“All They Do Is Mislead”: Rep. Kevin McCarthy Bashes Dem Convention


In an interview with Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said he was unimpressed with the show Democrats are putting on with their national convention. McCarthy noted that instead of focusing on specific problems and policies in their Zoom speeches, Democrats were running the same old playbook of identity politics, bland “rah-rah” nonsense, and bashing President Donald Trump.

“Name me one thing, one problem, that the Democrats have solved since they took the [House] majority?” McCarthy asked. “The speaker spent her entire majority drumming up an impeachment that failed as well and she doesn’t even mention that.”

Exactly. It’s funny how quickly the Democrats pushed that questionable waste of time down the memory hole, is it not? Back in January, they were all acting like we had witnessed an unprecedented abuse of power that would quickly throw the U.S. and its allies down the spiral of destruction if we didn’t throw Trump out of office immediately. Now…it’s like none of that ever happened. You can find Democrats more willing to talk about the Russia hoax these days than about Ukraine. Pretty amazing.

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“They have no message, so all they do is mislead. When you watch tonight, they beg people to vote, but they don’t inspire somebody to vote with an agenda about tomorrow being better than today,” he noted.

Among the biggest disappointments of the week came after McCarthy’s interview: Barack Obama’s big speech. While Obama’s sycophants gave it the usual overdose of praise, any reasonable observer had to feel like this major moment fell flat. Obama may have done a good job banging the usual anti-Trump drum, but he had little else to say. Certainly, voters – even those who would never vote for Trump in a million years – have to be sick of hearing how much of a threat Trump is to “our democracy.” How many times can you blow the same trumpet before people go deaf?

“When I watched Kamala Harris say we would solve COVID,” McCarthy said.  “If Joe Biden was president today we would still be debating whether the planes from China should come to America because we know Hunter Biden would probably be getting quite a bit of money from that.”

Yeah, that’s another thing we’re sick of hearing: How Trump is personally responsible for 170,000 coronavirus deaths. The Democrats even put a woman up there blaming the president for her father cruising the karaoke bars, where he eventually contracted the illness that killed him. How does that become Donald Trump’s fault? How would Joe Biden have kept that woman’s father from going out there to sing “Delta Dawn”?

“Misleading” doesn’t even say it. They’re just spinning lies.

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