Americans Not Ready to Give Up Free Speech Just Yet


Despite their best efforts, modern-day left-wing PC Police have not succeeded in turning America against the First Amendment. Every other day, there’s a conservative speech being shut down on a college campus or a commentator on cable news telling us that there are some forms of speech that do not deserve a place to thrive. Academics and Tumblr fanatics tell us that we need safe spaces and trigger warnings to protect us from certain arguments. And a growing number of “liberals” – which, in this case, should really be called “regressives” – want to bring European-style hate speech laws to the United States.

For people who think that the concept of free expression is a fundamental part of what makes our country so great, the idea that we might soon lose the protections of the First Amendment is a horrifying one. The Constitution is, after all, only as good as the men willing to hold up its principles. If it simply becomes a piece of parchment subject to the ever-changing whims of a liberal judiciary, we are truly lost. And, if the left has their way, we might not even be allowed to say anything about it.

Could it ever get that bad? Bad to the point where we are not even allowed to criticize our own government? Maybe not. But we have to be extremely careful that we don’t give these totalitarian ideas a foothold in our republic. Thankfully, a new poll shows that Americans still very much believe in free speech.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that 85% of American adults still think it’s more important to uphold the principle of free speech than it is to make sure that no one is offended. Only 8% of respondents said it was more important to protect the sensitive ears of the easily-offended.

From the report:

There is rare partisan agreement on freedom of speech. Most Americans regardless of political affiliation agree that they would defend someone’s right to say something even if they don’t agree with it, although Democrats are slightly less sure than Republicans and those not affiliated with either major party. The majority across the political spectrum also agree that free speech is more important than making sure no one’s offended.

This is good news, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are groups who are urgently trying to put boundaries on what we can and cannot say as American citizens. And as we’ve seen, the left – using all of the propagandist techniques at their disposal – has a way of making intense progress in a short amount of time. We need uncompromising vigilance if we want to keep these regressive leftists from tearing away one of our most important freedoms.

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