Anti-Gun, Anti-Speech: The Black Lives Matter Movement

The state of turmoil on American college campuses – largely driven by the Black Lives Matter movement and other related “social justice” groups and ideas – has already claimed several jobs. But while we might feel sympathy for any professionals who are sacrificed on the altar of this inane cause, we should be more worried about how many of their demands we will indulge.

It may not seem like a big deal to meet demands like “more diverse faculty” or “more attention paid to black students,” but that’s not the entirety of their cause. Frankly, even if it was…why would any university pay such irrational demands the slightest bit of attention. But fine, you think those are sensible and reasonable demands, you go right ahead and give in.

But some of these others…

At the University of Kansas, a student activist group called (for some reason) Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk – BLM under a different name – has a list of 15 demands they are insisting the college meet. But in addition to typical nonsense like a “campus climate survey,” these idiots also want the college to ban concealed weapons! Even though, under state law – as of July 2017 – universities in Kansas will no longer have that power.

But these students are not much for freedom of any kind, much less the freedom to bear arms. This week, the activists convinced the Student Executive Committee to remove three white student leaders who did not agree with their point of view.

“Black students do not feel that the Student Senate provides adequate representation, funding and support for their needs,” said the committee after telling the whites to take a hike.

When asked why these student leaders had no right to free speech, Rock Chalk leader Caleb Stephens said, “Free speech is very much structured. It’s not kind to people of color. There is a special weight that free speech carries because it carries a speech that oppresses and continues to oppress black people.”

So, if we’re to imagine that what Stephens says is widely believed in the BLM movement at large, then you don’t need a telescope to see where all of this is leading. Agree with the movement or lose your job. Agree with the movement or step aside. How long will it be before these morons begin petitioning the U.S. government for a new version of the First Amendment? One that protects only speech that is approved by “people of color.”

And considering how desperate we are to give in to everything this group demands, what reason is there to think that we’ll stop anywhere short of that?

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