Bacon Offensive to Muslims – Vermont Restaurant Removes Ad Under Pressure

Every so often someone will make the point that Americans shouldn’t really care what the NSA is doing; after all, they give everyone full access to their “private” lives through social media. To the same degree, I wonder sometimes if we would really care if the federal government started cracking down on our 1st amendment rights, removing any speech that could be construed as offensive to any group larger than, say, fifteen people. Would people reserve the right to complain, given how readily they forsake it in the absence of force?

This story out of Vermont makes me wonder. Religious minorities have shown, of course, that they can’t deal with criticism, mockery, or anything else that could be construed as offensive to their precious little eyes and ears. That’s fine, of course. In the United States, you have every right to be as offended as your little heart can stand. It’s probably no wonder, then, that Vermont restaurant Sneakers Bistro didn’t think much of it when they put up an advertisement for their delicious breakfast bacon. They forgot about Muslims, though. They forgot about the mighty religion of Islam, whose followers divide their time equally between the holy books of the Quran and How to Get Offended By Everything: A Guide.

Muslims, of course, can’t eat bacon because of their religion. Because of this, presumably, the U.S. has been very careful not to enact any laws forcing Muslims to eat bacon. In fact, unless I’m gravely mistaken, there are no laws on the books forcing anyone to eat anything that they don’t want to. You would think this would be good enough, but no. At least one angry Muslim woman complained to Sneakers Bistro that she found the advertisement offensive and demanded that it be taken down.

Annoyingly, the restaurant’s owners agreed to do just that.

Now, having offended an entirely new – and much larger – portion of the population, Sneakers Bistro is having to endure the attacks from hundreds of disgruntled Vermont citizens who don’t believe the restaurant should have been so quick to acquiesce. After all – in this case, anyway – the government wasn’t going to step in and make them take the advertisement down.

“We are here to serve people BREAKFAST, not politics,” the restaurant posted on their Facebook page in response to the backlash. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple in today’s America. When you take your business to the public, you’re eventually going to find yourself forced to take a stand on something. It’s within your rights to bow and cow-tow to every single person you offend, but don’t be surprised with your loyal customer base decides that their hard-earned money is better spent in a place with a backbone.

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