American Gun Production Surging Under Obama

If Barack Obama took office with a dream of turning America into one big gun-free zone, it appears he will leave the White House with little more than a bagful of disappointment. According to the latest numbers from the federal government – which comes up to the end of 2013 – gun production numbers in this country have never been higher.

2013 saw more than 10.8 million guns leaving the factory floor, a number that dwarfs those of just three years prior. Making the numbers especially interesting is that 2013 was the first full year after the horror show that was Sandy Hook Elementary School. While it may seem morbid to celebrate a gun boom in the wake of such a tragedy, those who believe in the Second Amendment know full well that the two concepts are only as related as liberals want them to be. And all of the gun laws in the world wouldn’t have stopped that psycho from carrying out his evil deed. In fact, there is even an argument to be made that less restrictive laws may have prevented the worst of it.

Nonetheless, Obama used that tragedy to try and pass laws banning the types of rifles used in Newtown, Connecticut. Those laws failed miserably, drawing some of the most explicit anger we’ve ever seen from the president. Despite his insistence that the majority of Americans support his idea of gun control, though, the numbers demonstrate otherwise.

Liberals look at these numbers and they simply can’t make heads or tails of them. They blame the NRA, claiming that Americans are under the spell of a powerful pro-gun lobby that is leading us all to our destruction like a mystical Pied Piper. But for those who haven’t filled up on liberal Kool-Aid, the explanations for the surge are obvious.

For one, Americans sense a coming darkness. We’ve already seen that Obama is not shy about bending the law if it means pursuing his agenda. It would not be the least bit surprising if more people are buying guns simply because they wonder if they’ll still be able to in a few years. In other words, they’re getting while the getting’s good. Not a bad idea.

But there are other fears as well. While idealists hoped that Obama’s election would usher us into a post-racial society, race relations have only worsened under his rule. Warped media coverage has black Americans believing that the police are out to kill them if they make one false move. And it has others fearing that their communities could end up like Ferguson in the wake of the Darren Wilson verdict. In this climate, one can hardly be surprised when guns are flying off the shelves.

Finally, there is the economy. There is no such thing as job security in Obama’s America. Things looks brighter today than they have in some time, but few trust this White House to keep a good thing going. To the extent that we have recovered from the recession, we have done so in spite of the president, not because of him. If things go bad again, there’s no telling what effect it might have on crime rates. Best to be prepared.

Had Obama concentrated a little more on bringing Americans together and a little less on trying to ban guns, he would have come a lot closer to realizing his dream of a safer country. Instead, he has sent people clamoring for weaponry. Just one more failure in a long list of them.

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