Adam Schiff Has Lost It


On a recent appearance on low-rated cable news outlet MSNBC, Adam “Shifty” Schiff called members of the GOP, “negative, bile-filled performance artists” and part of the Republican “crackpot caucus.”

His scathing comments were in response to host Lawrence O’Donnell’s question about what Schiff thought about Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-South Carolina) disturbing prediction that there would be “riots in the streets” if former President Donald Trump is criminally indicted.

“I think with Lindsey Graham, you see some signs of conscience flare up from time to time that are quickly extinguished,” Schiff quipped to host Lawrence O’Donnell.

Schiff, who currently chairs the House Intelligence Committee and serves on the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th attacks on the Capitol, also condemned right-wing lawmakers who have “tethered themselves” to Trump’s brand of grievance politics.

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“Others,” such as Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), Schiff continued, fall into his “category” of “kind of negative, bile-filled performance artists.”

Schiff noted that “happily at the moment, those are small in number in Congress.” But he stressed to O’Donnell that “there are a lot more where she came from who are running, who have won Republican primaries in very red districts, and who appeared to be poised to join the Congress.”

Schiff then lamented, “you know, it’s just a staggering turn of events in the country, but also when you take the long view and think about some of the giants who once served in the Congress – people of principle like John Lewis and so many others – and now you see sort of the crackpot caucus growing within the GOP conference. What a terrible turn of events it is for the country.”

  1. Brad Barefoot says

    Adam needs to worry, why? Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 of the US Constitution. For those unfamiliar with this … basically with a majority vote in the House for House Members or the Senate for Senate Members they can be permanently expelled from congress for things like lying with no end … as is the case for Adam Schiff for carrying on the lie that the Fake Russian Dossier was real.

    And others like Maxine Waters should too worry. Maxine’s living outside the district she was elected in is enough to warrant this … she’s had many years to move an hasn’t … then there was her prodding her Quislings to harass anyone working in the Trump Administration at will, and that they did. The above mentioned Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 is a very real thing … another real thing, any former POTUS can be elected House Speaker … imagine the number of dems in the House should Trump be elected whose entire life would crash before their eyes.

    In closing … any Republican running for office on any level needs to be attacking the incumbent democrats for all of them VOTED FOR EVERYTHING BIDEN WANTED. Don’t be SILENT ! And then they done nothing to combat the Inflation, Illegal Immigration, The Crime Wave, The AFGAN DEBACLE just to mention a few things … fellow Conservative do this … FIGHT TOGETHER / SO SAY WE ALL !

    1. Pepe says

      Brad, go back to your cave

      1. Leslie says

        Pepe, pull your head out of your ass.
        Wonder who’s going to play Malia Obama in that hunter film, with the little white Obama dog at the foot of the bed? Who gets to play his niece?

        Maxine Waters is enough to make anyone 🤢🤮 she has spued so much hate and ugliness! This whole administration is overdue for a firing squad!

    2. Tony Rodriguez says

      Yeah Your right should but the SPINELESS REPUBLICANS won’t do shit.

    3. ROBERT JONES says

      RTFUS, RTFU: OK so hold your breath

  2. ernaldo says

    Schiff is a pedofile and needs removal and prosecution for his crimes. Hanging would be too good for the traitor….

    1. Gerry says

      Ernalldo — schiff needs to be expelled from congress for lying to them and the American people every day for 4 years. He is a total worm !!!!!!

  3. BillS says

    I remember the song make believe that’s sifty Sife bug eyes. The song starter with the first line. I’m making believe.

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  5. Barbara Wenders says

    I hope the American voters have noticed that the hateful, screaming, outrageous, lying verbage coming from the dirty demonRats is what’s dividing Americans and the real blame for how awful our country has become is ALL THE FAULT OF THE COMMUNISTIC, UNCONSTITUTIONAL BIDEN ADMINISTRATION AND THE LIBERAL NEWS MEDIA WHO IS IN LOCK STEP WITH THE CORRUPT DEMS. AND NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! NEVER EVER TRUST OR VOTE FOR ANY DEMONRAT!!!!

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