About Us

There was a time when America was proud of its liberal backbone, and Fix This Nation would have stood proudly beside the most liberal of the founding fathers. Conservatism in those early days meant adhering to the throne, paying taxes dutifully without questioning the nature of political representation, and affixing to a single way of worship that included no room for dissent. If the news and columns of Fix This Nation has been written in that far-away time, you can bet that they would be strongly anti-England, and powerfully pro-change.

Of course, we don’t live in that time anymore. Conservatism and liberalism have changed tremendously, especially over the last century. America discovered the truth of conservatism only when it appeared obvious that she had lost something very important to her fabric. With the attack on Pearl Harbor, the country lost her young innocence and realized that it was no longer feasible to pretend that two vast oceans could fully protect our independence. Big government and big business meant major changes in the way society ran. Nothing could be done about many of these changes, but conservatives wanted to fight for those aspects of society that still meant something.

At Fix This Nation, that’s exactly the fight in which we’re engaged. We fight for small government, traditional values, a strong national defense, and a personal freedom that is being threatened every day by liberal policies. We owe no allegiance to the GOP, we bow before no libertarian master. Their views and our views often coincide, but our hearts will always be with the true meaning of political conservatism wherever we may find it. That should never mean supporting a Republican just because of the letter next to his name.

Just as conservatism has changed a lot since the days of our country’s War for Independence, liberalism is not cloaked in the smooth, wise words of John Locke and John Stuart Mill anymore. It has become instead a passionate argument for the state to care for the individual. Nothing could be further from the vision of our founding fathers than the welfare state proposed by the nation’s university professors, the political correctness that obscures rational thought, and the demise of the American family. These changes do not just weaken the country as a whole; they destroy the very fabric of the flag. Time will indeed tell if America can even survive another fifty years of this kind of liberalism. If it does, what kind of America will it be?

Fix This Nation would like to avoid that bleak future, as difficult as the road back will be. We do not have our heads in the sand, pretending as though things were better in the 1960s when every family had a white picket fence and blacks were forced to drink from separate water fountains.

But evil in one area doesn’t mean that everything about that time period was abhorrent. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, in other words. Unfortunately, that baby is circling the drain, and we must do our part to rescue it from the cold abyss. Join us as we take the fight to them.

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