Arizona Democrats Irate That Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Won’t Vote Party Line


Well, it’s clear that the old days are over. You know the ones where we send politicians to Washington to make their best decisions, individually, about the issues facing the country and the state they’re representing? Yeah, that’s done.

But apparently no one told Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) about that, because since joining the Senate in January, she had steadfastly maintained her independence from the Democratic Party. Sinema is hardly a Trump supporter or some kind of rogue conservative, but the fact that she’s not voting strictly along party lines has outraged the Arizona Democratic Party. So much so that they now want to censure her for the defiance.

Since arriving in the Senate, Sinema has voted to support President Trump’s agenda a measly 19% of the time. But even that record – moderate by today’s standards, but certainly not historically – she has picked up a slew of enemies from within her own party. Republicans and centrists have praised Sinema for her willingness to buck the Schumer Squad, but progressives in Phoenix have seen enough of her outside-the-box approach to politics. They want allegiance and nothing else.

From the Arizona Republic:

Democratic state committeemen will consider the resolution on Saturday, at the Arizona Democratic Party’s quarterly meeting.

They cite in particular her vote to confirm Trump’s nominee, David Bernhardt, to serve as secretary of the Interior, and her vote to confirm William Barr as U.S. attorney general. They also cited her resistance to join Democrats in trying to reinstate “net-neutrality” rules to prevent internet providers from throttling any websites. The Progressive Caucus of the Arizona Democratic Party is bringing the resolution.

Dan O’Neal, the state coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America, told The Arizona Republic the censure is intended to encourage Sinema to move back toward the left, where her political career began.

“Here’s the thing: We really support Kyrsten Sinema, we want her to succeed, we want her to be the best senator in the country,” O’Neal said. “But the way she is voting is really disappointing. We want Democrats to vote like Democrats and not Republicans. “

Sorry, but how exactly can she be the “best senator in the country” if all she’s doing is rubber-stamping the wishes of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the Arizona Democratic Party? Why bother with putting up a human being for the role at all? Just get some robot from the now-defunct ThinkProgress, program them with a simple ORANGE MAN BAD series of commands, and we can save taxpayers a salary.

When it comes to anything and everything other than sexuality and skin tone, it’s amazing how little “diversity” Democrats will tolerate.

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