Barr Accuses Dems of Creating “Public Spectacle” With Mueller Hearing

When was the last time we had an attorney general who really “got” Democrats the way William Barr does? Maybe his sharp-edged attitude towards the House majority comes from the way Pelosi and her cronies have treated him since taking office, or maybe he came to the job knowing exactly what these cretins were all about. Either way, it’s refreshing to see a person in that position who has their number down pat.

Barr proved again on Monday that he’s not even slightly fooled by the veneer of respectability Democrats have tried to put on their anti-Trump proceedings. In an interview with The New York Times, Barr said that Democrats were doing nothing more than trying to “create some kind of public spectacle” by having Robert Mueller testify in front of Congress.

“I don’t really feel it’s a useful exercise,” said Barr. “I don’t see the point in subpoenaing him and bringing him up to testify if he’s going to stick with his report, which I think he will.”

Democrats, though, think that the American public is filled with idiots who can’t read the report for themselves and draw their own conclusions. Considering the kinds of people they rely on for their votes, it’s perhaps no surprise that they think this way. Nonetheless, they’re hoping that by putting Mueller on the stand, they can get the liberal news media to pull enough quotes and soundbites to make the whole charade worth their while.

None of this will change the central conclusion of the report – No F’ing Collusion – but Democrats have moved past that conspiracy theory anyway. Now they’re all about obstruction, as if the president couldn’t have ordered the special counsel fired at any time.

About obstruction, Barr told the Times that Mueller had two years to determine whether or not to accuse the president of that crime.

“He’s an experienced guy who’s been a law enforcement executive for a long time,” Barr said. “If that’s the decision he reached, I wasn’t going to try to bully him into doing something different.”

But Mueller did not specifically “exonerate” Trump of the crime, and that gave the Democrats the only chew toy they needed to keep them busy for the foreseeable future. Never mind that the investigation that Trump supposedly obstructed was a partisan witch hunt. Never mind that he didn’t actually tamper with witnesses or prevent Mueller from doing his job. No, forget all of that. He yelled about the investigation and criticized Mueller on Twitter. That’s enough for impeachment, right? Sure it is.

We have a feeling that Democrats are going to come away from the Mueller hearings looking very foolish. But then, that won’t exactly be a new look for them.

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