Another Conservative Actress Cancelled

Recent attacks on famous conservative actress Candace Cameron Bure over her comment about marriage show not only the intolerance of the left pushing the LGBTQ narrative but also a kind of delusional psychosis peeking from within the leftist quarters.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal last week, Candace Cameron Bure talked about moving away from working at the Hallmark channel to the Great American Family channel because the latter, she believes, will keep “traditional marriage at the core.”

This single comment made the woke leftists explode in rage and start condemning Bure, labeling her essentially an anti-LGBTQ person. Aside from many celebrities fuming over Bure’s simple and benign statement, stories at the leftist news platform Yahoo started a war of straight-vs-LGBTQ in reference to Bure’s comment.

In an interesting opinion piece, published on Friday, Yahoo’s Beth Greenfield tried to give an interpretation of what it means when people talk about traditional marriage.

Citing an LGBTQ activist, the article put a twist on the use of the term “traditional marriage”:

“It’s meant to set apart some marriages to say they are more real than others, that they are better than others, that they are more authentic. And it’s the kind of exclusionary language we’re seeing all the time.”

The paranoia embedded in this interpretation reflects that seen in the reaction of celebrities that slammed Bure for stating a simple and established fact – the traditional marriage of a man and a woman lying at the core of the American family.

So why do radical leftists see it as a weapon of social/cultural attack against people who otherwise proudly present themselves as non-traditional?

The answer could be: delusional psychosis.

In an article about delusional disorders, Psychology Today listed various types of delusional disorders with their core common symptom being “fixed beliefs that do not change, even when a person is presented with conflicting evidence.”

This seems to apply to all those who believe in male pregnancies and sex-change procedures. But there is a particular kind of delusional disorder – the Persecutory type – that applies to situations like the one in question.

The characteristic symptom of this type of delusion is the persistent and unfounded feeling of being the target of persecution:

An individual believes that he or she is being cheated, spied on, drugged, followed, slandered, or somehow mistreated.

 In cases of straight people embracing and celebrating their views of relationships, the reaction by the left fits well into this type of delusion. They feel that whatever is being said is aimed at the homosexual/transsexual lifestyle while the commentary in itself would be pretty non-targeting at anybody or any group.

Candace Cameron Bure’s support for traditional marriage and the ensuing reaction from the left come as a good example of gender-centered paranoia exhibited by the liberals and particularly the LGBTQ community that makes them see something in language when it is not actually there.

Earlier this year, a leftist professor got hysterical in a public hearing and accused Senator Josh Hawley of transphobia when the Republican senator from Missouri asked her a few simple questions about gender and abortion.

The gender-centered paranoia of the left needs to be distinguished from political trolling coming from liberals.

Those who truly believe that supporting a straight lifestyle and traditional marital relationships is akin to an attack on LGBTQ relationships are likely suffering from persecutory delusions.

But those who jump in to bash such commentary merely because they politically disagree with it are garden-variety political trolls.

The distinction is not readily apparent but an important one to remember.

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