Attorney General William Barr Blasts FBI for “Gross Abuses” in New Interview

Attorney General William Barr continued to cast doubt on the official Inspector General report on the FISA abuses of 2016 in an interview with NBC News. Despite being criticized by Democrats for being the president’s “spokesperson,” Barr stuck to his guns, telling the news outlet that he still believed that the FBI worked in “bad faith” when conducting an investigation into the Trump campaign.

“I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and hyped by a completely irresponsible press,” Barr said. “I think there were gross abuses and inexplicable behavior that is intolerable in the FBI. I think that leaves open the possibility that there was bad faith.”

The media and the Democrats are, of course, treating Barr as if he’s gone rogue, but it doesn’t take a partisan supporter of the president to see something fishy in the IG’s report. For instance, how exactly can one define or specifically identify “political bias” in the first place? If you could define or identify it, wouldn’t you have to point to the Page/Strzok text messages and say, “Well, there it is”? Otherwise, what are you looking for? FBI agents handing in FISA applications that say I’M WITH HER at the top of the page? Barr is on solid ground with his skepticism.

Why, look at what the Democrats are trying to do to President Trump right now. What witness ever came forward to testify that Trump was asking Ukraine to conduct investigations out of a sense of “political bias”? No, it’s just assumed that Trump was only interested in the investigations because he wanted to harm his political rival, Joe Biden. But if that’s the assumption we start with when it comes to Trump, then why don’t we assume the same when it comes to Barack Obama? What was this investigation if not an attempt to damage a political rival?

In his NBC interview, Barr said that Inspector General Michael Horowitz didn’t exactly turn over every stone.

“All he said was, people gave me an explanation and I didn’t find anything to contradict it. He hasn’t decided the issue of improper motive,” Barr said. “I think we have to wait until the full investigation is done.”

That investigation, which is being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham, is likely to come to some different conclusions than the IG report, if only because its scope is so much wider. While the IG report was mostly focused on the FISA abuses (of which there were plenty), Durham’s investigation is a widespread probe into the origins of the Trump/Russia inquiry itself.

On Monday, Durham said this about the Horowitz report: “Last month, we advised the inspector general that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.”

In other words – we haven’t heard the last of this.

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