Adam Schiff on Suicide Watch as Russian Conspiracy Theory Comes Unraveled

Someone had better check on Adam Schiff (D-CA), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Schiff, who has staked his entire career on being able to now prove that President Trump was engaged in nefarious dealings with THE RUSSIANS during the 2016 election, has just been made to look like a fool by a new piece of evidence in the investigation. According to a bombshell report from CNN on Friday, Senate investigators have learned that Donald Trump Jr. did not, in fact, make any suspicious calls to his father before or after the infamous Trump Tower meeting in the summer of 2016.

Seriously, someone make sure Mr. Schiff isn’t browsing for rope at his local hardware store.

From CNN:

Senate investigators have obtained new information showing Donald Trump Jr.’s mysterious phone calls ahead of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting were not with his father, three sources with knowledge of the matter told CNN.

Records provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee show the calls were between Trump Jr. and two of his business associates, the sources said, and appear to contradict Democrats’ long-held suspicions that the blocked number was from then-candidate Donald Trump.


House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, has slammed his House Republican counterparts for not following through to obtain phone records to determine to whom Trump Jr. had spoken, writing last year that “the committee has not pursued leads to determine who called Trump Jr. at this crucial time from a blocked number.” He’s pledged to make it one of his first priorities as chairman.

Welp, you can go ahead and check that item off the ol’ agenda, Schiffy.

If this report is any indication how the new-and-improved, Democrat-controlled House Intelligence Committee is going to change the game when it comes to the Russia investigation, Adam Schiff and his buddies are going to owe Devin Nunes an enormous apology before it’s all said and done. Not that we’d hold our breath, if we were Mr. Nunes.

“Has anyone heard from Adam Schiff?” Don Jr. tweeted after the story broke. “I imagine he’s busy leaking other confidential info from the House Intelligence Committee to change the subject?!?”

Or maybe he’s sitting in his closed garage, tapping his fingers on the wheel, and trying to muster the courage to crank the ignition.

Someone give the poor guy a call.

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