Bannon: SpaceX, Race Riots Show “Two Alternative Futures for America”


In an interview with Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” this weekend, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said that the country is in a unique moment where an American space launch contrasted with the images of violence and mayhem emanating from many major cities.

“Yesterday, I think you saw the two alternative futures for America,” Bannon said. “In the launch at Cape Kennedy, you saw the opportunities of America leading the fourth industrial revolution, American capital, American workers, American-made.

“And late at night, you saw what could happen of breaking down to anarchy and racial division,” he continued. “This is all in — you talk about law and order. It’s law and order predicated upon a robust economy. And this means American capital brought back to America, to stop financing our enemies. Bring American capital back for American jobs through American companies. That will make America the leader in the fourth industrial revolution. That is what this country needs. That’s what the millennials need.”

Bannon said you could take nothing for granted when it came to predicting the future course of the country.

“I think yesterday is a great juxtaposition. We have two alternatives,” he said. “And, as Donald Trump says, nothing is inevitable. It’s going to be human action and human agency that does that. I think it’s now time to get focused on American jobs and bringing high-value-added manufacturing jobs back to the American people.

“If you do that,” he concluded, “you’re not going to have these problems in these cities. People are going to be too busy to do this. They’re going to be too busy working great jobs with overtime that can support families and have a career, have a future.”

Well, that sounds good, but we’re not sure we share Steve’s optimism. Yes, good manufacturing jobs would eventually and slowly transform many of these communities. No, they will not solve everything. The fact remains that a certain percentage of the population will always be content to live on the edges of society, depending on gang business, drug dealing, and good ol’ American welfare to get by in between jail stints. It’s nice to imagine that all of these people will turn to the discipline and beauty of hard work if given the chance, but c’mon. We have our doubts.

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