep. Cori Bush’s (D-Mo.) legislation, the People’s Response Act, by launching a new flavor.

“Sweet justice! Today Congresswoman [Cori Bush] and [Monifa Bandele] were with us in DC as we launched our newest flavor, Change is Brewing! These chunks and swirls are working in collaboration with [Movement 4 Black Lives] to support the People’s Response Act,” the company tweeted.

The company explained on its website, “Grab your spoon & dig into a flavor boldly celebrating safety & liberation for all. It’s time to divest from systems that criminalize Black communities & invest in a vision of public safety that allows everyone to breathe free. Learn more about a visionary plan to reimagine public safety and take action below!”

According to a news release, the flavor is “a cool combination of cold brew coffee ice cream, marshmallow swirls and fudge brownies.”

It was created to “help transform the nation’s approach to public safety to one that prioritizes community needs,” according to the release.

The company continued, “Change is Brewing is part of Ben & Jerry’s ongoing work to advance racial justice, calling for the nation to divest from a broken criminal legal system and invest in services that help communities thrive, like mental health treatment, counseling, substance use treatment, and healthcare.”Advertisement – story continues below

Additionally, the press release noted the legislation “was written to transform a system that disproportionately criminalizes Black and Brown people into a system that provides resources to help every community, and especially communities of color, thrive.”

Jabari Paul, US Activism Manager for Ben & Jerry’s expressed appreciation for Bush, saying her “legislation begins to make that important link by creating a public safety division within the Department of Health and Human Services.” 

During an event on Monday, Bush acknowledged the support.

“Where I’m from, we’re sick and tired of dying,” Bush said. “Our communities have been hurting, we face gun violence on a daily basis.”

She continued, “We know that this goes back to systems that were not mean to lift us.”

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  1. NionPeters says
  2. Dreyfus says

    Since Ben & Jerry’s is against Jewish people how can they possibly think people will trust they are working for “inclusive, holistic, and health-centered approach”?????????

    1. Veteran says

      Ben and Jerry is way to expensive ?
      try Krogers own brand Ice Cream.
      as good if not better.

      Ice Cream Lover

  3. John DeJulius says

    ALL lives matter MORONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maxx says

    Ben & Jerry (well known liberals from the 60’s have long ago “left the building”). I suspect their product packages do not even include the group that now owns the brand but it will still be LIBERALS.

  5. Trish says

    Well, nothing much to say about such a racist company. They will no longer get a dime from me for their very delicious ice cream. I will never support any company that supports the murdering, thieves and thugs of BLM. I think Ben and Jerrys ice cream will find out this is a very, very, very bad financial move. Having personal feelings and support for any organization is great…but when you use it to turn on your customers…I think you are going to lose a lot of business…you certainly have lost mine and my friends as well. Yes, I am white, nothing I can do to change that but that does not define me, my values, or the way I treat people. I DO NOT judge anyone by the color of their skin, their religion, politics or ideals. I agree there is racism across the world, but it comes in all colors and opinions and there is whole of lot of black racists in this county.

  6. Denim Jeans says

    What flavor is Ben and Jerry’s going to creat for “WHITE LIVES, KIDS LIVES, TROOPS LIVES, POLICE, SHERIFFS, TROOPERS LIVES MATTER????

  7. David Barnett says

    So this Cori Bush person says from where they are from they are sick and tired of dying . LOL…..They are the ones killing each other. They do nothing about the Black on black death rate, which is 680% higher than any other ? on black crime rate. Put any group in where the question mark is and that will never equate to a % higher than B on B crime. So take care of your own neighborhoods and quit trying to blame white people, Law enforcement people, Asians , etc. It is your own kind killing each other. Mainly because they are uneducated law breakers.

  8. Hunerthl says

    action video footage right from Charlottesville riot given that they calculate

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    tip useful

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  9. Larrynes says

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    neversurrenderboys 😉

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