Antifa Thugs Violently Oppose Rally for Free Speech in San Francisco

It seemed reasonable enough, in the wake of Twitter’s unconscionable censorship escapade last week, that people would take to the streets of San Francisco this weekend to protest Big Tech’s increasing influence on our social discourse. But even though a relatively small number of culturally-conscious individuals showed up to the gathering, which was to take place Saturday at the United Nations Plaza before marching to Twitter headquarters, they were hardly allowed to get started before being attacked by black-clad Antifa thugs.

By the end of the melee, six people were injured, including the organizer of the event and three police officers.

Just another day for the left’s favorite “idea.”

“This is what happens when you lose free speech,” said Team Save America organizer Phillip Anderson in a speech during which he was hit by thrown bottles. “This is what happens, America. This is what our country is turning into.”

Anderson, who is black, did not miss the irony after being punched so hard by a counterprotester that he lost a tooth.

“You knocked my tooth out, but you’re saying Black lives matter,” said Anderson. “I love America and I love this country, but I want free speech.”

In a statement, San Francisco police confirmed that at least one rally attendee was “assaulted,” and they said that counterprotesters had hurled “plastic bottles filled with unknown liquid” as well as metal cans and eggs at those protesting for free speech.

But these guys are just “anti-fascism.” Spin us another tale, liberals.

In addition to Antifa thugs, the counterprotesters included BLM-aligned individuals like 20-year-old Mara Coleman. She showed up to the fracas holding a bullhorn and a photo of George Floyd.

“These are people who have been hurt for hundreds, if not thousands, of years,” she said of herself and her fellow cohorts. “What do you expect? It’s not our job to be peaceful. You don’t get justice, you take justice.”

“Justice,” in this case, meaning the assault of Trump supporters and free speech advocates who had absolutely nothing to do with the killing of George Floyd, the shooting of Breonna Taylor, or any other black person’s run-in with law enforcement.

It’s really interesting how Trump has to denounce QAnon and “white supremacy” every time one of his supporters jaywalks on a city street, but the media never seems concerned about holding Democrats accountable for the kooks in their midst. When was the last time you heard about white supremacists knocking a leftist’s teeth out with no provocation? When was the last time a group of black-clad QAnon followers hurled bottles at their ideological opponents? Why do we never hear about racist Trump supporters tearing down a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

But if we wait for the day a reporter asks Nancy Pelosi to condemn these violent, left-wing hooligans in her own backyard, we’ll be waiting a long, long time.

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