Behold as California Shows Us How to Commit Cultural Suicide

As 2017 became 2018 on Monday, a new law took effect in California that will go a long way towards giving every illegal immigrant in the state immunity from deportation. This “sanctuary state” law actively prohibits law enforcement officials from asking people about their immigration status or cooperating in any way with federal immigration authorities. Even so, Gov. Jerry Brown has characterized the law as a compromise, seeing as how ICE will still be allowed to operate in the state and have access to local jails.

“These are uncertain times for undocumented Californians and their families, and this bill strikes a balance that will protect public safety, while bringing a measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear every day,” said Brown in an October statement.

Those in favor of our country taking the drastic, extreme, racist step of actually enforcing the law have harshly criticized California’s new legislation as an experiment in anarchy. At the time of the bill’s passage, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the administration hoped California voters would “push back on their governor’s irresponsible decision moving forward.” Acting ICE director Thomas Homan said the Democrats chose “to prioritize politics over public safety.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, “The bill risks the safety of good law enforcement officers and the safety of the neighborhoods that need their protection the most.”

Much has been written about the moral rot of America, but the fact that Democrats have wrangled the high ground on this divisive issue is a sign that we have a more pressing problem. Call it the mental rot of America, or at least the mental rot of the left. How millions of Americans have been bamboozled into believing that it’s actually evil to send criminals back to their home countries is a question that will stupefy historians for generations to come.

With this law, California has taken a bizarre leap towards membership in the European Union, where our Western allies are eagerly sacrificing their culture and security on the altar of a badly misguided sense of universal obligation. We can take some small comfort in knowing that this law will not bring in thousands of Islamists, but would Brown have stayed his pen if he’d thought otherwise? Doubtful. The same liberal blindness is at work in both situations, the same weird idea that fat, white Westerners have no right to exercise any control over their borders. And if this relaxed view of sovereignty leads to the destruction of everything we built over the last 250 years? Well, it’s probably for the best.

Maybe that is, at last, the best explanation. The left has embedded in half the country a seething hate for our history, our culture, our traditions. We are perhaps the first country that has grown so collectively depressed about our success that it has driven us to suicide. It’s not actually blindness at work after all, because no grown adult could be so blind as to think open borders could lead to anything other than disaster. We are the individual who knows his reckless behavior will lead to self-destruction, a knowledge that does not act as a deterrent because he thinks he deserves nothing less.

As conservatives, we are the conjoined twin doomed to die right alongside him if we can’t figure out how to wrestle the gun away.

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