Air Force Veteran Attacked For Supporting Trump

Michael Cohen, a former attorney for Donald Trump, has criticized an Air Force veteran after he called the support he is giving the former president “sad.”

Cohen, who was originally a loyal ally to Trump, ultimately chose to pull away from Trump. Cohen also spent some time in prison following some campaign finance violations he committed during the time he was working for Trump.

On Wednesday morning, Cohen blasted the retired Air Force colonel and called him out for “sour grapes.”

He added that it is “sad” to see a “USAF veteran you support a draft dodging, democracy destroying, autocratic wannabe.” In the tweet, he continued by thanking the veteran for their service nonetheless.

Shortly after the criticisms by Cohen, the veteran, Gerald Maxwell replied by saying “How sad that a president that gave the US one of the best economy’s in decades, soaring profits, lower taxes, secure border, peace – is continuously attacked.”

Maxwell’s initial comment regarding the “sour grapes” was a response to a tweet by Cohen in which he described himself as “the guy who paid $130k to a porn star.” The comment was allegedly aimed towards Trump’s direction. Cohen then bragged about having two of his books become New York Times bestsellers and about his “top-rated news podcast.”

Cohen was Trump’s personal attorney for several years. He pleaded guilty to charges of tax evasion, for which he was charged in December 2018.

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