Aw, Too Bad: 2020 Census Might Cost AOC Her Congressional Seat

The Democrats ultimately won the war this year when it came to keeping President Donald Trump’s desired citizenship question off the 2020 Census, but they are still worried that even the prospect of such a question could keep illegal aliens and other noncitizens from responding to the decennial population survey. This would lead to massive undercounts in areas with enormous noncitizen populations such as San Francisco and New York City. And with New York City already poised to lose at least one congressional district due to people fleeing punishing taxes, rumor has it that the Bronx’s favorite daughter, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, might lose her seat in Congress.

Now, it seems like the height of irony that a pro-illegal immigration Democrat like AOC would lose her seat due to the inordinate number of illegal aliens in her district. But actually, it’s not irony at all. This is exactly the kind of thing Democrats were so worried about when they fought Trump’s attempt to add the citizenship question in the first place. They know that they are riding high on power that they should not rightfully have. They know that U.S. taxpayers are sending money, resources, and political representation to districts where there are at least as many illegals as there are citizens. The last thing they want is for this reality to be exposed.

Now, what IS ironic about this situation is that it could be Democrats – not Republicans – responsible for nixing Ocasio-Cortez’s seat.

“Ocasio-Cortez’s most determined adversaries are not partisan Republicans, but Democrats who say that she has been a disruptive influence. The Hill recently reported that at least one member of Congress has been urging New York party leaders to recruit a Democratic primary challenger to Ocasio-Cortez. But the news led to a surge of donations to Ocasio-Cortez, suggesting that a more efficient means of ousting her might be simply to eliminate her district,” reported The Intercept in February.

AOC could have a limited amount of protection here, however. For one thing, her powerful name recognition could allow her to head over to the district next door and simply primary that guy or gal, the same way she primaried Joseph Crowley in 2018.

But what might be even more troubling to the Democratic Party is the possibility that AOC could set her sights higher. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is, after all, up for reelection in 2022. If he senses that the socialist “it” girl has her sights set on his Senate seat, he might do all he can to pressure New York Democrats to keep the 14th congressional district intact.

Either way: As lovely as it is to imagine that Ocasio-Cortez could be shuffled off the political map this easily, we’re resigned to the fact that we’re going to be hearing about this idiot for a very long time.

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