Activists Whine to Obama Over “Anti-Muslim Bigotry”


It’s not easy being a liberal president, folks. No matter how outrageously leftward you pull the country, there will always be activist groups who think you’re just another capitalist pig. Such is the plight of Barack Obama, who received a letter last week from 27 civil rights groups concerned about the “current climate of scapegoating and anti-Muslim bigotry.” The groups aren’t directly smearing Obama – that would be tough to do considering how strenuously this president has clung to the politically-correct view of Islamic terrorism – but they are deeply worried about his successor.

“It is all too easy to imagine a subsequent administration seizing on CVE [countering violent extremism] programs that are now in development as vehicles for systematic and large-scale profiling, patrolling and surveillance of American Muslim and communities presumed to be Muslim,” the groups wrote. Among the signatories were the ACLU, Amnesty International, and the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations.

The groups are primarily concerned about comments made by Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, both of whom have expressed support for stepping up patrols in Muslim neighborhoods. But this isn’t the first time they’ve criticized the Obama administration, either. Just last year, some of these groups were outraged by a website created by the FBI to teach educators and community leaders the signs of radicalization. By the time Obama was done listening to these activists, the published website – “Don’t Be a Puppet” – had erased nearly every link between Islam and terrorism. A potentially powerful counter-terrorism tool was rendered utterly useless.

“Among our concerns is that law enforcement may use CVE as a pretext for intelligence gathering and other activities that treat entire communities as suspect,” the groups wrote.

Well…if the shoe fits…

Whatever President Obama’s true feelings are about Islam and terrorism, his public view has fallen right in line with the Muslim activists. By pandering to these groups, he has not only mischaracterized the threat of ISIS and other terrorist organizations, he has failed to do everything possible to protect the security of the United States. And in a hilarious lesson that shows how impossible it is to please the insatiable left, he’s still regularly criticized by Muslim leaders.

We need a president who can manage the balance between religious liberty and counter-terrorism. It’s not really as hard as it seems, but you can’t get it done if you’re letting Islamic activists dictate your policies. And you certainly can’t get it done if you’re an Islamic activist yourself.

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