At the Corner of Liberal Racism and Climate Change


Here’s a strange story. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Environmental Protection Agency has granted $30,000 to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship church of Boca Raton, FL. This is what they call an “environmental justice grant,” and it is supposed to provide the community with education and training they can then use to protect themselves from the dire effects of global warming.

In other words, they’re just blatantly throwing our money away at this point.

What’s more troubling, though, is the nature of the church in question. This isn’t your average church, you see. This is a “liberal religious community” that regularly preaches against the evils of…wait for it…white privilege.

“I want to be a White Ally in the struggle for Racial Justice,” said the church’s pastor, Ms. Harris Riordan. “I don’t know what that looks like. I don’t know how I will need to become different than I already am. I just know this is the path I am on. This is part of my covenant, with Life, with myself.”

That covenant leads Riordan to regularly address the subject of white privilege with her congregation. The church even took parishioners on a “privilege walk” recently, so that the white congregants could wallow in their own guilt. According to the church newsletter, the walk was highly illuminating:

In the first 2nd Hour Class On Being White led by Rev. Harris we did a privilege walk … and learned visually where we stand in terms of privilege. Most of us fit squarely in the middle group: Neither Highly Privileged (the million-billionaires of society) nor among the impoverished locked out of society folk.

There’s a term these social-justice folk like to use when discussing privilege and discrimination. It’s “intersectionality.” Through this concept, they can figure out precisely how oppressed or privileged a person is. A white Christian man, in this ridiculous theory, would therefore be at the top of the pyramid, experiencing only privilege and not experiencing any oppression. A black woman would be more oppressed than a black man, because she stands at the intersection of two minorities. An obese transgender Muslim would presumably be the Champion of Intersectionality.

But there is apparently some intersectionality when it comes to liberal causes as well. If you can find people who believe in these absurd concepts of racial justice, they probably believe in climate change as well. And so the federal government rewards them for their obedient ignorance.

A hell of a racket. Too bad they’re using our money to keep it going.

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