Behold the Seattle Yoga Teacher Trying to “Undo Whiteness”

Would you like to attend a class where you will be told how much your latent white supremacy is ruining the world? Well, if you’re in the Seattle area, yoga instructor Laura Humpf has just the ticket for you. Her “Undoing Whiteness” class is a seminar aimed at helping white people “unpack the harmful ways white supremacy is embedded in the body, mind, and heart.” According to the Seattle Times, this class offers students the chance to learn all about the “pathology of whiteness,” which is “an obliviousness to the batch of privileges society grants to white skin.”

Are we having fun yet?

“I do stand behind white people needing to talk to other white people on how to undo whiteness. Can I keep refining it and doing it differently and better? Yeah, and I will forever and ever. But I believe in this space as one tool,” Humpf told the paper.

The 33-year-old has been in the news before. She sparked controversy in 2015 when she opened her yoga studio up to POC Yoga, whose sessions were accompanied by the message asking “white friends, allies, and partners not to attend.” This foray into self-segregation was met with jeers from, well, pretty much everyone who sees how regressive and backwards these kinds of exclusionary events are. But it only emboldened Humpf to find a way to get white people to understand just how evil they are.

“I was seeing white people show up in yoga spaces in racist ways,” said Humpf.

To her, this included seeing white yoga instructors make racist jokes and people saying things like “all lives mattered in yoga, so why see color.” But of course people like Humpf would have no reason to keep living if it weren’t for “seeing color,” so she couldn’t abide by this commonsense wisdom. She had to fulfill her purpose in life, which meant explaining to white people like herself how very, very guilty they should feel about walking around, breathing air, working jobs, and BEING WHITE like it’s no big deal.

“When this ‘Undoing Whiteness’ yoga class came up, I felt like it answered two cravings of mine — to work through racism and how I hold whiteness in my body, and to bring an anti-racist lens to an appropriated practice that so many of us white folks participate in. If I’m only “woke” in mind but not body, I will only continue playing out harmful, subliminal racist actions unintentionally,” said one of Humpf’s students, Anne Althauser.

Or, here’s a thought: You could go out and do something productive and meaningful with your life.

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