“A Terrible Deal”: Iran Negotiations Finally Over

So many deadlines were missed that analysts feared that the negotiations with Iran might go on indefinitely, leading America to make concession after concession to the Islamic regime. On Tuesday, however, world leaders announced in Vienna that they had finally struck a deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program going forward. Hailed by European Union leaders as a “new chapter in international relations,” the deal has both Obama and the Iranians praising the power of diplomacy.

“This deal demonstrates that American diplomacy can bring about real and meaningful change,” said Obama. He also vowed to veto any attempt to override the deal, stealing Congress’ power to provide constitutionally guaranteed checks and balances. By characterizing the deal as an executive agreement rather than a treaty, he may achieve implementation without any congressional oversight at all.

That’s a scary thought, because the final deal appears to be much weaker than the one Obama touted in April. After difficult negotiations, Iran has come away the obvious winner in this international game of chicken. The ten-year limit on nuclear activities has been whittled down to eight, international inspectors will have tightly-controlled access to only some military sites, and the Iranians will have a 24-hour notice before the inspectors arrive.

One Israeli leader told the press that the terms were even worse than they thought. “We thought it was a bad deal, but it is in fact a terrible deal.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu echoed those sentiments, calling the deal a “mistake of epic proportions.”

Countdown to Annihilation

With the deal, President Obama hopes to secure his legacy as a peacemaker, finally earning the Peace Prize given to him upon being elected. Unfortunately, leaders in the Middle East do not share his optimism about the future. Iran’s closest neighbors do not trust the regime and will pursue nuclear weaponry themselves to ensure they are prepared for the worst.

But Israel is in the worst position of all. Antisemitism is not just common in Iran; it is explicitly taught in their textbooks. This is a country for whom “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” are patriotic chants. This is a rogue nation that has no interest in joining Europe and America in the 21st century. In a way, this regime is simply the legitimate embodiment of the same extremist Islam preached by ISIS. They may be enemies on the battlefield, but the structural religious beliefs are not that different.

To state the obvious, there can be no trust when dealing with a regime such as this. Obama, when confronted with this argument, says that this lack of trust is addressed by the inspections. But if Iran knows when and where these inspections will take place, it won’t be too difficult to cheat the system. If they have designs on a nuclear bomb – and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they do – it’s hard to see how this weak deal will prevent them from achieving their disastrous goal.

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