AOC Condemns Christians in Shocking Rant


Far-left U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez condemned “fundamentalist Christians” who oppose abortion as “theocratic” and “authoritarian” during an hourlong Instagram video the New York Democratic posted Thursday that covered a variety of topics.

What are the details?

Ocasio-Cortez jumped right into the abortion debate at the start of her video and spent nearly half of her speech on it.

About 19 minutes into her statements, Ocasio-Cortez completely dismissed those who hold pro-life views, using air quotes to minimize those who say things like “you’re harming a life” and “I believe this is life.”

“Well, some religions don’t. So how ’bout that? … Jewish brothers and sisters … are able to have an abortion according to their faith. You know, there are so many faiths that do not have the same definition of life as fundamentalist Christians,” Ocasio-Cortez said sharply. “And so what about their rights? What about their right[s] to exercise their faith? It’s ridiculous. And it is theocratic, it’s authoritarian — it is wrong.”

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Here’s the clip:

The congresswoman seemed to ignore the fact that Christians who don’t consider themselves “fundamentalist” also oppose abortion, which also the case for Jewish people, Muslims, and even atheists. Opposition to abortion long ago went beyond a core belief that relies on “God said so” and has employed arguments that stand for equal rights of humans in the womb.

How are folks reacting?

As you might guess, Twitter commenters ripped Ocasio-Cortez for her attacks, with LifeNews leading the way: “Tell me you don’t understand science without saying you don’t understand science.”

Other AOC critics also had their say:

  • “I’ll be sure to pass this along to all non-religious pro-life people,” one user said. “It is stunning that people are now so crass about ending the life of a baby with a living heartbeat and actual feeling. Life….what a beautiful choice for Christians and everybody else.”
  • “Someday, she’ll revisit this conversation with the One who created that life,” another user predicted.
  • “Notice how they don’t have an argument in favor of abortion that doesn’t involve invoking something about religion?” another commenter offered. “I’m not religious, think abortion is wrong, accept the science that it is a human life. They can’t argue with me because they have to invoke religion.”
  • “I’ve stated before how people who need instructions on shampoo bottles or warnings on coffee cups are AOC’s base. She proves me right every day,” another user said. “Taking religion out of it, from a purely scientific and biological standpoint, every abortion ends a life. Period.”

Original Article: AOC condemns ‘fundamentalist Christians’ who oppose abortion as ‘theocratic’ and ‘authoritarian’ — but pro-life folks aren’t having any of it – TheBlaze

  1. Hawk says

    AOC should have been aborted, she is a danger to society. She likes the idea of killing babies. She is a murder at heart. She is just plain stupid and ugly to boot, she could trick or treat on the telephone.

  2. Gerry says

    Why is anyone listening to the ranting of a bad bartender lunatic ???? she is as unimportant as a hair on your head out of place. The people who voted her into office have hung their heads in shame. she is nothing but a big mouth mule looking moronic hypocrite and a total waste of good oxygen !!!!!!

  3. Wilma Britton says

    If you don’t want to get pregnant, keep your legs together!!!!!!!!! As far as AOC is concerned, she hasn’t got the brains, GOD gave a goose. She’s not an AMERICAN just like Biden isn’t.

  4. Blanca Holland says

    If we go by science: and we can find a movie documentary film that showed the beginning of the baby: when the spermzode travels all the way to a fertile ovum: and how that spark of LIFE: starts the complete process of a little one: also if you can get a film where you hear the baby in the womb crying out from the procedure of chemical abortion: if you can look at the video of doctors doing the crushing of the skull after the stabbing of the spinal cord and dismemberment of body parts: then determine if science is liar. Murder in the womb at all stages deemed to be aborted because of inconvenient time and physical imperfections and even circumstance of how they came to be: a gift worthy to fight for: the silenced voice of the smallest citizens in the womb at all stages : let’s give them a voice, like Horton who heard the voice of the whoville smallest population as they cried out for help.

  5. Terri says

    There are plenty of ways to prevent pregnancy from ever happening in the first place without using one of the most expensive, harmful and divisive methods of human abuse by terminating the life of a developing child. There are many options and people who would gladly care for your unwanted child. The Bible says God gives us life and blood and breath and he knows us and has plans for us before we are conceived and before we are born. Who am I or you to decide the life or death of another human being? What God has created, let no man (or woman, or whatever else you believe you are) destroy!

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