AOC and Squad Call Gun Manufacturer ‘Racist’


On Wednesday, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform held a hearing with gun manufacturers called “Examining the Practices and Profits of Gun Manufacturers.” You can tell right off the bat that this was a Democratic effort to demonize gun manufacturers. A lot of people are killed with knives, but for some reason, we never see any concerns expressed about knife manufacturers.

But when you add in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) — she who pretended to be handcuffed during an arrest stunt — you know that you’re going to appreciably add to the ridiculous nature of the discussion. She got ripped apart by a Democratic NY state senator for that performance stunt, while not being present in her own district.

In this video, AOC tried to smear the Daniel Defense company as somehow racist because of a random tattoo someone in one of their ads had, trying to claim they were “featuring” a “white supremacist” symbol. She consults another witness, who claims it’s a white supremacist symbol.

It’s even hard to see what they’re referencing — much less to claim that it’s “featured.” But what it is (and what the other witness appears to mispronounce), is a valknut symbol that is associated with Odin and Norse mythology.

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While the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) notes that some racists have used the symbol, they also note that other people who are not racist have used it as well, so they caution people from just jumping to the conclusion that it’s racist.

But that’s exactly what AOC was doing here, not only defaming the random guy in this picture and who knows how many other people by this attack, but also defaming the gun company.

And what does Daniel Defense have to do with Jan. 6? AOC just inserts a random picture of the QAnon Shaman guy in there, who has nothing to do with Daniel Defense. Then she wouldn’t even let Mr. Daniel respond, after she lays such a nonsensical attack on him. She asks him questions, but then immediately cuts him off in a transparent attempt to not let him speak.

AOC continues with nonsense about Palmetto State Armory and a flowery gun, which she claims is somehow associated with the Boogaloo Bois, who she calls right-wing. I don’t know how you make that leap about the design on the gun, but Boogaloo are not “right-wing” — they’re anti-government people, and many of them stood with the BLM during the 2020 riots.

But this is what the Democrats have deteriorated to at this point — this is clown-world type questioning. They will defame anyone if they think that person somehow stands in the way of their agenda.

So, I have questions about this picture of AOC. She’s flashing what some leftists think is a “white power symbol.”

She can’t try to argue this away, right? Because the left has told us that white supremacists have appropriated this symbol. I think she needs to explain this to us.

Now, of course, it isn’t a white power symbol, but that’s where they’re at with the crazy.

Original Article: AOC Goes Full Clown-World Trying to Connect Gun Manufacturers to ‘White Supremacist’ Symbols – RedState

  1. Leslie says

    I used to love listening to “ Dr Demento” on the radio. I remember a song called “Boot to the Head” & sound effects, this is what AOC bitch needs!

  2. Den says

    She got to go.she’s as mental as biden. Quacks. Go together

  3. this idiot will say and do anything stupid just so she can be talked about
    first of all you insulted the norse people and their hertiage and the germanic people
    it was KNOT OF THOSE FALLEN IN BATTLE back to viking age
    so dumb little girl read up on things before you run your stupid mouth and the rest of the squat
    you must of swallowed to get the position your in

  4. charles winders says

    she is simply expressing how she feels about a free country, not the tattoo but that we the people are free to show how glad we are to be able to express and show we are free.

  5. Tellingit says

    This nonsense, coming from Almost Occasionally-Cogent, is no surprise. Pejorative names are the only tools Progressive Socialists, including the Squats, have in their box, “racist” being one of the favs. It’s kinda funny when you think about it; what other term than “white supremacy” could/would one use when referring to a country/citizenry wherein the largest ethnic group – naturally the prevailing one – was…white?

    On the bright side, this nit-wit is always good for a laugh and every time she opens her mouth, I see a few more “R” check-marks in November…

    Let’s go, Brandon! Remember in November; stop the insanity.

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