Bail Set Too Low For The “High-Risk” Christmas Parade Murderer


Six people were killed, including one child, and over 60 others were injured, several critically, when 39-year-old Darrell Brooks plowed his maroon SUV into the crowd gathered to view the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Brooks, who has been charged with six counts of first-degree intentional homicide and other offenses, was out on a $1000 bail at the time of the horrific event. Now, reports have surfaced that say the Court knew he presented several “red flags” that meant he was a likely harm to himself or others, yet set the ridiculously low bail, nonetheless.

Apparently, when Brooks appeared in front of a Milwaukee judge on Nov. 5 after he allegedly ran over his ex with the same SUV used in the deadly Christmas parade attack weeks later, a pretrial investigator had already raised flags about a serious potential to commit more crimes if he were to be let out on bail.

The Court was aware both of his extensive criminal past – stretching back two decades – and the active risk he presented to the public, the document shows. He also had an active hold from the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Office, and the documented noted that “Mr. Brooks is diagnosed with a serious and persistent illness which he is not receiving treatment for.”

A graph outlining his risk factors labeled him a “six” for the risk of new criminal activity, the most severe rating available. He received a “four” for a risk of failure to appear for future court dates.

The investigator also recommended pretrial supervision and a mental health evaluation.

Yet the assistant district attorney and court commissioner on the case set his bail at a meager $1,000 anyway.

Cedric Cornwall, the commissioner who set Brooks’ bail, has not responded to repeated requests by the press for an explanation for the obvious deadly mistake.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm last week called the sum “inappropriately low” and announced an investigation into his own office for recommending the figure that Cornwall agreed to – but he’s also declined repeated requests for further comment on the issue.

Brooks has been in and out of criminal court for more than two decades, serving time in prison and racking up convictions for domestic violence, child sex crimes, firearms, drugs, and battery.

He also had a history of bail jumping offenses – including an active warrant out of Nevada for skipping Court on another sex crime charge.

After he made bail in mid-November, he became embroiled in another domestic incident with his ex, Waukesha investigators say. In fleeing the scene, he allegedly plowed through the city’s Christmas parade on Nov. 21, killing at least six people, including an 8-year-old, and injuring 62.

  1. Disgusted Voter and Tax Payer says

    Just like George Floyd – another poster child!!!! Happy, Dims??? You just needlessly killed 6 people and ruined many, MANY other lives – ones that aren’t even touched physically or family-wise who are unable to function in certain situations due to their fear from someone doing just this!!! Really??? This is what you want to make of society????

  2. Maxx says

    Milwaukee has a “real piece of garbage” as their District Attorney. He needs to be held accountable for the deaths that Brooks caused because it was D.A. John Chisholm and “HIS lazy, liberal attitude toward crime” that allowed it to happen. This is the same D.A. that held secret hearings and investigations using the totally outdated John Doe law to hide all of the corrupt practices he loves to use. He made a monstrous issue out of false charges of election tampering or something like that. He was after governor Scott Walker and played every dirty trick he could get away with hiding behind the John Doe law. Chisholm needs to be investigated by the State and Federal governments for his actions.

    1. jimmy midnight says

      It’s all so egregious. i join you in hoping for accountability in this matter, for sure.

  3. MAXX says

    Cedric Cornwall and complicit judges are just following orders from Chisholm who has a reputation for being incredibly lenient on crime. I guess he keeps his budget low by not incarcerating real criminals. Let’s hope the families of the victims have their lawyers include Chisholm in the many civil law suits that should be coming.
    Chisholm’s actions as a D.A. are criminal…….PERIOD.

  4. jimmy midnight says

    Bail was obviously set too low. Dude was likely soon to commit additional VIOLENT offenses, too. Courts, and the criminal justice system love to unleash these monsters on our communities. They can always fall back on the excuse that, “We don’t have any incarceration spaces left, because those of full of minority peeps doin’ time for weed beefs and coke beefs. THIS is what you righties are actually asking for with your Drug War, and culture wars. Wish ya the best anyway.

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