AG William Barr Turns Focus on FBI’s Conduct During Russia Probe

Patriots all over the country have new reason to hope that justice will finally be served to those who participated in the hoax to bring down an American President. On Tuesday, a Trump administration official told Fox News that Attorney General William Barr was serious about getting to the bottom of the Russian collusion probe that saw the FBI send spies into the Trump campaign.

Reportedly, Barr is assembling a “team” to look into the origins of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation to determine if there was probable cause for the Bureau to launch what became a three-year ordeal. An ordeal that, at the end of the day, caught NOT A SINGLE Trump campaign associate in anything resembling collusion with a foreign government.

The FBI has claimed, vaguely, that “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” was opened in the summer of 2016 after they received a tip that campaign associate George Papadopoulos was drunkenly running his mouth in a British pub. According to this tale, Papadopoulos told an Australian diplomat that Russia had possession of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails, which would soon be publicly exposed for the benefit of Donald Trump.

It goes underreported (for obvious reasons) that even if the Papadopoulos tale is true, what he actually said in that bar was nonsense. Russia may have hacked the DNC and gained access to those emails, but there was never any indication that they had access to Clinton’s private server – the one that caused her so much trouble throughout the campaign. These are two entirely separate issues. The media took full advantage of the “email” similarities, though, to make it sound as if Papadopoulos had inside knowledge about the DNC hack.

It makes little sense that the FBI would spend more than a couple of days running down this lead, if that. But with avowed Trump-hater Peter Strzok on the case, this counterintelligence operation ballooned into a full-blown witch hunt. At no time did the FBI inform Trump that Russian operatives were trying to make inroads into his campaign.

Perhaps that’s because the true origins of this investigation had little or nothing to do with Papadopoulos and everything to do with a piece of opposition research known as the Steele dossier. This dossier, funded in part by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, has since been exposed as the packet of absurdities that it is. Did the FBI take it seriously as the time? Who can say? But whether or not James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and the rest of this motley crew really believed the wild allegations in the dossier, they did not hesitate to use it for their principle aims. Those being an all-out effort to get their wormy little hands into the Trump campaign.

This witch hunt has done incalculable harm to the reputation of our intelligence agencies, unthinkable damage to the presidency of Donald Trump, and potentially-permanent damage to the very fabric of our nation. The men who orchestrated it must answer for their sins. Let’s hope that William Barr has the fortitude to see this thing through to the end.

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