Americans Should Remember Mollie Tibbetts When They Vote in November

On Tuesday, we learned the grisly truth about the murder of 20-year-old college student Mollie Tibbetts as police arrested Cristhian Bahena Rivera, an illegal alien from Mexico who had been working at a farm not more than a few miles from where Tibbetts lived in Brooklyn, Iowa.

Tibbetts’ sudden disappearance had been the subject of intense media coverage since last month, when she went missing after heading out for a run. A psychology undergraduate at the University of Iowa, Tibbetts was allegedly chased down a country road, abducted, and murdered by Rivera. The 24-year-old perpetrator has been charged with first-degree murder and could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of the crime.

Law enforcement officials said they narrowed in on Rivera when they reviewed the security camera footage from a house along the trail where Tibbetts ran. On the footage, they not only saw Tibbetts jogging on the day of her disappearance but a black Chevy Malibu rolling up alongside her. They tracked the Malibu back to Rivera, who is an employee at nearby Yarrabee Farms.

When police spoke to Rivera, he coughed up his story, which included seeing Tibbetts that day, chasing her, and then “blocking his memory.”

Rivera supposedly doesn’t recall what happened to Tibbetts, but he remembered finding himself at an intersection with headphones in his lap. He then recalled that he’d put the 20-year-old in the trunk of his car. That’s where he found her, covered in blood. He quickly dragged her out into the cornfields, laid her face-up, and covered her up with fallen stalks. This is how authorities found her on Tuesday when Rivera led them to her final resting place.

This gruesome story has almost too many terrible threads to untangle, but we can start with the fact that Rivera was in the country to begin with, which is unacceptable. Remember her when you vote in November. Both parties are trying to make illegal immigration a thing of the past; the problem is, one of those parties is trying to do that by taking the word “illegal” out of the lexicon (and the U.S. code).

We can move on to the more interesting fact that he was not only employed but had apparently passed an E-Verify test, which should put to rest the notion that this system is something we can rely on to keep illegal immigrants out of our nation.

Then we can talk about the snide way the mainstream media has covered this case, replete with many eye-rolling allusions to Trump rallies and Fox News. In nearly every story, there is an undercurrent of, “Oh brother, here’s something those right-wing nuts are going to love.”

It just kills us. It was only a month ago that the media had illegal immigrant fever as they reported on the “atrocity” of separating families at the border. But when there’s a story like this that goes against their preferred narrative, suddenly the Time magazine covers and the heart-wrenching photographs vanish. Funny how that works.

We guess Mollie Tibbetts, being a white girl from Iowa, is not deserving of the same sympathy we give brown immigrants from El Salvador.


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