Antifa Whackos Bring Violence to Peaceful Conservative Rally

After a period of calm and quiet, activists identifying themselves as Antifa came out of the woodwork this weekend to disrupt a Patriot Prayer rally on Sunday in Portland, Oregon. The hooded, black-clad leftists stormed the rally, hurling punches, bottles, and fireworks in a whirlwind of violence that only ended when police decked out in riot gear stepped in to start making arrests.

This is not the first time Antifa has caused trouble at a Patriot Prayer rally; last year around this time and in the same place, members of both groups clashed in a near-riot that led to 14 arrests. Antifa considers the right-wing group its local nemesis. According to Fox News, the Rose City chapter of Antifa scheduled a counter-protest for the same time and area “to show Patriot Prayer, just as we showed them last year, that their violence and hatred has no place in Portland.”

As the chaos unfolded, Portland police advised residents to stay out of the downtown area, lest they be “at risk of getting caught in between violent clashes and any law enforcement actions or arrests.”

Antifa describes Patriot Prayer’s leader Joey Gibson as a “magnet for violent white supremacists and bigots,” but it’s hard to imagine how these leftists can claim the moral high ground when THEY are the ones organizing “counter protests” and then showing up with weapons to the plaza. If you want to stand up on your high horse and condemn violence, shouldn’t your first determination be to make sure your members will not instigate…violence? Does that make sense, or are we just not capable of getting inside the minds of virulent socialists?

These questions are probably beside the point; as a group, Antifa loves nothing more than to shut down free speech with their violent attacks. Under the guise of “opposing fascism,” they have brought their circus of violence to rallies and events featuring Donald Trump, Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, and many other conservative figures who cannot possibly be thrown into the “fascism” basket. Not unless, of course, you consider opposing illegal immigration and Islamic extremism to be a fascist point of view, which these people absolutely do.

This isn’t necessarily to defend every member of Patriot Prayer or the Proud Boys; we’re sure there is blame to go around on both sides. But the fact remains that the right-wing groups were out there to have their own rally, and THAT triggered Antifa to come out and start trouble. It wasn’t the other way around, so you can’t say that the blame is equal. This was not “counter protesting,” this was instigation and deliberate violence, which is Antifa’s stock in trade.

These extreme leftists have not turned into the nationwide threat that was feared at this time last year, but this weekend’s incident proves they haven’t gone anywhere, either.

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