Adios, California: Democrat Governor Signs Sanctuary State Bill

Gov. Jerry Brown, the top liberal in a state lousy with them, just signed California’s death warrant. The governor signed “sanctuary state” legislation on Thursday, which will sharply limit how and when local law enforcement officials can cooperate with federal immigration agencies. The bill, known as SB 54, will become official state law in January.

Democrats are hailing it as a major step in the oh-so-honorable war on the Trump administration – a chance for California to stand up and protect its 2 million illegal immigrants from deportation. Great news for them, great news for the businesses that depend on them for cheap labor, but not-so-great news for California citizens who value the rule of law. Or the economy. Or, in many cases, their lives.

Under the new law, state and local law police agencies will be prohibited from using either manpower or funds to detain illegal immigrants unless they have been convicted of specific crimes. In other words, they will not only be empowered to tell ICE to take a hike, they will not have the authority to cooperate with federal immigration detainer requests even if they want to – which many law enforcement personnel throughout California do. ICE agents WILL still be allowed to work with state corrections officials, only because it was a concession the Senate had to make to get the bill onto the governor’s desk. But even there, detainer requests will be a no-go.

In a statement, Gov. Brown tried to ease fears that California was now an unlimited haven for illegal immigration.

“In enshrining these new protections, it is important to note what the bill does not do,” Brown wrote. “This bill does not prevent or prohibit Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the Department of Homeland Security from doing their own work in any way.”

Gee, how magnanimous. The bill does not prevent the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT from doing its work to enforce FEDERAL LAW. Brown doesn’t explain how the bill WOULD do that, since that would have been a remarkable accomplishment short of California seceding from the Union.

“California is building a wall of justice against President Trump’s xenophobic, racist, and ignorant immigration policies,” said Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon at a press conference.

God, could you get any more trite?

In the debate between law and lawlessness, citizen and illegal immigrant, America and chaos, California has cast its lot. If you happen to live there, now would be a fine time to think about moving.

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