AG Sessions on Leakers: “Some People Need to Go to Jail”

Despite getting criticized by President Trump in several highly-public comments, Attorney General Jeff Sessions maintains that he will stay on at the head of the Justice Department and will, in fact, take at least one of Trump’s critiques to heart. While Sessions says he made the right decision in recusing himself from the Russia investigation, he said the president had a point when it came to the DOJ’s failure to investigate and prosecute leaks coming out of the administration.

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Sessions said that would soon change.

“Some people need to go to jail,” he said. “If we can make cases, they are going to jail.”

Sessions told Carlson that he wasn’t pleased with the Justice Department’s record of holding administration officials responsible for talking to the press out of school. He said that he would hold a press conference next week outlining his plans to ramp up the investigation.

“The president has every right to ask the Department of Justice to be more aggressive in that,” he said. “And we intend to.”

At a Rose Garden press conference last week, President Trump was asked if Sessions still has his full confidence. Trump used the opportunity to reiterate his frustration with the attorney general and his recusal from the Russia investigation.

“I’m disappointed in the attorney general,’’ Trump said. “If he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me prior to taking office, and I would have picked somebody else. It’s a bad thing not just for the president, but also for the presidency. I think it’s unfair to the presidency.”

At that time, he said he was also waiting for Sessions “to be much tougher on leaks in the intelligence agencies that are leaking like they never have before.”

For now, Sessions appears to be committed to staying in the job and Trump does not seem to be willing to skip the preamble and simply fire him. The speculation is that the president would like to have an attorney general with more direct control over Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has expanded his witch hunt investigation into Trump’s businesses and personal financial history. This, of course, gives the Democrats a nearly-limitless window into the future, allowing them to leisurely keep this story open through the midterms, leaking tidbit after tidbit to the press along the way. Trump is eager to wrap up the investigation, prove the Democrats’ collusion narrative wrong, and get to work on his agenda in a distraction-free environment.

Prosecuting leakers would go a long way towards achieving that goal, but until Mueller’s investigation comes to an end – one way or the other – Democrats will still be able to hold their empty cloud of suspicion over Trump’s head.


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