Auto Thefts Skyrocket in “Defund the Police” Central: Minneapolis


In a turn of events that no one could have seen coming and no one can explain, robberies and car thefts have shot through the roof in Minneapolis – the home of George Floyd, the original 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, and a city council that has officially voted to disband the police department. Puzzling observers and experts alike, this runaway crime spree could be due to global warming, the coronavirus, or even unusual sunspot activity. The only thing we know for sure is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the movement to defund the police.

“According to Minneapolis Police Department crime data, there have been 2,170 stolen vehicles this year through July 26. That’s a 46% increase over the same time period in 2019 — when 1,485 auto thefts happened,” reports WCCO. “There have been 886 robberies, a jump of 36% over the same time last year.”

The report from WCCO highlighted the existence of the Uptown Crime page on Facebook where Minneapolis residents have been congregating to share their stories of being victimized over the last few months of unrest.

“What we’re hearing again and again is people don’t want less public safety, they want better public safety,” said Steve Taylor, a moderator on the page. “When the City Council has their own armed security and community members are being robbed at gunpoint often in broad daylight, that just seems unfair.”

As the police stats prove, this isn’t just about anecdotal experience. Robberies have doubled since this time last year, car thefts are up 67% on the city’s south side, and the numbers are similar in the 5th Precinct just west of there.

“I think we need more police,” Taylor told the outlet. “Of course we need reformed police and better police that police all of Minneapolis equally, keep everyone equally safe from violent criminals.”

While we get where Taylor is coming from and we understand the impulse to kinda play both sides here, you can’t sit there and talk about reforming the police while simultaneously pretending that this whole movement is not directly to blame for what’s happening in Minneapolis right now. Anyone who aligns themselves with Black Lives Matter is actively aiding and abetting criminals – full stop. It’s time for right-thinking Americans to wake up and realize that this Marxist organization and its aims have absolutely nothing to do with the worth of black lives.

If it did, they wouldn’t be calling for the abolition of police.

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