At Last, President Trump Has the Chief of Staff He Needs


On Friday, President Donald Trump announced that outgoing Republican lawmaker Mark Meadows (R-NC) would be his new White House Chief of Staff, replacing Mick Mulvaney in a post that has been subject to frequent turnover for the last four years. While it’s never ideal to have this kind of instability in one of the most important positions in the administration, we are confident that Meadows – a determined loyalist to the president and the founder of the House Freedom Caucus – is the man Trump was looking for all along.

“I have long known and worked with Mark, and the relationship is a very good one,” Trump tweeted.

The president thanked Mulvaney for “having served the administration so well,” but the fact that he demoted the outgoing chief of staff to being the U.S. special envoy for Northern Island is perhaps a better indication of the pair’s relationship. This isn’t quite like sending a pilot to fly reconnaissance missions over Siberia…but it’s not far from it.

Meadows will become Trump’s fourth chief of staff, following in the footsteps of Mulvaney, John Kelly, and Reince Priebus. Unlike the previous three, Meadows is a man after Trump’s own heart. He is the closest to a true-blue MAGA supporter as Trump’s had in this position, and that can only be a good thing moving forward in an election year. With impeachment behind him, the coronavirus threat here right now, and the election coming up in November, Trump is going to need a trustworthy warrior by his side. We’re not sure we could have come up with a better candidate than Mark.

Certainly, one would have expected at the outset for Mulvaney to be a good fit as well. He, too, used to be a member of the House Freedom Caucus. But while we’re not sure how Trump and Mick got along behind the scenes, Mulvaney probably signed his death warrant in the leadup to impeachment, where he flat out told reporters that Trump had engaged in a quid pro quo with the Ukrainians. If you’re going to talk to the press, you’ve got to have a handle on your mouth.

As for Meadows, he is already a close confidant of the president’s, he is much more in tune with Trump’s immigration outlook than Mulvaney ever was, and he can be counted on to stay on message.

“It’s an honor to be selected by President Trump to serve alongside him and his team,” Meadows said after the announcement. “This President and his administration have a long list of incredible victories they’ve delivered to the country during this first term. With the best yet to come — and I look forward to helping build on that success and staying in the fight for the forgotten men and women of America.”

Meadows is a political animal who knows how to get what he wants. To have him “minding the store” while Trump is out campaigning for re-election is a good thing for Trump and a great thing for the country.

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