Anti-Racism Novel is Too Racist for Today’s Snowflakes

Harper Lee’s classic novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird” has been a classroom staple for many decades, but today’s crop of “EVERYTHING IS RACIST” snowflakes may put a swift end to that. In the Biloxi School District in Mississippi, the powers-that-be have decided that the book is too controversial to be taught to eighth graders.

“There is some language in the book that makes people uncomfortable,” said Kenny Holloway of the school board in an interview with the Biloxi Sun Herald. “We can teach the same lesson with other books.”

Yes, because the perils of racism are better taught by using sanitized texts that don’t use words that make students uncomfortable? As if these students do not hear controversial racist words every day in the halls of their school? How can you teach the students of 2017 what life was like for black people in the South if you aren’t using the kind of language that was common back then? Exactly what “other books” are getting this job done in a better, less offensive way? What kind of history are you teaching students when you only use books that carefully censor the N-word? It’s outrageous.

This is the perfect example of why the left’s sudden obsession with banning certain forms of speech and certain symbols of history is so dangerous. Here, no one is even making the argument that Harper Lee’s book is racist or a form of hate speech. So, in its way, this censorship is even worse than the battle against Confederate monuments or conservative campus speakers. It’s even worse than the Yale professors who were thrown off campus for daring to defend a student’s choice to wear whatever Halloween costume they want. This is a school administration determining that an ANTI-racism book must be banned because it uses language “that makes people uncomfortable.” Remember when the left used to be defenders of free expression? Wow…

It’s time for us to move past this insane obsession we have with making sure everyone feels “safe” and “comfortable.” That’s not the real world, and that’s not what education is all about. That’s not what THIS COUNTRY is all about. You should be uncomfortable every now and then. That’s what it takes to help you grow out of your old, tired mind patterns, or, in some cases, what helps you develop better arguments to defend your beliefs. That’s what helps you learn. That’s what helps us make ACTUAL progress as a nation, as opposed to the fake kind of “progressivism” that the left champions.

When you drive hateful ideologies and controversial viewpoints underground, they fester and metastasize into something much worse. When you bring them up into the light and destroy them with logic and reason and truth, they disintegrate and fall apart. Today’s liberals may have good intentions with their war on free speech, but you know what they say about those.



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