Anti-Immigration Group Yanks Their Trump Endorsement


A major anti-immigration group is dropping their endorsement of President Donald Trump, heralding the first of what the group predicts will be a sea of defectors. ALIPAC, which has long been a significant force fighting against amnesty and illegal immigration within the conservative realm, announced this week that they were withdrawing their support for Trump in the wake of the president’s broken promises.

In an open letter to ALIPAC’s members and followers, William Gheen explained that it was not Democrats – or even liberal judges – who were keeping President Trump from fulfilling his vows on illegal immigration.

“Many people are trying to make excuses for Trump claiming that Congress is stopping him or the courts will stop him,” Gheen wrote Tuesday. “On the issue of DACA Amnesty, only Trump could end that program as he promised to do day #1 and there is nothing Congress or the courts could do to stop him because DACA is not a law! DACA Amnesty was created by Obama out of thin air using memos!”

Gheen said that Trump also had the power to immediately and “easily end refugee resettlement programs through memos and Executive Orders but he is not doing what he promised.”

“Donald Trump’s continuation of Obama’s DACA Amnesty and his support for dangerous refugee resettlement efforts that he campaigned against makes him both a hypocrite and a politician we would oppose instead of supporting,” Gheen wrote.

Gheen, anticipating blowback from Trump supporters who are accustomed to seeing conservative groups criticize the president, assured readers that ALIPAC was in no way aligned with liberals or NeverTrump Republicans.

“We are not anti-Trump socialists,” he wrote. “We are Trump supporters who are reducing, ending, or revoking our support because of Trump’s broken promises. […] Donald Trump has violated his campaign promises, the U.S. Constitution, and his oath of office to protect and defend our Constitution by giving DACA amnesty to illegals without the corresponding legislation that would have had to pass for that to take place.”

Well then.

No one can criticize ALIPAC of being soft on immigration or of trying to undermine the president from a left-wing standpoint, and the group has every right to complain about Trump’s failure to act on immigration in the areas Gheen outlined. That said, there does come a point where it is counter-productive to oppose, oppose, oppose. Withdrawing your endorsement from the least immigration-friendly president (100 days in!) we’ve had in our lifetime is probably that point.

If Trump conspires with the GOP to pass some form of amnesty-related immigration legislation, then we can start talking about a revolt. But right now, this makes about as much sense as cutting off your head to cure a migraine. Fact is, we are never going to find a presidentially-viable politician who is further to the right on immigration than Donald Trump. Is he going to live up to every one of his campaign promises? Gee, has any politician? Ever?

Regardless, the man deserves more than a three month honeymoon before the purity tests begin.

Or perhaps ALIPAC would be more comfortable with a Democrat in 2020.

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