Antibody Treatments Available In TX, Unless You’re White


The Texas Health and Human Services made monoclonal antibody treatments available this year to COVID patients following Emergency Use Authorization by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — unless of course those patients are white.

Infowars’ American Journal host Harrison Smith, who recently tested positive for COVID, reported Saturday that he was denied monoclonal antibody treatment during a medical visit because he was white.

His reporting was corroborated by independent journalist Dave Reilly, who recorded a phone conversation with a State Infusion Hotline representative confirming only “high-risk ethnicities” are qualified to receive treatment, as well as those with underlying medical issues or who are above 65 years old.

“There’s eligibility criterias [sic] that we go by, and, uh, African American and Hispanic are high-risk ethnicity groups, so that would be a qualifier,” the rep said.

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Reilly asked: “So if you’re a healthy in-shape Caucasian and you show up, you’re not going to get an infusion?”

“Based on the criteria we go by now, that is correct,” the rep said.

One Twitter user claimed Smith was simply denied because he was healthy, not white, but Smith noted that a healthy COVID-positive black or Hispanic person would still have been able to receive treatment.

A memo released by the Texas HHS makes no mention of “high-risk ethnicities” being an automatic qualifier in its memo announcing the availability of monoclonal antibody treatments.

So who decided that only certain races are automatically qualified for monoclonal antibody treatment against COVID, and when?

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  1. maxx says

    We should be horrified by this information but this is the normal state for America now that communists hold the government. White people are not wanted. At least conservative white people. The communists time is coming and it won’t be pretty.

  2. Dont says

    I’m a white Texan and Thank God we can’t have this treatment cuz it will kill you just like the vaccine. I’ll take my chances.

    The fake Biden administration is lying to everyone.

    Covid itself isn’t bad, 99% recovery rate almost across the board. Then they forced you to take the vaccine then the booster and now another booster and with each jab, your natural immunity to EVERYTHING is being destroyed and you’re getting heart, liver, blood clots, and a long laundry list of serious to deadly diseases and on top of that, the vaccine doesn’t even keep you from getting Covid nor does it keep you from transmitting to other vaxxed or unvaxxed souls.

    So, you’re just letting the govt lead you to the slaughter house with no fight at all. AND now they want to give this poison to your babies. I don’t think so. If you have been stupid enough to do what the govt is trying to force you to do with these vaccines then you are either an idiot or you have a death wish. Suicide by Biden!!!!!


    1. SlayerBih says

      @Dont: I just read your response to this article, and I want to take a moment to thank you for speaking TRUE words about the vaccine & this present Administration. I also thank you that your response wasn’t focused on race or color – the matter is far beyond that, and ALL Americans (& the globe, at this point!) are at risk & under attack. Something like this should trouble our Spirits to no end. And, in my humble opinion, it is no surprise that so called “high-risk ethnicities” are being singled out & attacked; that has been a historical norm in this country since its inception. So of course they’ll get poisoned first on the list. But, what happens next? Whom do they go after & attack when they’re done with the “high-risk” folk and they begin to get sick die off? Do they then employ divisive tactics against the Whites (ie poor v. rich; Southerners v. Northerners; Red State v. Blue State, etc.) and start picking them off, especially since there will be no allies to speak of?? Where does it end? I feel like this about it: we’re at war, right here at home on my American soil, & the opposition is none other than American Big Government & its posse of global thugs. And in active war when shots are firing your way – vax shots or real bullets – you don’t turn around to see if the man behind you is Black, White, Asian, Latino or what have you. No. Instead you rest assured that your Brother in Arms is there and has your back, and vice versa! If that is the expectation in the military, then so should it be for a Nation at war.
      Antiquated ways of thinking and operating, & the degrees of separation amongst the People clearly do not work any longer and should be discarded, that it cannot continue to be used as a tool against us! A nation cannot present a strong front against any attack or oppression when the nation stands on wobbly legs….a game of Jenga has a better chance of standing tall.

  3. casinosite says

    I’m writing on this topic these days, casinosite, but I have stopped writing because there is no reference material. Then I accidentally found your article. I can refer to a variety of materials, so I think the work I was preparing will work! Thank you for your efforts.

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