Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Throws a Baby Fit After House Passes Border Bill


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caved on Thursday and led the House Democrats to vote for a Senate border funding bill that would address the crisis that they’ve denied is a thing for months. The vote came after the Senate roundly rejected a House version of the bill that included a lot of junk aimed at preventing the Trump administration was enforcing immigration law. While this pleased anyone who is actually concerned about the conditions these migrants are being kept in, it outraged radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who threw an absolute tantrum on Twitter after the bill was passed.

“Mitch McConnell killed the House border $ over ‘poison pill riders,’” she tweeted in the first of many posts. “What are the ‘poison pills’ he’s talking about? Protections for kids & punishment for inhumane facility co’s. The GOP is heightening children‘s pain for political gain. It’s horrifying.”

“His Senate bill is a militarization bill,” she continued in another tweet. “McConnell killed the House Bill & dropped this one right before recess to force passage. Well, too bad. This is our job. Cancel vacation, fly the Senate in. Pass a clean humanitarian bill & stop trying to squeeze crises for more pain.”

Well, like we said: At least they’re finally admitting that it’s a crisis.

“This President will not lift a finger to save these kids. It is well within his power, but he & Mitch McConnell would rather cast blame than do anything. They need to get on board w/ a clean humanitarian bill. We can’t write no-strings blank checks to abusive facilities,” she wrote.

Still not done: “In meeting I asked ‘Why can the president take money from other agencies to build his little wall, but can’t move money to get kids toothpaste?’ It’s bc his ‘nat’l emergency’ is ONLY to build his wall. But he won’t declare an emergency to save these kids & get them help.”

Alas, Ocasio-Cortez didn’t get her way, which means she’ll probably be sulking her way through the 4th of July holidays, incensed that Republicans got their way with border funding that didn’t include all the ridiculous nonsense Democrats wanted to stuff in there. It’s a rare day to see House Democrats take a break from what McConnell rightfully called “resistance theater” and actually do their jobs. It’s not surprising that fame-whoring extremists like AOC are put off by it.

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