Another Democrat Pushes Unconstitutional Gun Platform

Not even the wildest gambler would put any money on Martin O’Malley becoming president of the United States, but his (limited) presence in the campaign gives him a national platform on which to expound on his vision for the country. And since O’Malley’s gun control proposals are fairly typical for the Democratic Party, they are worth taking seriously. Well, as seriously as you can take abject lunacy.

On September 14, the former Maryland governor unveiled his gun control plan. It’s a doozy. But according to him, taking a sledgehammer to the Second Amendment is the only way we can restore the “American dream.”

O’Malley claims that these policies will cut “all deaths from gun violence in half – homicides, suicides, and accidents – within ten years.”

That’s a big statement, so let’s see what he plans to do to make that happen. Among his propositions:

  • Universal background checks, extending to every purchase “whether from a licensed dealer, online posting, or private sale.”
  • Fingerprint-based licenses, obtained only after safety training and a waiting period.
  • No immunity for gun sellers whose customers use their purchases for crime.
  • Manufacturers required to implement microstamping technology.
  • Mandatory gun safes with expensive technology.
  • A national firearms registry. “All firearm purchases would be recorded and registered at sale, and re-registered when they are resold or transferred.”

O’Malley comes to the table with a gun control record of his own. He presided over new laws for Maryland in 2013, a point on which he is apparently proud to hang his hat. Good for him, but it doesn’t change the fact that Baltimore remains the 7th most dangerous city in the United States. And at the rate 2015 is going, it might move up that list before the election gets here.

Stop the Insanity

O’Malley’s gun control laws will certainly not restore the American dream. Now will they improve on the culture of violence that thrives in our major cities (the vast majority of which are governed by Democrats.) To counter that violence, we must address the root causes, not the symptoms. Guns are a tool. Without them, violent criminals will still find a way to do violence. Of course, even that caveat is unnecessary; these laws won’t do a single thing to get guns out of the hands of violent criminals. They will, however, go a long way toward disarming their victims.

A vote for O’Malley – and any other anti-gun Democrat – is a vote for a country where criminals rule by force. If he or any other enemy of guns has a way to make sure that NO ONE in America has anything more dangerous than a baseball bat at their disposal, well, now’s the time to let us in on the plan. That would at least be a proposal worth listening to. As it stands, though, these crackpots think taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is somehow going to stop the violence. That’s not restoring the American dream; that’s inviting the American nightmare.

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