Another University Teaches Kids the Horrors of “Whiteness”

According to a new course being rolled out at the University of Colorado, it is a symptom of “white culture” to impress upon people that they can be anything they want to be as long as they work hard and improve themselves. The “Witnessing Whiteness” course will inform students that concepts such as meritocracy and individualism are beliefs handed down the reinforce white supremacy in the United States.

Campus Reform reports that “Witnessing Whiteness” will help students learn more about “dominant white culture,” “appropriation,” and the other, um, indispensable issues of our time. University of Colorado students can earn three graduate credits for taking what they’ve learned in the course back to their communities. In other words, students are encouraged to not only sit and listen to this nonsense but actually become missionaries for the cause.

The course is based off the writings of Shelly Tochluk, who tells us that white culture can be identified by some of its most destructive traits, including “individualism, consumerism, meritocracy as an ideal, superficiality, competition, ambition, productivity, and extreme exploitation of labor/resources for profit.” This sounds more like a socialist guide to what’s wrong with capitalist America than any list of the problems of whiteness, but then again, we forgot that to today’s leftists, these two concepts are essentially one in the same.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from Tochluk and her “Witnessing Whiteness” propaganda. St. Louis public schools were actually introducing this crap into elementary classrooms in the months after Ferguson and other school districts have compelled their white teachers to complete the course in order to improve their empathy for minority students. It’s more of the divisive, white-guilt programming that the left has been hocking for years – the same nonsense that tells us that the country that twice elected a black president is still hopelessly, irredeemably oppressive and racist.

The end goal of these programs is to solidify in all Americans a sense of racial identity that trumps their underlying identity as an American. These programs are the enemy of assimilation. Whereas once the dream of racial activists was a colorblind country, today’s leftists don’t want minorities to EVER, for one minute, forget that they are representatives of an oppressed class mercilessly exploited by whites at every level of the game. This has become their number one tool to dismantle American capitalism, American freedom, and America as a whole.


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