Army PowerPoint Lists Hillary as an “Insider Threat” to U.S.

Barack Obama kept company with a wide selection of thugs throughout the years, but not even Obama could be lumped in with the likes of Islamic terrorists. According to at least one U.S. Army unit, the same cannot be said of Hillary Clinton.

On a Facebook page called U.S. Army WTF Moments, there appeared Sunday a training slide used in a presentation on homeland security. On the slide were listed six “Insider Threats” including Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter; Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter; Edward Snowden, David Petraeus, and Chelsea “Don’t Call Me Bradley” Manning. And, last but not least, the former secretary of state herself.

A U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command spokesman confirmed that the training slide was the real thing.

“As is common with Army training requirements, the local unit was given latitude to develop their own training products to accomplish the overall training objective,” said Maj. Thomas Campbell. “This particular presentation had not been reviewed or approved by the unit’s leadership, and does not reflect the position of the Army.”

So, just to clarify: It is not the Army’s position that Hillary Clinton endangered American security in much the same way as Snowden, Manning, and the military base Islamists. That is not the official U.S. Army stance on the issue.

They had to come out and say that.

About a woman who stands a very good chance of being the next president of the United States.

And mind you, this isn’t like a rogue A/V tech was trying to throw in a cheeky political jab at Clinton to get some laughs. She was added to the mix because her carelessness was, indeed, a threat to national security. We can argue about where it fell on the scale when compared to the other five people featured on the slide, but there’s no question that she earned her spot. The politics of this election made the slide controversial; if Hillary wasn’t running for president, this wouldn’t even be a story. When you’re reckless with classified information, you deserve to be labeled an insider threat.

But yeah, by all means, lets put her in the White House. If she doesn’t work out, this slide gives us a few options for 2020.

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